Zoom G1 Four Multi-Effect-Pedal


Multi-Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • 65 Internal effects
  • 13 Amp simulations
  • Usable up to five effects simultaneously and in any order
  • Looper for recording audio up to 30 seconds / 64 beats in CD quality
  • Guitar Lab software for creating, editing and managing effects and patches
  • 68 Internal rhythm patterns
  • 50 Spaces for creating custom patches
  • Swap function for a particularly simple patch management
  • Automatic storage of all patch parameters
  • Silent patch selection via the Preselect function while the current patch is still active
  • Integrated chromatic tuner
  • Auxiliary input jack
  • Output jacks for connection to the amplifier or headphones
  • Back-lit LCD with contrast adjustment
  • Lightweight and compact for transport in gigbag
  • Easy integration into existing pedal-boards
  • Running time of up to 18 hours
  • USB port for firmware updates, power, and connection to Guitar Lab
  • Controls: Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume
  • Pushbuttons: Rhythm, 5 Effect Slots, Looper, Setting, Memory
  • Switch: Effect Up, Effect Down
  • LED: Effect On
  • Foot-switch: Looper, tuner
  • Input and output: 6.3 mm Jack
  • AC adapter connector
  • USB
  • AUX IN
  • Current consumption: 500 mA
  • Powered by batteries or a 9V DC power adapter (not included, matching optional power adapter: Article Nr. 105835)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 156 x 130 x 42 mm
  • Weight: 340 g
available since February 2019
Item number 458541
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Design Pedal
Amp Modeling No
Drumcomputer Yes
Incl. Tuner Yes
Expression Pedal No
USB-Port Yes
Headphone Output Yes
MIDI Interface No
Line Out No
Battery Powered Yes
PSU included No
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Half a year with zoom g1 four
Marat Garifulin 22.04.2021
I use
this zoom is already half a year, before I had zoom g2 and zoom g1xone, so I have experience using processors.

The Zoom g1 four is very different from the previous models, the sound is much better, the drum machine patterns are more interesting.

The native presets were not particularly pleasing, mostly this is a bold distortion for schoolchildren. But no one bothers to set up exactly the sound you need. There are tons of videos on youtube with instructions on how to set up the sound of a particular group.

ZoomLab software works decently, but there is not enough memory on the device. Sometimes you can't download everything you want.

In terms of effects:

The emulation of the cabinets is at the level, the delay and chorus are also beyond praise, the autowah is weak, a little lacking in warm overdrive, but maybe I haven't figured out how to get it yet. In terms of distortion and fuse, everything is ok, Metallzone does not differ from a real pedal.

On power supply and connection. The pedal is powered by AA batteries, power bank, usb or power supply. PC connection via micro-usb. There is an aux.

I am very pleased with the product. I recommend to buy.


Great solution for silent practice
Zeka 05.05.2020
I've had some multi-effect units before, and they were all fine, but there was always something missing.

This one has it all: great amp sims, decent effects, looper, drum machine, tuner, USB connectivity (it can even run on USB power), runs also on 4 AA batteries, and you also have the option to download additional effects... amazing - 5 stars for features and sound.

It's quite affordable, especially at the current price of 67 euro. With that, I have to say build quality is acceptable, but I would avoid stomping it with my feet (as I'm a heavy guy). Not sure how it would hold up outside of the bedroom. Cannot give it more than 4 stars for build quality.

Controls are not the most intuitive but you get used to it after some time, setting up your sound. It could have been better - 4 stars for handling.

I purchased this together with AKG 240 headphones and it's a perfect setup, at least for me.

One advice: if you are using headphones, turn on mic for cab simulation, it makes a world of difference for the sound.


Go buy this now!
KresoD 13.09.2021
This review is based on two gigs over the weekend with this little plastic toy looking device as my main source of sound, direct to PA and to my wedge monitor. And 30 years of gigging experience... :)

Excellent clean sound, OK overdrive sound, excellent hi-gain sound.
...FOR 80 €!!!

Yes, it has delays, reverbs, etc... but simply considering the fact that this toy can fit in your guitar pocket, and still provides completely usable, professional sounds stops any further need for explanation. Go buy this now. Even if you use this as a back-up, or for home recording, this is worth every penny. Did I mention it also runs on batteries? :)


G733 28.09.2020
Very good sound quality FX & drums.

Can use with power bank


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