Line6 Helix LT Guitar Processor

Helix Essentials included

Helix Essentials included

Get more out of your Helix! After purchasing and registering a Line6 Helix Floor, Helix LT or Helix Rack since since 01.04.2022, you can book a free 45-minute online training session. The sessions are conducted by Nico Schliemann.

Guitar Processor

  • Next generation of Dual DSP-based HX Modeling Engine with 4 discrete stereo signal paths
  • 50 Guitar amplifiers
  • 12 Bass amplifiers
  • 37 Cabs
  • 16 Microphones
  • 104 Effects
  • Imports IRs (impulse responses) up to 1024/2048 sample lengths
  • 12 touch-sensitive foot switches
  • Pedal Edit Mode for freehand editing
  • Near-instant footswitch and controller assignment
  • Up to 2 expression pedals
  • Wide MIDI control
  • Extensive inputs and outputs for the seamless integration of an entire rig
  • 8 In / Out USB audio interface
  • AES / EBU / L6 LINK (works as SPDIF with adapter) and VDI interfaces
  • 123 dB Dynamic range at the guitar input for depth and low noise
  • Robust construction
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 52.9 x 30.1 x 9.2 cm
  • Weight: 5.44 kg
Available since April 2017
Item number 410901
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Floorboard
Tube(s) No
Amp Modeling Yes
Effects Yes
Headphone Output Yes
Direct Out Yes
MIDI Interface Yes
Integrated Expression Pedal Yes
Connections for Pedals or Switches Yes
Aux-Input No
Integrated Tuner Yes
USB-Port Yes
Drum-Computer No
Incl. Tuner 1
Expression Pedal 1
Line Out 1
PSU included 1
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The ultimate setup for guitarists

Line 6 presents the Helix LT: A complete digital system tailored to guitarists' needs and offering the sound quality and performance of the renowned Helix models at a more affordable price point. The hardware simulates core elements such as amplifiers, miked cabinets, and pre and post-effects of all kinds, all of which can be easily configured and stored. Additionally, real pedals can be integrated into the system via two send/return loops. With its powerful signal processors, the Helix LT allows users to work with up to four signal chains, generating complex sounds that are accessible via analogue and digital means as well as via USB. Finally, the Helix LT features an intuitive user interface with a large 6.2" colour display and colour-coded footswitches for easy operation and programming.

Display of the Line6 Helix LT Guitar Processor

A sonic command centre

The Line 6 Helix LT offers first-class simulations of 62 amp channels, 37 speaker cabinets, 16 microphones, and more than a hundred effect types. Thanks to the powerful signal processors, it is possible to create four separate signal chains and store everything in one place, so musicians can eliminate the need for those bulky (to say nothing of expensive) rigs of times past. The Helix LT's authentic-sounding tone is achieved using sophisticated component modelling, and third-party impulse responses for the cabinet simulations can also be loaded. The large colour display and touch-sensitive footswitches make operation straightforward, while free control software can also be used for configuration, if required.

Footswitch of the Line6 Helix LT Guitar Processor

From Pop to Rock, guitar or bass

Both live musicians and studio recording projects will benefit from the versatility of the Helix LT. With its extensive range of amplifier simulations and effects, this device is ideal for multiple musical genres, from Top 40 covers to Djent Metal, and it is also suitable for bass guitarists. An added bonus is that the available range of amp simulations and effects is constantly growing and becoming more varied thanks to regular software updates from Line 6.

Line6 logo on the Helix LT Guitar Processor

About Line 6

The American manufacturer Line 6, which has been an affiliate of the Yamaha group since 2014, is one of the pioneers in the field of digital amplifiers for guitarists. The company was founded in 1996 and, that same year, presented the world’s first digital modelling amplifier: The AxSys 212. The breakthrough came in 1998 with Line 6's POD, which made sound modelling available in home studios for the first time. Since 2015, the Helix series has provided even more refined simulations. The Variax technology has additionally allowed the Californian firm to model electric guitars sounds with ever more flexibility. Besides effects pedals, Line 6 also offers software and recording technology, and is active in the field of digital wireless systems for sound transmission and small PA systems.

A workhorse on its own or in a team

The Line6 Helix LT serves as a versatile solution for guitarists, offering the ability to replace the entire amplifier chain despite its compact size. When recording, players are ready to go anywhere, anytime. On stage, its sturdy build and extensive sound range will also be invaluable, resolving consistency issues that are typically associated with miking real amplifiers. At the same time, the Helix LT is an ideal teammate for existing amplifiers thanks to its impressive capabilities as an effects processor and cabinet simulator. And finally, with two programmable effect loops and MIDI controllability, the pedal will cut a fine figure as a control centre for external hardware.

Back panel with connections of the Line6 Helix LT Guitar Processor

In the spotlight: Component modelling

In component modelling, a real circuit is measured one component at a time and digitally emulated with precisely the same characteristics. This allows an exact analysis of the installed components' individual properties, actuation, and characteristic curves to be made, which results in an overall sound that is closely based on a specific original instead of on a generic circuit diagram, and its responsiveness and playing dynamics are also astonishingly authentic.

