Palmer MI Pedalbay 60


Universal Effects Pedalboard

  • Material: aluminium
  • For up to 12 effects units
  • Height adjustable (+/- 15 mm)
  • Adjustable cross bars (+/- 100 mm)
  • A space-saving power supply bracket is on the underside
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 605 x 70-85 x 305 mm
  • Weight approx.: 3.2 kg
  • Incl. padded softcase with accessory compartment, 3m hook and loop fastener tape, 2x elastic bands for installing the power supply
available since December 2013
Item number 329393
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Number Of Effects 10
Incl. power supply No
Effect Send/Return No
Incl. Gigbag Yes
Incl. Case No
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Great Pedalboard
Herms 23.05.2020
I needed something a little bigger than my then current pedal board, a PT Metro 24. As a long time PT user I know their board sizes and they didn't do the size I wanted. After coming across this Palmer board I did some research and decided to take a chance on it. I'm very glad I did. It's the perfect size & it's very light. The adjustable rear legs are great too. The soft case seems well made, time will tell if it's sturdy enough.
There are only two things I don't like about it. First, the power supply brackets underneath - the elastic supplied didn't hold my CS-6 very firmly, and the brackets got in the way of the power cables. I removed the brackets and screwed my CS-6 in through its mounting holes . Secondly, the edging strip - this is attached to both sides of the board and it is slightly higher than the velcro that is next to it. If you use velcro on your pedals, you won't be able to overlap these brackets so your useable board width will be 40mm less than the 600mm stated. If you use pedal board tape on your pedals instead of velcro, it's thick enough that you can overlap these brackets and use the full width of the board, depending on the width of your pedals of course. These two things are minor issues, I'd still buy another Palmer tomorrow if I needed another board.
The adjustable middle bars are a nice touch, I moved one to get exactly the spacing I needed.
Price wise, this is very cheap compared to the other big name brands.
I'm really happy with this board.


Good for the price
Fotis Romi 21.11.2017
This is the first board I have bought so I am a total novice at this.

So whats the difference between this and a pedaltrain? I asked myself before buying, I wasn't sure so I gambled. I am not dissapointed at all, the solid construction and adjustability if this board is fantastic. The bars can be adjusted 10 cm each giving you a chance to mount the awkward pedals, the angle can be adjusted with the 2 props at the back that also have self leveling feet. Also there is no drilling required like with a pedaltrain.

The velcro strips supplied are strong and plentiful, but be aware that you will have to take the rubber bases off some of your pedals and also any little feet that they might have. Otherwise the velcro will come off them easily.

The bag that it comes in is absolutely great! Rugged materials and good details such as padlock loops on the zips and a velcro handle to hold the 2 carrying handles together. The clips on the shoulder strap could probably suspend a baby elephant they are that rugged.

Would be a 4.5 rating because of the following niggles:

1) The bar adjusting screws might have been put in by the worlds strongest robot and I very nearly broke a finger getting them to move.
2) The power supply holding straps are pretty inadequate and do not allow for smaller sized power supplies, so you have to get inventive or mount it on top of the board as I did.

...also buy a few cable ties as they will neaten things up. Also get the flat ended patch cables to avoid frustration!


BillieJean 29.04.2018
This is a very high quality pedal board specially for the money , I am using Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS12 which fits perfectly but i added a couple of pedal board tapes underneath it to lift it up a bit because the output terminals were hidden behind the chassis of the pedal board itself but after it was lifted it fits well and the pedal board stands with a proper ground clearance , and on-board I have 11 pedals , 5 of them are strymon flint size like pedals and the rest are boss like size pedals which is more than enough for most people.


Good, value for money pedalboard.
Anonymous 16.02.2016
Ordered one of these as I needed a little more space than my previous board had. Thereore I'm inclined to directly compare the two manufacturers. My previous board is from the company that originally made this style of board and charge a little more for the product - if you're looking at buying a Palmer you've probably done plenty of these comparisons already.
One of the biggest differences between the two is that the Palmer has an edging strip on either side of the board. This caused a bit of trouble for me when rigging the board up. Due to the edging strip (which the "other" board doesn't have) I had a little less room than I'd estimated. I've just about managed to fit everything in - a Dunlop Cantrell Wah, Puretone buffer, TC Polytune mini, MXR Phase 90, Xotic Ep Booster, Boss FS-7, Line 6 M5 + expression pedal and a TC Alter Ego x4. At the moment the TCx4 isn't quite secure as one side is sitting over one of the edging strips I'll need to look into this before doing some serious gigging with the board.
On the positive side, having the adjustable rails means I've been able to set it up very neat and any patch and power cables are secured out of harm's way. I couldn't get the power supply fixings (elastic straps) to work for me so I've gone back to using cable ties to secure my Hotstone Deluxe underneath the board. Also, the softcase isn't quite as nice as the "other" manufacturers. It's well padded but the quality of the fabric isn't as robust and the same goes for the handles and strap. Time will tell how this will stand up to gigging. I'm quite careful with my gear so it should be okay.
Overall, I've got a neat looking board on which I can comfortably access all my pedals and it's worked out at a little more than half the price I was planning to spend on the "other" manufacturers model. A good alternative if you're looking to save some cash to spend on more pedals!