Thomann Europe Dulcimer D1210



  • Laminated spruce top
  • Laminated lime back
  • Neck and sides: Maple
  • Width of nut: Approx. 3.5 cm
  • Scale: Approx. 68 cm
  • Upper width: Approx. 13.6 cm
  • Lower width: Approx. 16.5 cm
  • Body length: Approx. 75.2 cm
  • Total length: Approx. 93 cm
  • Height incl. bridge: Approx. 7.5 cm
  • Frame height: Approx. 4.8 cm
  • Tuning: d a d´d´
  • Includes bag
  • Made in Europe
Instrument Dulcimer
number of strings 4
Tuning d´ a´ d´´d´´
comes with tuning-key No
comes with bag Yes
incl. Feets No
incl. Stand No
available since December 2007
Item number 138896
tuning d, a, d', d'
scale-length 685 mm
top laminated spruce
back laminated basswood
gigbag included 1
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my dulcimer review
lm2 10.04.2016
Usually I am a guitar player but my interest in diatonic instruments started after buying the "Seagull Merlin".
So it would not take a long time before I would buy a mountain dulcimer. So I went for the one of Thomann because I nearly buy all my gear there. As aesthetically I prefer the hourglass type over the teardrop I ended up with this model.

Pros: - Sound
- Headstock (Violin like)
- Bag included.

Cons: - Weight.
- Fretboard.
- Strings.
- Endfix Strings.

Let me explain a bit about the cons:

Weight: This is my greatest disappointment. The instrument is way too light ! You can not play it on your lap without pushing it down with your right hand. Your left hand pushes the strings but you need balance otherwise it will 'fly' of your lap. Playing on a table works better but will still shift the instrument if not placed on non-gliding material.
I will certainly put some additional weight on the back of it.

Fretboard: No rosewood. Based on the wood the neck is made from. Frets are ok if you clean up the fretboard.
Strings: When tuning, the middle string broke. I know it would break because I felt there was no dynamic in it. Probably old strings. Luckily I had a replacement set by hand so after replacing the whole set the sound was much clearer (add 3.99¤)

Endfix Strings: Not the same as advertised. Advertised are strings with a ballend on top (like guitars) but
in reality they are strings with loopends on the side (string ends in a loop). Exactly the same as you can see at their model D1211. This means that you cannot use guitar strings for replacement but real dulcimer strings with loop end. Strings like :

Conclusion : Even though the list of cons, I will keep it. I'll upgrade and customize it to reduce the cons but in the end it plays well and for me that's the most important reason to keep it.


Made a fantastic present!
Dantronix 02.04.2014
I bought this for my brother as he's been talking about learning the Dulcimer for a while but he's always broke! This is his first musical instrument and he absolutely loves it. It seems really solidly put together and the tone is very pleasing. For the price bracket this instrument falls into, I don't think you can really go wrong. It's lot of craftsmanship for an affordable price and an ideal beginner's instrument.

This instrument comes with a well made soft case and is convenient to transport given it's relatively light in comparison to the sturdy construction. Thomannn shipped this item quickly and it was professionally packed, arriving safe and sound.


Claire N. 30.01.2014
Really good for the price surprisingly loud for its size holds its tuning very well at least on the 1 i got i have used it live and traveled about with it and its pretty durable its loud enough to use in acoustic jams but for live performances you need to put a pick up on it really fun to play gives you good ideas particularly if you mess round with alternate turnings the tone and quality is good for what your paying looks nice and is a good instrument to get in to Dulcimer playing and its a good sized instrument for a camped environment or for traveling about very good for what your paying


Great instrument, bit too light
Charrey 26.01.2018
This dulcimer is in the classic hourglass shape and made of plywood. Initially, the sound is not too good, but that is until you replace the strings with new ones (e.g. D'Addarió). The sound is full and rich. The tuners are of great quality and keep the instrument in tune when it's not played.

The instrument is on the light side, though, meaning it's sometimes hard to play on the lower frets without the instrument falling off the left side of your lap. This requires you to anchor it with your right hand at times, reducing sound quality.


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