Waldorf Kyra


Virtual Analogue Desktop Synthesiser

  • 128-Voice virtual analog synth with 8 parts
  • 2 Primary virtual oscillator groups per voice: Saw, Pulse, Noise and Wave with 4,096 waveforms
  • 2 Independently tunable SUB oscillators with 4 waveforms and 2 selectable octaves
  • Hard sync, ring modulation and FM between oscillator groups 1 and 2 possible
  • 3 LFOs with 128 Waveforms
  • LFOs can be synchronized to the MIDI clock
  • Arpeggiator with 128 preset patterns and the modes Up, Down, Random and Chords
  • 2 Filters with 12 or 24 dB each as LP / BP / HP configurable
  • 3 Fast-response ADSR envelope generators
  • Memory management: 26 banks of 128 memories each, Bank 1-7 can be used to store your own sounds
  • Audio interface transmits up to 24bit / 96kHz all 8 parts (16 tracks)
  • 256 x 64 pixel OLED
  • 8 Balanced outputs: 6.3 mm jack
  • Stereo headphone output
  • MIDI In / Out / Thru: 5-pin DIN
  • USB 2.0 for MIDI and audio
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 440 x 305 x 85 mm
  • Weight: 5.7 kg
  • Suitable case: Art.506224 (not included)
available since October 2019
Item number 475631
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Design Desktop
Polyphony 128
Sound Generation Virtual Analogue
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru
Storage Medium Internal
USB-port Yes
Effects Yes
Arpeggiator Yes
Number of Analog Outputs 8
Digital Output No
Display Yes
Optional Expansions None
Special Features N/A
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Great sounding multi-timbral synth
Cinetracks 21.10.2020
My thoughts after 30 days :

Pros :

- The sound is great. Patches all sound crystal clear (great for layering), not thin, but you can dirty them up or give them some more bottom end ('Gnasher' algorithm!). There's an 'organic' and vintage quality to the sound when you detune oscillators, add PWM or LFO.

- This is not a classic wavetable synth, so no replacement for the Virus, Blofeld or Quantum. It's just a good sounding multitimbral and true stereo VA with static, digital waveforms added.

- The filters sound juicy. Compared with the Quantum, they sound more focused. The Virus sounds harder but a bit more snappy.

- The Dual Mode sounds really big and is great for pads or sounds that have to stand out from the rest.

Cons :

- The editing is not so good. There is a Shift button which doubles the functions of some knobs, but it is latched, so you have to remember to disengage it or you're editing something else.

- You have to push + or - buttons to select the digital waveforms. It would be great if this could be assigned to a knob


Kyra - Is it worth it?
acerimmer 19.03.2022
I purchased this late last year. Overall, the quality is good as I would expect from Waldorf. Sounds are also quite good with lots of tweeking available.
The multi-timbral aspect is great having 8 parts available is really nice.
A couple of things of note:
1) There is no factory reset function so make sure you backup the original sounds before you start adjusting and saving them (If you want the factory sounds). Of course, there are user spaces available for custom sounds/patches.
2) My Kyra must have been one of the first run manufactured as it has no VESA capability. I contacted Waldorf support on this and I found no help except to contact Korg North America (I live in Canada) - They were useless. I really wanted to VESA mount this synth in my studio but I find there is no retrofit from Waldorf available. If you want the VESA mounting ability, make sure you check with Thomann before you purchase.
One other thing...I have had issues with the LED's not coming on sometimes when the instrument powers up. Its not a big deal, simply unplugging the power supply fixes it but its just an inconvenience.
All in all, its a nice synth but I would say, I would not purchase another or buy anymore Waldorf hardware simply for the fact the price is high, problems that are not addressed and lack of support.
It looks like other reviewers have had better luck with their instruments than I have so it will be up to you to decide.
I would hope that Waldorf comes out with a fix for issues and have an option for those of us who didn't get the VESA mount ability.


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Bye bye Sozialleben
Jlnwntr 23.11.2021
Ihr könnt euch für das Geld das beste Bett inkl. Matratze und Heroin kaufen. Ihr könnt euch aber auch einfach Kyra kaufen, weil dann braucht ihr beides nicht mehr: Sie macht extrem süchtig und ihr werdet eh die ganze Nacht an euren Patches schrauben.
Euer Gehirn wird explodieren, wenn ihr euch nach den ersten Sessions bewusst macht, dass ihr gerade mal *einen* der 8 Parts gepatcht habt.
Eure DAW kann jeden einzelnen Part gleichzeitig und unabhängig voneinander kommandieren, sodass ihr im Prinzip nicht eine sondern acht Kyras auf einmal erklingen lassen könnt. (Euer Midi-Kabel wird für die dafür benötigte Bandbreite übrigens nicht mehr ausreichen.)


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Extra allt
Perdal 28.04.2021
Med en bra trummaskin och Waldorf Kyra så behöver man inte så mycket mer. Med åtta parters timbralitet och ett ljud som är fantastiskt, så kan man skapa EDM/Trance/House som låter hur bra som helst. Rekommenderas skarpt.


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