Doepfer A-110-1


Standard VCO for Modular System A-100Module A-110-1 (VCO) is a voltage controlled oscillator. The A-110-1 produces frequencies in a range of about 8 octaves, of which four waveforms are available simultaneously: pulse, sawtooth, triangle and sine wave.

The frequency of the VCO is determined by the position of the range switch and tune controller and the control voltages at the CV inputs. Thus, the VCO provides the possibility of frequency modulation. You can set the footage (octave of the fundamental) with the selector switch. The Tune control is used to fine tune the VCO frequency.

In the pulse wave the pulse width can be adjusted manually or by voltage control or modulated (PWM).

  • Width: 10 HP/ 50.5 mm
  • Depth: 55 mm (measured from the rear of the front panel)
  • Power requirements: +90 mA (+12V)/ -20 mA (-12V)
Available since February 2003
Item number 154955
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Analog Yes
Digital No
Width 10 TE / HP
variants Doepfer
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33 Reviews

Doepfer A-110 Standard VCO
Blair 03.11.2013
When I first became interested in modular synthesis I bought one of these, and liked it so much I bought another! The A-110 is probably the cheapest vco available, but delivers a decent audio performance, and offers a wide sound palette. It is saw-wave based, and offers another three wave shapes: sine , pulse and triangle. CV baed modulation of frequency and pulse width is available. According to the manual, the sine and triangle waveforms are not true, but derived from the saw wave. In practice all the waveforms sounded good to me. A pair of A-110's track very well together, and deliver good hard sync and FM results.

Other things I liked about the A-110:
* it was well calibrated on delivery and it achieves stable tuning within 5 minutes.
* At 10HP it is perhaps wider than it needs to be, but the control knobs are easy to use.

Room for improvement:
* The fine tuning range is not enough to tune one A-110 a musical interval above another vco, for instance a 4th or a 5th. I understand that there is a modification that can be made to the circuit board, but I feel the module should come set up this way.
* The A-110 cycles down to 15hz, which is not quite low enough to act as an LFO.

However, for the price this VCO is an absolute bargain. I bought the A-110 as a 'starter' vco, thinking I would sell or trade it when I could afford a more expensive vco. Instead I kept it, and bought another.


A bit dull
omz 16.01.2020
Perhaps to reinforce its marketing as a "basic VCO", it sounds quite dull: only the square wave has some character.
Triangle and saw wave sound pretty dull.
Regarding the hardware: the construction and interface feels solid overall, but the jack sockets feel low quality and poorly machined.
Overall, I don't know whether to recommend it, even to beginners. Consider instead investing a bit more in a more versatile module.


The old one's are the best
Wayne M. 01.09.2013
The A-110 is still the staple VCO of many modular synths. A tried and tested design that never ceases to impress. Ideal for first timers too!


Doepfer A-110 Impressions
John779 26.08.2013
The A-110 is a voltage-controlled oscillator for eurorack modular. It can produce four waveforms simultaneously: square, sawtooth, triangle, and sine wave.Its a no frills basic oscilator but its waveforms sound great, I would describe the sound as warm and punchy and has that great analog sound that you just cant replicate with VST's .
This vco has a frequency range of about eight octaves and it seemed to track very well and stay in tune. I found that if you let it warm up for about 20 minutes the tuning will not drift .
The Doepfer A-110 also has pulse width modulation for the square wave that you can control via CV or by hand it tends to fatten up the sound and give some movement but I find its uses a fairly limited .
If your starting out on your modular journey an oscillator is a major part of sound generation in an east coast (moog style ) modular system , I would recommend this module without hesitation not for the features but for its classic sound . In fact get two and detune one slightly for that super fat sound .


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