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The business Voggenreiter Verlag GmbH was founded in the year 1919 by Ludwig Voggenreiter. The general office of the business Voggenreiter Verlag GmbH is in Bonn (D ).

Currently we have 129 Voggenreiter products 123 of them directly available in our Treppendorf warehouse (and of course they can be tested as well in our shop) . We've had Voggenreiter products in our range since 1997.

To inform our customers as best we can about Voggenreiter products, you will find a total of 4690 media, reviews and test reports on Voggenreiter products on our website - among them the following 1478 product pictures, 43 sample sounds and 3169 customer reviews.

At the moment 74 Voggenreiter products are top sellers at Thomann, amongst others in the following categories Acoustic Guitar Schools, Schools For Eb-/Alto Saxophone , Music Theory & Harmony Books, Schools For Diatonic-/Country Harp , Notation Posters, Keyboard Schools and Master Class for Guitar.

The current top seller is the following product Voggenreiter Acoustic Guitar (English). An absolute hit is the following product Voggenreiter Acoustic Guitar 1 - we have sold this item over 10.000 times already.

Voggenreiter company logo
Voggenreiter company logo

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