Hal Leonard Ultimate Rock Pop Fake Book


Songbook for C-Instruments

  • Almost 550 rock and pop songs notated as leadsheets for C-instruments
  • With lyrics and chords
  • ISBN 9781423453390
  • HL240310
  • Spiral binding
  • 560 Pages
available since April 2014
Item number 338366
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Level Of Difficulty Intermediate
Incl. Notes Yes
With Tabs No
With Chords Yes
With Text No
Bonus Audio No
Bonus Video No
Country No
Folklore/Traditionals No
Jazz No
Classical Music No
Latin No
Metal No
Golden Oldies/Evergreens No
Pop Yes
Alternative No
Reggae No
Rock Yes
German Popular Songs No
C-Instruments 1
WithText 1
Incl. Text 1
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Great book with a huge selection of songs!
GJK123 08.10.2017
I bought this book because I wanted a big book of songs so I could practice my chart and sightreading. The books has the vocals written in notation, the chords written above and lyrics written below. Songs range from the 50s, 60s,70s and 80s. There are a few 90?s and early 2000?s songs too but they are in the minority.

1) This book has so many songs! This is great a tool for practicing your sightreading. There is a wide variety of songs, keys and sometimes different time signatures. You could also use this for a gig where you need to play a lot of songs!
2) It is very clear and easy to read. The print and notation is very clear and crisp. Songs are between half a page to 2 pages long. The 2 page songs are always laid out side by side (no need to turn pages)
3) Composer and year is written above each song, which is nice to know.
4) Instrumental sections are written for certain songs which instrumental passages. They are written in smaller notation.
5) It does include some major artists and famous hits that you would expect (Madonna Prince, Abba, Queen etc?)
6) Book will fit in a school bag, so it is somewhat portable (although it is a little heavy!)

1) Have to be careful with the pages, they can tear very easily.
2) This book is quantity over quality! I have found some mistakes with certain songs: wrong chords, missing sections, incomplete bars etc?
3) A good few songs are written in the wrong key! Very frustrating when you want to play along with the original recording. Although this could be a good exercise for your transposing skills! :)
4) I feel there is good selection of songs although it could be a little better. I think there is definitely some hits that should be in there that aren't.

Overall I think the book is good quality and worth the money. I?m glad I bought this because it has helped me a lot with my reading and sightreading skills.


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Anonymous 01.08.2016
Hallo zusammen,

mit dem Ultimate Rock und Pop Fake Book kommt ein echt dicker Brocken daher - also der Notenständer kippt definitiv! Ähnlich der Real- und Fakebook-Sammlungen aus dem Jazzbereich gibt es hier Text, Melodie und Chords in einfach lesbarer Form. Arrangements bleiben unberücksichtigt. Eignet sich also zum Singen oder instrumentalen Nachspielen der Songs. Habe die Auswahl nur überflogen - aber von den 50ern bis zu aktuellen Songs ist aus allen Jahrzehnten was dabei, Klassiker wie eher unbekanntere Werke. Ob das die "ultimate" Sammlung ist, der kein Song fehlt, vermag ich erst nach vielen langen Winterabenden zu sagen...Das Notenbild ist jedenfalls klar lesbar; die Spiralbindung sieht stabil aus; das Buch ist aber definitiv zu schwer für die Instrumententasche oder zum Lagerfeuergebrauch - fällt eher unter die Kategorie "Nachschlagewerk".