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Daddario Varigrip


Finger Trainer

  • Designed to train and expand the strength and stamina of the individual fingers and the entire hand
  • The Varigrips ergonomic design and variable tension provides customised conditioning for individual fingers, the entire hand, wrist, and forearm.
  • Resistance is continuously adjustable on a knurled nut for each individual finger
  • Training level individually selectable
  • Combines three Gripmaster into a universal training device
  • Can also be used as a trainer for the fingertips when the rubberised handle is removed, and the device is rotated by 180 degrees
  • The reversible moulded grip uncovers simulated strings to help develop and maintain finger callus when you are away from your instrument.
  • Individually adjustable resistance for each finger by a knurled nut
Available since February 2009
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502 Reviews

Good hand excerciser - but longevity questionable
Anonymous 17.02.2016
The Varigrip is a rather good quality hand exerciser which works very well, the packaging comes with instructions on different ways to be used making it a very versatile way to strengthen different muscles in your hands and produce endurance. On the negative side though, the actual quality of the device is worrying. Though the device is well constructed being quite firm with no rough edges. When pushing down the springs, doing so accidentally at an angle doesn't push them down properly and it looks like they are being pushed out of their proper place. Also I have only owned the product for 2 weeks and the 'd'Addario' text on the side of the product has nearly already been rubbed off. If you scratch it on purpose, I can see it won't take long until you rub the whole text off.

Overall the product works and does so very well, but I do worry and question how long will this product last before it doesn't function properly


Great little tool to train your fingers.
Jack Winchester 16.03.2018
I bought this to help me develop finger strenght for guitar playing. I was a bit skeptical, but I have to say I am pleased with the results I've seen so far.

I like the adjustable tension and how comfortable the Varigrip feels. It's very easy and intuitive to use. The pads are soft and the thumb support is quite good - the device has a little dent underneath to that end. The durability of the srings seems fantastic too.

However, the plastic material seem a bit frail. I haven't damaged it yet or had any problems with it whatsoever, but I feel it rattle a little bit when I'm practicing hard. Hopefully it's strong enough to hold.

I'd recommend this product to anyone trying to develop finger strength and independence for musical purposes. It gets a positive review from me.

PS: I also have to praise Thomman for its hasty delivery of products. Excellent service overall. = )


Good gadget to level up guitar skills
Mehto 14.05.2020
Compact little training device that does what is supposed to. Sturdy built so if you don't go and loose it I see no reason why this thing wouldn't last for years.

Many handy little features that shows the designers really thought this through. Every keypress is easily adjustable so that you can train all the fingers from the strong index to that pesky little pinkie accordingly. There's even a little "fret board" hidden behind the gray handle that mimics the strings so that one could train finger tips pressing hard on that. To be honest I didn't even know it was there before purchasing. Don't know if it has any use for me, but I think it shows that whoever designed this really put some thought on doing so.

I have the Varigrip in use daily when I'm working and someday when this coronavirus thingy is all behind us and I'm to continue my daily commutes I definitely have this thing with me there.


Fingers already stronger after a few days
Zanbaka 25.01.2021
Got the varigrip a few weeks ago, and after some days my fingers already felt stronger. It's also a nice warm up before playing an instrument (I play piano/violin), as the keys and strings feel lighter afterwards.

Overall the product is really good, but the only thing that sucks is that even though you can adjust the weight for each finger, it already starts to feel a bit light even on the heaviest setting. Then again, for the pinky it is quite heavy even when not maxed out. But still it would have been nice if there was a option to put it even heavier, especially for index and middle fingers.


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