Der Mann mit der Maschine Droid Master

Der Mann mit der Maschine Droid Master; Eurorack module; programmable CV processor; 8 CV inputs and outputs (-10V to +10V); user-programmable patches can perform almost any kind of CV processing, generating CV and trigger/gate signals and allow the configuration of personalized controllers; example of applications: LFO, envelope generator, melody and trigger sequencer, euclidean sequencer, random generator, sample & hold, clock divider, CV looper, CV mixer, quantiser, logic processor, slew limiter and many more; patches are loaded via a textfile on the microSD card; straight forward programming of patches via any text editor software; optional G8 expander adds 8 inputs/outputs for trigger and gate signals; optional X7 expander adds MIDI input/outout and USB-MIDI; expandable with up to 16 controllers like B32, P2B8 or M4 to complete Droid Master with buttons, control knobs or sliders; power consumption: 154mA (+12V) / 15mA (-12V); width: 8 HP; depth: 40mm

available since May 2022
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Width 8 TE / HP
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