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The headquarter of the business HAGE Musikverlag GmbH & Co. KG is in Pommelsbrunn (D).

At the moment we have 67 Hage Musikverlag products - 61 of them are . Hage Musikverlag products have been a part of our range for 28 year(s).

In our current top seller lists you will find a total of 31 Hage Musikverlag top sellers, among others in the following categories Schools For Trumpet , Acoustic Guitar Schools, Classical Guitar Sheet Music, Piano Songbooks, Children's Music Tutors, Ukulele Courses and Schools For Trombone .

The current top seller amongst Hage Musikverlag products is the following item Hage Musikverlag Let's Play Ukulele. This one here Hage Musikverlag Let's Play Guitar 1 is very popular as well, we have sold more than 10.000 pieces already.

You can find more information about the manufacturer on http://www.hagemusikverlag.de

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