Behringer C-2 Stereoset

Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Stereoset

These professional condenser microphones for the studio and live use have a comprehensive range of compact dimensions. They are available as a balanced pair and are thus ideally suited for stereo recording. The C-2 microphones are characterised by a light diaphragm for a wide frequency response and sound quality and are suitable due to their handy format for acoustic instruments or as overhead microphones.

Cardioid characteristics reduce feedback problems. Other useful features include a switchable high-pass filter and an optional level reduction (-10 dB). A transformerless FET input circuit reduces distortion in the bass area and a gold-plated XLR connector ensures good signal transmission. Complete scope of supply with suitable microphone clamps, windscreen, stereoscreen and a transport case.

  • 2 Professional condenser microphones.
  • Cardioid
  • In pairs
  • Switchable high-pass filter and optional level reduction (-10 dB)
  • Transmitterless FET input circuit
  • Gold-plated XLR connectors
  • Operation with 48 Volt phantom power
  • Including micro-clips, windscreen, stereoscreen and transport case
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Audio Examples

  • Bossa Reverb
  • Bossa Dry
  • Cymbals
  • Strumming Reverb
  • Strumming Dry
  • Woodblocks Dry
  • Woodblocks Reverb

Further Information

Battery Powered No
Stereo Pair Yes

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I was skeptical at first, but they work great!
Björn Magnus Olof, 17.10.2019
I bought two stereo pairs of the C-2, since we sometimes need a larger amount of microphones for some shows. So, that means 4 microphones with accessories for a total cost of 76 Euros. I couldn't invest in something more expensive, so I was sadly convinced not to receive any decent quality for that price, but I was proven wrong.

The -10db came in handy when using as overheads on drums and percussion. We did the low cut in the mix so we didn't use that feature. Anyhow, i suspect it's not possible to combine low cut with -10db..? Haven't checked it up, but it kind of seems so from looking at the mic. I guess the C-2 provide the basic features and the hard case and accessories (windscreen and stereo bar) for that price are incredible so let's go for 5 stars.

We used them as overheads on drums (the stereo bar came in handy) and percussion for a live show. Both the live sound and the recordings worked great. Later, I also recorded some backing vocals for a guide track with one of these, since it's easier to just put the windscreen (also included) on and sing directly in than rigging up my large diaphragm mic on a stand etc. I was amazed how clear the sound was!

My colleague has a lot of experience working with an earlier model of these mics from Behringer. He pointed out that they have to be handled with care as they can break easier than other comparable mics. That justifies my 4 star quality rating, actually I can't say anything out of own experience. Anyway, since they come well protected in a stuffed box, it would really be my own fault if they break. I don't know any other mic than a SM58 you could mistreat just for fun ;)

Overall, I'd like to point out again that these mics work VERY FINE for what you normally need a decent small diaphragm microphone for! I have a Rode M3 since years ago that I use every now and then. I have no reason to say it sounds better, and again, it costs the same as 4 of the C-2. And something like a Neumann KM87 was out of my league anyway. To summon up, if you're in for a budget small diaphragm you can just as well buy the cheapest ones there are. You won't regret saving the money and I really don't think a microphone for even four times the price would make you any happier.
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Great affordable pair of overheads
Vadim The Drummer, 08.02.2020
I got these mics to closemic ride and hi hat, to have more possibilities in tweaking the sound on post. They work really well and I'm particularly satisfied with the way the hi hat sounds. Wind screen also came useful for the ride cymbal. Same goes for high pass filter.
I always say if you don't have a great room for drum tracking, then you don't need expensive mics and this set of Behringers works perfect in my small drum studio.
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Excellent for the price
I bought these mikes specifically for use as drum overheads. I have used them in an XY, and AB spaced position, as well as using the Recorderman technique - see the end of this review for a brief explanation.

The mics are well made, and feel solid. They provide a three-position switch for flat, low-pass or -10dB pad response. The -10dB pad is particularly useful for miking loud percussive instruments such as a drum kit. The cardiod response is good for minimising off-axis response, which is useful if your recording space is less than stellar or too boxy.

They have proven solid and reliable performers. Their response time is good which makes them very well suited for percussive instruments. Frequency wise, they have a good response which is not over-hyped at the high-end like some other cheap mikes. Noise hasn't been an issue. Stereo wise, they provide a solid,coherent image which I find particularly appealing.

My favoured setup is Recorderman overhead drum mic technique. Basically one of the mikes is placed directly above the centre of the snare drum about two drum sticks in height. The other one is placed roughly above the drummer's shoulder, on the floor tome side, also pointing towards the centre of the snare, at an equal distance. This provides a balanced sound for the entire kit, without too much room sound. You can vary the position of the second mike to get more/less volume from the bass drum.

Excellent value, and a bargain at the price. I would certainly buy them again.
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Nice inexpensive stereo set with stereo bracket
wouterv, 09.03.2020
Noise floor is a tad high (just like the specs say), and the spacer bracket provided is quite nice. With low cut filter or -10dB pad - if you need the latter, the noise floor probably won't be a problem. Ridiculously cheap and nice flat response.
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