Clavia Nord Drum 3P


Modelling Percussion Synthesizer

  • 6 Channels
  • Integrated multi-pad and kick-pad input
  • Simplified user interface with easy sound selection
  • Individual sound preset libraries for kicks, snares, toms and more - 8 banks with 50 programs each
  • Advanced sound engine with resonant synthesis, subtractive synthesis and FM synthesis
  • Reverb and delay effects with adjustable value per channel
  • Drive, Crush and EQ effects per channel
  • MIDI In / Out and full CC control
  • Stereo output
  • 3.5 mm Headphone output
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 298 x 281 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 1.9 kg
  • Suitable optional bag: Art.493718 (not included)
Available since July 2016
Item number 386116
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Sound Synthesis Virtuell Analog
Pads 6
Effects Yes
Bass No
Display Yes
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out
Number of analog outputs 2
Headphone Connector Yes
Mains Operation Yes
Battery Operation No
Number of trigger pads 6
Number of Trigger inputs 0
Footswitch connection 0
Extras 1 Trigger Input
Shape Desktop
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A super-dynamic synthetic drum kit

The Nord Drum 3P is a super-dynamic synthetic drum synthesizer that expands the expressive and sonic possibilities of its drum synthesizer, making it suitable for use on stage. The instrument, a "Modeling Percussion Synthesizer" according to the manufacturer, has six channels, one for each playing pad, and a particularly flexible synthesis engine. It can be played directly through the pads or controlled externally via MIDI. As if that wasn't enough, a bass drum pedal can also be connected. The range of sounds is quite large, as is the dynamics, which are particularly wide. All sounds can be edited directly on the device and can be individually classified by category or organized and saved in kits. Each sound can be enriched with a number of effects per pad.

Easy to play and easy to edit

The Nord Drum 3P works with multiple synthesis types: resonant, subtractive, FM, or using ring modulation. Resonant synthesis generates harmonics based on the strength of the strike, allowing for particularly dynamic timbres. For the other synthesis types, parameters such as filter, decay, or bend are made dependent on the strength of the strike. Sounds can be enriched with a noise component and an attack click, resulting in timbres ranging from classic synthetic percussion to surprisingly realistic "acoustic" drum sounds, as well as all sorts of special effects. A kit consists of six sounds that are played from the robust pads directly linked to the synthesis engine. MIDI control can be performed from any DAW or from the free Nord Beat iOS app.

The perfect complement to an acoustic drum set

The Nord Drum comes with an attachment to fix it on a dedicated stand, drum mount, or simply place it on a desk or music stand. However, its stereo output is primarily intended for the stage, where its wide range of sounds will allow it to tackle the most diverse styles. It can be used as a complement to an acoustic drum set for fusion, as a percussive instrument in ambient music, or as an electronic drum set for synth pop or electro. Thanks to the Nord Drum's great dynamic range, experienced drummers will be able to play it just like their acoustic drum set.

An electronic drum set for the stage and studio

The Nord Drum 3P can be mounted on a dedicated stand on stage next to an acoustic drum set, which is thus enriched with an additional range of sounds, specific to the needs of the moment. If an additional kick drum is needed, it can be triggered with a dedicated pedal, a technique commonly used in New Metal. The easily configurable sounds and kits can be quickly loaded and swapped. The synthesis engine is protected against accidental modifications. In case of emergency, a "Panic" button can cut the signal and reduce the Nord Drum to silence. In the studio, it can be controlled via MIDI, not only with note messages but also with control change messages, which allow for precise or gradual sound modifications.

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68 Reviews

Artro Vannus 13.03.2018
I bought this as I was embarking on a new electronic project where usually I played exclusively acoustic drums. I had no previous experience with any electrical instruments at all.
Was a toss up between this and a Yamaha DTX-12 Multipad, I was extremely close to ordering the Yamaha but switched to the Nord last minute on a friends advice.

All I can say is my mind is blown. This is unlike any other pad out there in the sense that it is a drum synth. Each pad can be modded, each sound bent and twisted like you wouldn't think possible. You can record patterns in midi, quantize them, then play them back and drag them to within an inch of their life.

The preset kits go from somewhat standard to incredibly experimental, I spent the first few weeks coming to terms with them before even thinking of building my own, although I have found that immensely satisfying.

The "only" thing it can't due is capture an "authentic" drum sound, but if you want to play a standard rock beat to folk music you shouldn't be getting this anyway. If you are in anyway into both drums and electronic music, buy the Nord Drum 3p, buy it now! Quick!!!


Great Synth!
Alwin Z. 25.04.2021
I was looking for a drum machine and a drum pad to practice on. The Nord Drum ticked all the boxes for me, being a great drum machine sequenced through the nord beat app on ipad and also really fun to play on with drum sticks.

With this machine you can create all kinds of percussive and synth sounds that are really unique and the fact that those are dynamically controlled takes it to another level.

It is easy to use, although it takes some time to get used to how it works, but once you figure it out you can change parameters pretty fast. The only drawback for me is the fact that it doesn't have a hi hat controller input. It would have made it a perfect kit to practice on.

All in all, given the sounds it can produce and the way you interact with it makes it an amazing machine. The build quality is also really good and the size makes it portable.

I highly recommend the Nord Drum to everyone who wants an alternative to playing a synth with a keyboard (you can also do that with midi) and to programming drums, as you can also use it as a midi controller with a midi interface.


Drum heaven
The Untouchables 20.11.2020
The Thing is so much more than a electronic drum . Couple with the MPC Live this thing Becomes A Percussive synth similar to the M-brain , M-base , DFAM & Model Cycle ... it's very very powerful . if you get the right sequencer you can automate All parameters . and have 6 Synths.
The reverb is REALLY nice . .
I Don't understand why this is not A Drum machine ... this thing Sound AMAZING . Highly Highly Recommended


In love with Drum3P
RicSef 03.02.2019
Love it for very interesting sound synthesis. It transforms layers of sound differently depending on hit velocity and percussion type.

Pad sensitivity is outstanding. Very dynamic sound can be achieved.
Controlling is easy and quick, sound design is pure fun.

My point on "noisy outputs" problem - it's insignificant. It's audible only when reverb is active and played solo loud. Without reverb it's super clean. (Headphone output is much more noisier than main outputs which has much lower noise floor). It's inaudible for me in the mix and reverb itself is great.

MIDI implementation is superb, no problems in communication with the DAW. Very happy with it, great instrument.


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