Gator G-PG E-Guitar Bag


Professional Electric Guitar Gig Bag

  • ProGo Ultimate Series
  • 25 mm Padding
  • Handles on side and front
  • Detachable and adjustable rucksack straps
  • Micro-fleece interior
  • Internal block shock absorber
  • Highly sturdy inner padding
  • Pocket for tablet computer
  • Large outer pocket with cable management and 3 inner pockets
  • Weight: approx. 1.5 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Rain cover included

Inner Dimensions:

  • Body length: 508 mm
  • Body height: 89 mm
  • Lower width: 375 mm
  • Middle width: 324 mm
  • Upper width: 318 mm
  • Total length: 1003 mm
Colour Black
Model E-Guitar
Finish Nylon
Outside Pocket Yes
Backpack Yes
available since December 2014
Item number 346369
sales unit 1 piece(s)
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A lil' heavy but secure: Great value for the money
manofstrat 14.11.2020
I use this gigbag for commuting in city, going to gigs, lessons, jams etc. I have couple of very valuable nitro finish guitars (Fender strats, tele, Gibson SG) that I care for a lot and needed a safe, good gigbag for them.

On bike or public transportation, I feel more comfortable since it is a very protective bag. Also at bars, sometimes it is hard to find a secure corner for the guitar and people - though very rarely - hit the bag walking around and still, nothing happened so far. It is more comfortable to carry comparing to a case and also you have extra room for pedals, cables, sheets, etc.

It comes with a water-resistant cover for rainy days and the original fabric seems to be water repellant as well. It is a very nice looking gigbag and protects my guitars very well. I can say that this one of the best carrying gear you can buy for this money (of course there is better ones for double the money) after a good hardshell case. One can say this is a softshell case, for sure.

There are two cons I can think of; if you're not a very tall person like me (<175cm) bottom of the bag may hit your legs while walking. I think this wasn't thought during the design process. The strap hooks could be placed at a lower position. Some padding at the back of it would be great to reduce the burden on your back and also avoid it hitting my legs while walking since the bag would be a bit further away from my body.
The second is a small issue that I had already taken into account before ordering, which the bag is a bit heavy. However, it is due to the protective foam filling which I don't mind considering the protection it provides.

In short, I would recommend this gigbag to anyone who has the money and commutes often with expensive, sentimentally precious guitars! :)


Incredible quality for the price!
Dj Asterix 23.08.2019
Ordered this gigbag to transport my Fender Mustang bass or Squier Bronco bass, as my aging Mono M80 bass gigbag is too big for a short scale. I needed a sturdy, light and practical gigbag as I move around with my basses a lot, and heard great things about Gator products.

My first impression was positive because of the quality, it looks and feels much stronger than other brands. I like the metallic hooks on the straps and the amazing quantity of pouches. Main pouch is big enough to carry an iPad, a couple of pedals, strings, cables, strap... everything you need for a gig. Also this gigbag is really light and easy to transport carrying it as a backpack or with the handle.

The inside of it is really beautiful with a very soft fabric. I removed the lower velcro attached heel in order to fit my bass, but it’s still very well protected in the bottom. There is also an adjustable neck support, which is big and solid.

The only cons I found on it is that the part that tenses the straps are plastic. I’ve had terrible experiences with this parts breaking while adjusting satraps in almost all the gigbags I’ve used. Never had a issue with the ones on the M80 as they’re metallic. Maybe I’ll replace them with metallic ones if they fail, but it’ll be great if they’re upgraded with metallic ones in future models.

Another great plus on this transaction was Thomann’s really fast shipping, arriving to my country in a very short time. Now I’m waiting for a similar gigbag for my bass in order to replace my Mono M80.


Sturdy soft case for short-scale bass
PabloRR 04.05.2021
I bought this based on online posts recommending it for a short scale bass and I'm glad I did. It surpassed my expectations in terms of quality and protection. There is a piece of foam inside that should be removed so the short-scale bass fits perfectly, but it's attached with velcro so no modifications needed. I cannot reccomend this soft case enough foe either guitar or bass.


Exceptional and resistant
ndomuz 17.04.2019
This thing is amazing, the build quality is very good, the handles and straps, the interior, padding, all very rugged and resistant. The shock absorbers are well designed, especially the bottom part, you can basically throw the guitar on the ground without worrying something will be damaged.

There are numerous pockets, suits everybody's needs, you can fit alot, and I mean Alot of things in there. Also the rain cover is a nice touch, although not sure if it's needed.

The only con I could think of would be the size, its a tad bit thick so it will not fit some smaller car trunks.

Another con I've found through usage are the straps.
My version doesn't have top stitched straps like on the image but metal hooks like on the bottom. These cause pain literally. if you're not planning longer walks to your studio/rehearsal you should be fine but anything longer than 300m will cause serious discomfort and pain on your shoulders. I'm guessing they've addressed this in the new version but still the version that I have has this issue.

Highly recomended if you're on the road often and you want to keep your instrument safe amongst piles of other gear.


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