Crumar Seventeen


Crumar Seventeen; virtual modeling stage piano with 73-key hammer action; in vintage style of the 80s; both physical modeling technology and samples integrated; various sound engines: Tine Electric Piano, Reed Electric Piano, Electric Grand, Clavi, DX Digital E.P., MKS Digital E.P., Japanese Acoustic Grand, German 274 Acoustic Grand, synth piano, piano-string and combi sounds; 2 independent effect slots: Tremolo, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Wah; independent Reverb and Delay; internal Equalizer; AMP simulation; 64 presets; control panel with display and navigation buttons; connections: 2x line output (6.3mm jack, balanced), stereo headphone output (6.3mm jack), sustain pedal input (6.3mm jack), MIDI OUT and USB MIDI, internal power supply; all connections on the left side of the instrument; legs not included (article# 547092); dimensions (W x H x D): 111 x 16 x 38cm; weight: 12kg

available since July 2022
Item number 546963
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Number Of Keys 73
Hammer Action Keys Yes
Number Of Sounds 64
Effects Yes
Speaker No
Headphone Outputs 1
Sequencer No
Metronome No
Master keyboard function Yes
Pitch Bend No
Modulation Wheel No
Split Zones 0
Layer Function No
Included Accessories Power Cable
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USA Buyer 09.08.2022
This board does exactly what it says it will and if that is what you are looking for you won't be disappointed. I have played piano my whole life and I perform regularly. I needed a new grab-n-go piano. Something light, not too many bells and whistles, just solid piano sounds, and a few vintage key sounds for good measure. This board delivers.

The action is heavy and it will probably require a period of adjustment. However, it's sturdy and built like a tank and makes me feel good every time I play it. It lets me dig into the keys and allows for a more expressive playing experience.

The real treat, however, is the way it sounds. I first played it through studio grade headphones, nice. Then stereo monitors, better. But it wasn't until I played it, mono, through a QSC K10.2 (balanced TRS L/R summed to mono by the speaker) that I was truly blown away. It sounded terrific. I haven't enjoyed the sound of a high end keyboard coming out of a mono amp ever. This just sounded great. Mind you, this is not how it would ideally be played but for most working musicians it is the way it will be used. The two new piano sounds are excellent and as good as advertised.

Simple interface with a fair number of options to tweak/edit sounds. Don't like the noisy pedal sound, dial it down. Need a little more velocity for this particular patch, dial it in. 8 banks with 8 slots for sounds; banks 7 and 8 are set aside for you to fill with your own saved sounds but you can save them to any bank/slot.

Crumar did an excellent job with this board. They didn't over promise anything, just give you exactly what they say they will. The new sampled pianos are great. The modeled tine (rhodes) sound is excellent and offers a great deal of editable parameters. The old vintage sampled electric grands are spot on and if you're into that type of thing you're going to be thrilled. Plus there is always the possibility of more pianos to come (as they update sounds for the Seven they will also be made available for the Seventeen).

She's a keeper.


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