Kerry Whistles Busker Alto Tunable F

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4 Reviews

Kerry Whistles Busker Alto Tunable F
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Nice whistle not too much air required
Fiddler 27.06.2022
I am a flute player but needed an F flute and the makers all have very long wait times. So I bought this whistle to get me by for now.
It is well made although the edges of the holes are a little rough feeling. It takes a bit of air to play when you are used to a flute (where you can control your airstream). But it takes a lot less air than a Susato F whistle.

It seems to be not quite in tune with itself but that could be because I have yet to get the feel for the amount of air needed for the different notes. Because the vibration of the air is made by a fixed fipple (and can't be controlled by tightening and loosening your lips as on a flute) the strength of your breath makes a big difference to how in-tune a note is on a whistle.

In conclusion it is a well-made instrument of strong material. The finish of the hole edges could be better but it doesn't affect the playing. I much prefer it to the Susato F in plastic that I bought first time. It rquires less air and I prefer the sound as well.


Kerry Whistles Busker Alto Tunable F