Harley Benton StreetBox-60


Portable Amplifier

  • Compact portable battery-powered amplifier with functions for playing along and singing along to streamed music via the integrated Bluetooth function
  • Ideal for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, vocals and music
  • Power: 60 watts RMS
  • Equipped with: 2x 5.5" broadband speakers
  • Microphone channel control: XLR / jack combo jack, bass, mids, treble and volume
  • Microphone / Acoustic Guitar Channel Controls: Microphone / Guitar
  • Mode Selector, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume and Digital Effects (Echo and Reverb)
  • Acoustic guitar channel control: active / passive pickup mode switch, bass, middle, treble, volume and reverb effect
  • Anti-feedback filter with frequency and depth controls
  • Master volume control
  • Integrated compressor to protect the speakers and avoid distortion
  • Bluetooth volume with on / off switch
  • Amp out and input (line)
  • Integrated rechargeable lithium battery with LED display - up to 5 hours at 80% volume, charging time: 3 hours
  • Integrated speaker stand base
  • Ergonomic metal handle
  • Power supply / charging via 24V 1.5A adapter (included)
  • Dimensions: 375 x195 x185 mm
  • Includes transport and outdoor gig bag
available since January 2020
Item number 469240
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Power 60 W
Speaker size 2x 5,5"
Channels 3
Reverb Yes
Effects Processor Yes
External FX Loop No
Line input No
Headphone connection No
Battery Operation in hours 5 h
Weight in kg 4,0 kg
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Wireless through the night

Going wireless is a treat, especially for musicians who have learned to fear cables in any form as a source of technical issues or a tripping hazard. When it comes to powering amplifiers, manufacturers do have a bit of a hard time, however, but even that is improving - as can be demonstrated impressively by the Harley Benton StreetBox-60. This handy device delivers up to 60 watts of power for several hours, which is significantly longer than most existing battery-powered amps can do. In addition to the three channels, you get a battery-powered amplifier that's ready for busking, playing around the camp fire, or even a spontaneous pub gig.

Clever equipment

The Harley Benton StreetBox-60 is a battery-operated full-range amplifier with an output of 60 watts, which powers two 5.5" speakers. The whole device comes in a very handy housing that you can put on a high stand for better positioning. All the electronics are implemented in a rack-style unit, with the controllers secured by metal brackets. The preamp has three full-featured channels (guitar, guitar/mic, and mic) as well as a Bluetooth connection. A volume control and a three-band EQ section are available on all three channels. In addition, two channels can be routed to the built-in effect. A master volume determines the impressively high output level, and an adjustable notch filter successfully keeps annoying feedback at bay.

Clear message

The hour of the Harley Benton StreetBox-60 strikes when finding power supply is difficult or impossible, for example in the pedestrian precinct, at the lake, or generally outdoors. Of course, you can't expect a PA-like performance from the unit, but especially if you don't expect deep bass from the StreetBox, you can get quite far with 60 watts. This is ideal for acoustic string instruments such as guitars, violins, or ukuleles, but speech and vocal performances of all kinds are also well catered for by the StreetBox. It is indeed very practical that one has several channels and can thus amplify one's vocals and guitar at the same time - and then still have a channel in reserve. Pretty clever!

About Harley Benton

Since 1998, the Harley Benton brand has been catering for the needs of numerous guitarists and bassists. In addition to an extensive range of stringed instruments, Thomann's house brand also offers a wide choice of amplifiers, speakers, effect pedals, and other accessories. In total, the range includes over 1,500 products. Built by established names in the industry, all Harley Benton products combine quality and reliability at attractive and affordable prices. The continuous expansion of the range ensures that Harley Benton always provides new, exciting, and innovative products that keep players perfectly in tune with the musical world, day after day.

Good vibes without a power outlet

A guitar, a microphone, and the Harley Benton StreetBox-60: That's all you need to spread good vibes in the pub, but especially somewhere outdoors. Of course, the compact device should be placed at ear-level, but that's what the speaker stand base is for. Where is the power socket? It doesn't matter, we only need it for charging. The built-in battery has such a large capacity that it can get through a street music gig at full steam, and at low power it can also provide sound for a campfire all night long. The Bluetooth connectivity is a particularly welcome feature here, as it allows everyone to play their own playlist with their smartphone.

Needs Further Development
Phil the Greek 17.03.2021
First let me say I am very happy with Thomann and their Harley Benton line. This is an honest review designed to explain who this product is for, and who it is not.

I'm long time live performer, who also enjoys busking and have bought numerous street amps, including from VOX, Fender, and my (now renewed) favourite the Street CUBE from Roland. While the quality of construction materials and overall sound is very impressive on this new device, I was seriously disappointed on a few counts. Some were absolutely mind blowing and I am still scratching my head….


BUILD: The wood casing and carrying bag are all of exceptional quality. It looks as awesome or better than the photos, as I was expecting it to be made of some type of fake plastic wood. It looks VERY high end and is an impressive piece of construction, especially at this price.

