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Voigt Brass products mainly come from factories in Germany, United Kingdom, United States and China.

At the moment we have 34 Voigt Brass products in our product range - 31 of them are available in stock . Thomann has been selling Voigt Brass products since 2007.

At the moment you can find a total of 429 media, tests and reviews on Voigt Brass products - among them the following 193 product images, 12 different 360 panoramic views and 224 costumers' product reviews.

At the moment 14 Voigt Brass products are top sellers at Thomann, amongst others in the following categories Miscellaneous Mutes, Mutes for Euphoniums, Flugelhorn Mutes and Practice dampers for trumpet.

The current top seller is Voigt Brass Practice Mute Fürst Pless Horn an all time favourite among Voigt Brass products is the following item Voigt Brass Practice Mute Trumpet Bb / C. We have sold this over 1.000 times.

Voigt Brass products have usually an availability that is above-average. With 96% availability in the last year Voigt Brass is among the top 10 percent of all manufacturers in the Thomann product range. Currently we have 31 Voigt Brass products available.

We also offer our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Voigt Brass products, a 3-year warranty, and many additional services such as qualified product specialists, an on-site service department and much more.

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Voigt Brass company logo

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