Harley Benton TE-62CC SFG


Electric guitar

  • Deluxe Series
  • Poplar body
  • Caramel maple bolt-on neck with Roseacer skunkstripe
  • Maple fingerboard
  • Neck profile: Modern D
  • Dual action truss rod
  • Scale: 648 mm
  • Fretboard radius: 305 mm
  • Nut width: 42 mm
  • 21 Frets
  • Pickups: 2 Roswell AlNiCo 5 TEA-F-CR/TEA-B single coils
  • 1 Volume and 1 tone control
  • 3-Way switch
  • 3-Ply mint green pickguard
  • Hardtail bridge
  • Kluson style tuners
  • Deluxe hardware
  • Factory strings: Daddario EXL110 .010 - .046 (Art. 104555)
  • Colour: Sea Foam Green
available since December 2021
Item number 502847
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Pickups SS
Tremolo None
Body Poplar
Top None
Frets 21
Scale 648 mm
Incl. Case No
Incl. Bag No
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In stock within 4-5 weeks

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Great looking and playing modern style T
Photo987 20.12.2021
Overall 5 *. Some very minor visual flaws, but nothing to worry about. I'm no expert, have owned various HB guitars

Looks- colour matches the website, looks great. The slightly toasted neck looks great

Neck-feels really nice to play. Slimmer than the the TE-52

Fretwork is really good, no pokey or sharp frets. No scratchiness when bending, so the frets seem to be polished well.

Tone and volume knobs are a little stiff, hopefully will loosen with use.

Tuners work, they're not very precise but hold tune and do the job

Sounds- I have owned the TE-70 and TE-52, so the roswells sound the same. Better ears than mine may hear the difference because of the wood and weight vs the TE-52, but I don't have high end amps to notice the subtleties and I'm a hobby guitar player so, nothing majorly different in the sounds to the aforementioned models.

So, to review, a really nice playing and looking T guitar for very little money. Down the line I may replace bridge/saddles, tuners and put in some slightly better pickups (tonerider or similar), but I am absolutely happy with the guitar for the money, and for even slightly more money


Bit of a lemon, but then, Lemonade!
Paul7701 28.12.2021
This is an edited review, I include the original post below, and include a brief review of the replacement guitar issued by Thomann.
I have bought over 10 HB guitars over the past few years, mostly great, some not so great, but this one was a bit of a lemon. Where to start?
1. Two sizeable cracks on either side of the neck pocket. 1.5cm on the upper joint. Not acceptable really, not sure if it had a fall, as the cartons were apparently undamaged.
2. The neck felt rough, completely unfinished all the way along the neck, horrible QC, the top of the headstock was atrociously finished.
3. The switch is horrible, it wiggles and waggles all over the place and feels broken.
4. The machine heads are awful.

All in all, a poor example of a guitar that others are (understandably) raving about.
On a positive note, it's *unbelievably* resonant, in fact, it reminds me of an 80s MIJ Tele Custom I once owned.
The pickups are really quite decent.
So, some bad, but not all bad.

Thomann offered to replace the original guitar, I had to wait a while until back in stock, but it arrived a few weeks later.
*This* guitar, hand on heart, was flawless, every thing wrong with the 1st was perfectly executed here. I'm gobsmacked at this quality, at this price. I was afraid the replacement wouldn't have the same resonance as the 1st, but I was wrong. Acoustically, this guitar SINGS! which as you should know, is a great thing in an electric guitar. The colour is gorgeous, the neck is stunning, and ridiculously stable.
All in all, a sweet playing experience, that puts an affordable, quality instrument in your hands.
First class customer service must also be mentioned. Thanks Thomann!


Wow! Best one yet
Fender56 26.07.2022
I now am the proud owner of 4 Harley Bentons, an SC Special, a CST 24T Deluxe, a TE-52 Natural finish with 22 frets and now this amazing TE-62 SFG.

Each one had some minor set up requirements but the TE-62 was amazing straight out of the box, Slight tweak on the truss rod, lowered the action to required taste and that was it. Intonation spot on, frets are really nice, no sharp ends or high frets, tuners work really well and electronics all work as expected. Can't complain at all.

Also, I'm really pleased with the Surf Green it looks fantastic. HB really knocked it out of the park with this one.

Highly recommended, 5 stars all the way. *****


The guitar arrived with problems, but it is very cool
Michail Pudovkin 08.02.2022
I ordered three guitars. All but this telecaster came without problems. This guitar had two problems: a non-working switch in one of the modes and a dent in the varnish on the horn. The Thoman team helped me solve the switch problem, thanks to them for their support. Although the guitar itself came with problems, it is absolutely clear that I was just unlucky. The frets were cut a little and the neck was slightly bowed, so I had to adjust it with an anchor
Despite all this, the varnish is very good, and the baked neck is pleasant to the touch. The sound is just great, despite looking at it, you might think that this is a FENDER and not the cheapest. The instrument is just fine for the money, you can not hesitate for this price, any guitar will be worse (Unless it's HB). The Telecaster sounds like a Telecaster, just like it should. If there are problems, the Thomann team will support and help.