SOUND: The quality is excellent and the amount of control over tone is great. Having three channels to mix was a big wow I wish other amps in this class had. Reverb and Delay were gorgeous.

WEIGHT: Amazingly lightweight! My Roland Street CUBE weighs more and offers less quality sound.


Despite the product page clearly listing “Amp out and input (line)” as a feature, the two jacks are NOT stereo audio in and out, but according to the manual are only for connection to a "similar device" which can then "be controlled by the second device". I could not for example, connect an MP3 player to IN, or get a signal to another device with OUT. I have never seen such a closed system that cannot be connected to other devices... only a second identical one. Would love to see a demo video of this unique process in action, but I need what has been standard on EVERY other street amp I've bought.

Sadly, the fancy construction makes it more of a boutique device which would look very nice at home, especially great for bedroom players - but NOT street use . Even the instruction manual declares “This device has been designed for indoor use only”. Not something I want to read on my street gear and which makes me wonder why it is called a “Street Box” in the first place.

I almost said it was more designed for women (the stitched white Harley Benton script logo almost had me reaching for a magic marker so it wouldn't look like a chic make-up bag), but all the female performers I know also want tough equipment that can handle being moved from car boot to stage to street. Music gear for anyone who plays outside the bedroom needs bangable corners, and not be something you would regret scratching.

The product has only three LEDs as battery indicators (which I knew at purchase, and was concerned about) but only two ever actually indicate. Mine arrived showing the two bottom lights on (70%), but even after 8 hours charging at night (not just the 3 hours supposedly required for FULL charge from empty) not only did the lights not stop pulsing a charging indication (most chargers stop blinking when charge is complete - so here you will never be sure if it is fully charged) but went straight back to only two lights when the charge plug was removed.

Remember this is a LI system that cannot be swapped for charged batteries if you run out mid performance, so it is ESSENTIAL to have a good idea of how much charge you have remaining. Two lights will not be much help.

I have 20 watt amps that would blow this amp away, and my Roland Street CUBE is only rated at 5 watts but can stand next to it in terms of volume.

This product is ideal for home or hotel room use. The bluetooth player would make it a great device for a traveling player to have in his/her room to either jam along or just use to play music from your smartphone. It is great value for money in terms of quality of both sound and construction. But I give it only 3 stars because it is NOT what it says it is, a Street Box.

THOMANN ADVICE: Please make a product like this that is more rugged, has a better battery indication system, and allows for input and output to any other devices, and you will have a real winner, that could be used for both indoor and outdoor live playing.


Perfect for my solo restaurant gigs!
Zsofi 28.01.2022
I'm a singer who gigs with backing tracks, and sometimes with a musician. I used this speaker for many gigs in the past year and I'm really satisfied. Mic sound is clear, nice, with some extra reverb options, the volume is more than enough for a smaller gig (but I even used it in ballrooms and outside venues to provide background music). I love that it comes with a backpack case, easy to carry and handle. Looks classy too, and the bluetooth connection gets rid of the old cable between my phone and the speaker, so much more freedom this way. One downside of it: there is some general white noise when the bluetooth is on - which is not noticable when the music is playing, but pretty annoying when it's quiet. The battery has a long life, and it recharges pretty fast. If you need something easy and handy for bar gigging, this is a good choice. I might buy one more for extra volume or monitor purposes at some point, but not too eager just yet.


Delivered as advertised
Chariotdrvr14 07.08.2022
I was a bit dubious but needed what utilities were offered on this product. I had an upcoming gig where the venue needed a street act in the middle of a festival setting but weren't allowed by city ordinances to offer a power supply for amplification. This was to be my guerilla tactic for being heard above the din of the crowd and competing sound systems. This item arrived...and I was immediately impressed by the aesthetically pleasing design and utility of the three channels and built in effects; -as well as the handsome case it came in. Maybe a tad too snug but otherwise very well made and all very apparently durable materials.
I rehearsed with it at the studio and we had no need to use any additional studio equipment as it was sufficiently loud enough and good quality tone to it. My drummer was impressed and he's a sound technician (and owner of the rehearsal/recording studio that we rehearsed at.)
Day of the gig itself, set up was quick and I'm guessing any of the tonal problems were more to do with the lack of setup time in general as a band member showed up late. But for the rest, the gig and all.... it performed admirably and we had a good crowd who clearly liked what was going on. And another musician friend with a mostly brass section act that often does street performances (Balkan style dance music) he was very impressed and interested in it. So, all in all, I can easily say that this system is an excellent investment That hopefully will pay for itself. Haven't had it or used it enough to say what it's longterm durability is, but I will say that it's off to a good start.


EmilijaS 28.05.2022
I love this thing! Use it with electric violin + pc. Sometimes violin + guitar. Sound is perfect like for this price and from such a small box.
It's light comfy to carry. It looks good instead.
It came with adorable case BUT becouse it was sewn too small inside was big hole. Also it's harder to take cab out at put it in.
I charged it fully once, used 3 time for about ~ hour each and it's still full. Fot church, not loud places like main streets it's sounds loud enough.


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