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236 Reviews

If you can dream, the Helix can probably do it.
Alex Ivan 09.09.2021
I've had this unit for about three years now.
It sounds amazing through headphones/speakers. I haven't used it with a tube amp, so I can't give my opinion on that.
I used it mainly for experimentation and figuring out what kind of effects I would actually use and for playing around with tones, and it's very useful for that.

Nothing I've tried comes close to it in terms of usability. Don't get me wrong, you still have so many options that you might end up having a hard time knowing which to choose, but the user interface is second to none. That was the main attraction for me, no need to dive into a million menus: just choose an effect/amp, tweak it with the encoders and that's it.

Quality wise, I have only one complaint: the expression pedal gave out rather quickly on my unit. I didn't break, but it just stopped registering movement(maybe the optical sensor got covered with too much dust).

However, Line6 replaced the unit on the spot when I told them about the issue, so kudos to them. Best customer service ever. I think they issued a lifetime warranty for Helix LT expression pedals.

HXEdit, the editing software works great and is really useful if you keep your unit on the floor.

The looper could use some extra time on the loops, but it's serviceable.

All in all, I don't think you can beat it. It has more effects and amps than one person can realistically use, but that means that everyone can find anything that they need inside. It's very intuitive and doesn't get in the way of playing as much as other menu heavy units. Snapshots and presets give you a ton of flexibility. If you do need to tweak things, it's the best user interface I've ever seen on a processor.

The price is amazing for what you get(trust me, I'm looking at building an analog pedalboard with the features that I used on the Helix and the bill is stacking up quickly). The HX Stomp does almost everything that the LT does, but I have a feeling you lose some of the ease of use and a significant part of the processing power with that product.

Oh, and for a home guitarist, an aux input is invaluable. It doesn't have one, but you can use a split stereo cable and the effects returns(there are two of them), if you aren't using the for external pedals.


Pretty much what I expected
FiveOneFour 16.10.2021
A straight forward device.

The main reasons I decided to get the Helix LT;
- The user interface is very easy to understand and use
- Lots of support and user patches available on line
- Ridiculous amount of effects at one time

The only downside for me was surprisingly enough (and I still don’t know why), I received the unit from Thomann with firmware version 2.30.0 which from what I’ve read was released in 2017.

So one of the first things I had to do was update the Helix firmware to 3.11.0 because many of the effects listed in the manual were not present in my Helix.

The firmware update was interesting to say the least since. Apparently going from 2.30.0 to 3.11.0 is a little problematic and requires a reboot halfway through the process.

After this reboot I had this message on the Helix LT "Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!". Luckily like I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of support for this online and after searching for answers, everything was working normally at version 3.11.0.


The BEST for the gigging musician!
VladimirG 28.08.2020
I am a gigging musician and I play weddings, city festivals and the occasional acoustic gig.
I use the Helix LT straight to the mixing board and out to Front of House.

many different sounds/amps/effects to choose from
Once you find your sound, its consistent every gig
Snapshots are a life saver
Dynamics are great
processor Interface is very intuitive (can also hook up to PC to make it even easier)

My Helix LT was part of a manufacturing series that had a faulty foot pedal. I had to contact Line6, and then Thomann for instructions on repair protocol.
HOWEVER, the service was super great. E-mail replies were speedy and Line6 threw in a little extra something for me for the inconvenience.

This processor is worth every penny/cent/whatever. I'd recommend it especially for gigging musicians who need a wide array of sounds at a push of a button.


Sounds great, extremely versatile and great sounds
Hillman 14.01.2019
I bought the LT because the full model was a bit too expensive. Having used the LT for a couple of months now I have no regrets. This unit can do everything I need and a (whole) lot more.

Sounds are just great. There's loads of youtube demo's on this, so I'll just leave it to this. Anyhow, describing sound with words is not so easy :-)

The IR loading possibility is nice, but the tones you can get out of the standard unit are so tweakable that I don't think I'll ever need the option.

Where the unit really shines is the patch creation. For simple stuff you have a great guitar tone in just a few minutes. Based on the type of guitar you may need to change the amp settings but the out-of-the-box settings are very usable. Then add pedals/effect where-ever you like them and tweak the sound to your liking. Snapshot functionality is a great option and I use it a lot for playing songs with my band. I use the upper 4 switches for patches and the lower four for snapshots. Works fantastic.

If you want more complex configurations no problem. Parallel routings, multiple cabs, different sound for line and xlr or even the fx out. All is possible with the simple and intuitive interface.

Overall a great unit. I bought it together with the Thomas flight-case. A bit more expensive but as I use the unit in bars where the floors may not be as clean as at home this was a good investment.

Overall, worth the money and if you don't need all the extra inputs and outputs as in the full model this unit can do everything you want. Scribble strips ??? Nice indeed, but I don't miss them and the LT has a wonderful (maybe even better) system for that.

Thanks Line6 for a great product. Next time maybe add the MP3 input again (sounds stupid, but I liked that in the HD550X) and some bluetooth for wireless editing.


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