Thomann TR 200 Bb-Trumpet

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Bb Trumpet

  • Successor model to the TR-4
  • Lead pipe made of gold brass
  • Valves are made from stainless steel
  • ML-bore
  • Adjustable finger hook on 3rd slide
  • Saddle on the first valve slide
  • Nickel silver outer slides
  • 126 mm brass bell
  • Clear lacquer finish
  • Incl. mouthpiece and luxury light case with backpack set
Available since June 2002
Item number 152571
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Bore Size Medium Large
Bell Material Brass
Valve Material Stainless Steel
Leadpipe Material Gold Brass
Finish Clear Lacquered
One Piece Design No
Incl. Mouthpiece Yes
Incl. Case / Gigbag Yes
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Top dog in the budget range

The TR 200 Bb trumpet from Thomann is the successor model to the brand's long-running and well-established TR-4 model and continues to dazzle both musically and visually in its revised form, delivering impressively clean intonation and a clearly defined sound. The TR 200 trumpet features a brass bell, nickel silver outer slides, and a gold brass lead pipe, and its elegant appearance is further enhanced by a clear lacquer finish. As a budget-friendly choice for trumpet players looking for a reliable second instrument, the Thomann TR 200 Bb trumpet is also in no way inferior to considerably more expensive competitor instruments: On the contrary, it has all the hallmarks of a "best-in-class" instrument within its price category.

Valves on the Thomann TR 200 Bb trumpet

A comprehensive package

The Thomann TR 200 Bb trumpet is fitted with stainless steel perinet valves that provide a smooth action, and it also features a medium-large bore that makes it the ideal choice for less experienced trumpeters. The distinctly present sound, which has plenty of punch, is delivered through the brass bell measuring 126mm in diameter, and the trumpet also comes with an adjustable ring on the third valve slide and a saddle on the first valve slide. The scope of delivery includes a standard mouthpiece, a deluxe lightweight case complete with backpack straps, and additional accessories so that players can get started right away. Of course, it goes without saying that the TR 200 Bb trumpet should be well-maintained at all times: The valves in particular will benefit from regular oil application.

Mouthpiece on the Thomann TR 200 Bb trumpet

Not only for beginners

The TR 200 has repeatedly proven itself as an excellent entry-level instrument for ambitious young trumpeters, and in addition to the extensive features and enjoyable playing experience that it provides, players will also enjoy other special advantages, including the instrument's thin-walled construction from high-quality sheet brass, which makes it comparatively light and thus particularly suitable for trumpet students who are not yet fully grown. The low overall mass also allows children and adolescents to focus on their actual performance, approach, and breathing, rather than having to battle with posture. Like its predecessor model, the Thomann TR 200 is also a popular choice among seasoned trumpeters as a second instrument for use in more demanding environments such as carnival processions, marching bands, and other scenarios where their more expensive main instrument would perhaps be better left at home.

Engraved bell of the Thomann TR 200 Bb trumpet

About Thomann wind instruments

Thomann-brand instruments, which are exclusively built by renowned manufacturers, now constitute a large part of Thomann’s product range alongside numerous big-name brands. With unbeatable price-performance ratios, Thomann wind instruments are the obvious first choice for students and beginners – and others too. The technical features and uncompromising sound quality they offer are usually reserved for much more expensive instruments found in the professional market segment.

A great choice for the early years

The features and manufacturing quality of the TR 200 Bb trumpet make it the ideal choice for beginners and students, effortlessly meeting their requirements through secondary school and beyond. Although there are various other more expensive instruments to choose from (some of which come with astonishingly high price tags), a certain level of playing skill is essential in order to get the most out of these instruments – a skill that, as everyone knows, takes some time to develop. So why invest in attributes which are neither needed, nor used or exploited, in the first instance? The TR 200 provides the perfect launch pad and lets budding players get started right away rather than having to wait and save up for a much more expensive trumpet.

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213 Reviews

Great instrument for the price! I'd suggest it if you want to start playing
Tcholoss 14.09.2019
I always wanted to start to play the trumpet, but everyone suggested to buy something at least more than 600 euros. But I didn't want, because I didn't know if I'm liking it or not. So I checked everywhere, and then I found Thomann and they offered this instrument for a very low price so that was it, I bought it.
It arrived with an amazing case and some oil. The instrument is very clean and shiny. It feels high quality, well-built thing. The polishing is perfect, the mouthpiece too.
All valves works perfectly, everything is well lubricated. It can be adjusted easily and everything closes well.
Great price
Feels high quality, well-built
Looks amazing, perfect polishing
The case is wonderful and it had everything needed to start playing and for basic maintenance
Negatives (kind of):
The sound could be better, but really for this price?
I tried some more expensive ones too and they had a bit better valves, but come on, they were 4-6 times more expensive
So all in all it is an amazing instrument and it definitely worth the price! The negatives are not real negatives, because it is true only if you compare it to a more expensive instrument, so it is normal.
The price is unbeatable and for it the quality is outstanding! Buy it! It is a great starting instrument. When I started to play, I rented instruments from the school and they were dirty and the buttons stuck all the time, it was a mess! It is much better to have your own instrument and for this price you can afford it and it is miles better than the ones you can rent.


The only thing I don't like is the case
nyt tiedän miksi on kukkia 13.08.2020
I only bought this instrument to see if I can learn the trumpet. No big loss if I can't because it's only 150€ - and if I can, that just means I'm good to start saving for a "real" instrument. Of course I can't tell how good it sounds but I'm having my money's worth of fun, the valves work fine, the thing is loud as hell.

In case Thomann is listening, I have two improvement suggestions for the trumpet case that would make it more practical in use:

1) The inside of case has form-fitted spaces for a shoulder strap and wiping cloth/gloves(?!) - both spaces are functionally useless, and there's no room in the case for a mute! If you rearrange the case to have a space for a practice mute ("mute not included"), you'll sell more practice mutes!

2) the side pocket of the case isn't quite big enough for A4 size sheet music. You have to cram 'em in.


A great first trumpet!! Don't rent a more expensive one!
Dan S 21.11.2019
We bought this over the summer for my son to start 6th grade band on. They were very specific on this brands they recommend (Yamaha and Bach) and to stay away from "off-brand" instruments. Still, I trusted my instincts and bought the Thomann. No regrets. I even asked my son, who has now played on his friends rented instruments, and he says there is no discernable difference between his Thomann and their trumpets. The case, while not a "hardcase", is more than adequate. He dropped the trumpet (not in the case) on the floor (I knew he would, which is another reason I didn't want to rent one) and it held up fine with just two small dents that do not affect performance at all. This was a good purchase and while eventually he may want something fancy, we will be able to recoul much of what we paid for this and apply it to a more expensive trumpet n the future if he decides to stick with it into high school.


Awesome for a beginner!
SylveerB 11.06.2019
I wanted to to start playing the trumpet. So I bought the cheapest trumpet with the best reviews. With a faint heart I awaited the quality of the delivery. But oh my, what a nice package! Case, mouthpiece, some cleaningcloth, valve-oil, a practice book with cd and ofcourse the trumpet. I immediately took it to a friend who has been playing the trumpet for longer than he lives. And he was amazed by the quality! I am totally addicted, so I play about 2 - 3 hours a day. Sadly the main waterkey spring already gave up after a small month. But other than that it is a fantastic trumpet for it's price! If I would break it I would not even wait 2 minutes to order me another one! For that price you really can't go wrong!