Rode Rodecaster Pro

Including iZotope RX 10 Elements

Including iZotope RX 10 Elements

When you buy this product during the period from 17.11.2023 through 31.01.2024 you will receive iZotope RX 10 Elements with a value of 99,00 EUR for free on top. After the shipping of your order you will receive the licence key as well as the download-link automatically send to you by e-mail.

Podcast Production Studio

  • Specially developed for podcasts
  • 4 XLR microphone inputs with 48 V phantom power
  • 8 Programmable sound pads for jingles and FX
  • Instant mix minus for phone or app calls
  • 3.5 mm TRRS cable, USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • High-resolution touch screen
  • 4 Headphone outputs and stereo speaker output
  • Record directly to microSD card or via USB to the computer
  • Automatic level adjustment and one-touch recording
  • Directly record effects, music, jingles etc. from one of the audio inputs to the 8 pads or assign with the software included via drag & drop
  • Effects: APHEX Big Bottom and Aural Exciter, Compressor, Gate, High-pass Filter, De-esser, Ducking
  • Intuitive presets for microphone types and different types of voice
  • Dimensions: 350 x 275 x 82 mm
  • Weight: 1.98 kg
  • Suitable cases: Art.489625, Art.504659, Art.505132 and Art.505130 (all not included in delivery)
  • Suitable soft case: Art.508181 (not included in delivery)
  • Suitable case: Art.498211 (not included in delivery)
Available since December 2018
Item number 453432
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Recording / Playback Channels 12x2
Number of Mic Inputs 4
Number of Line Inputs 2
Instrument Inputs 0
Number of Line Outs 2
Headphone Outs 4
Phantom power Yes
Number of S/PDIF Connectors 0
Number of ADAT Connectors 0
Numer of AES/EBU Connectors 0
Number of MADI Connectors 0
Ethernet 0
Other Connectors No
MIDI interface No
Word Clock No
Max. sample rate (kHz) 48 kHz
Max. resolution in bit 24 bit
USB Bus-Powered No
Incl. power supply Yes
USB Version 2.0
Width in mm 350 mm
Depth in mm 275 mm
Height in mm 82 mm
Connection Format USB port Type C
Number Of Tracks 8
Simultaneous Recording: Amount Of Tracks 2
Effects 1
Storage Medium Micro SD Card
XLR Connectors 4
Jack Connectors 1
MIDI Interface None
USB connection 1
Digital Connections USB
Miscellaneous Connectors None
Headphone connection 1
Options Bluetooth
Included in delivery Power Supply
Zero latency monitoring 1
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Plug in the mic and go

The Rodecaster Pro is Rode’s all-in-one solution entirely dedicated to podcasts. This aptly-named Production Studio can simultaneously record up to four microphone signals while storing the sound files either on an SD card or directly on a computer. The Rodecaster features format-specific functions such as an extra channel designed for mobile phones (which can be used to both manage calls and play back music), eight pads which can trigger sound effects and samples, and four headphone outputs whose volume can be individually adjusted. So, just plug in your mic and you’re ready to go.

Display on the Rode Rodecaster Pro Podcast Production Studio

Convincing broadcast sound

Under its bonnet, the Rodecaster Pro is equipped with four high-quality microphone preamps, as you would expect from Rode. Each channel individually supplies phantom power and is equipped with a number of useful processing options. These include a compressor, a de-esser, a noise gate, and a ducking function, all of which ensure that the input signal remains under control in every situation. Moreover, the integrated APHEX effects provide that unmistakeable radio sound. The Rodecaster can be connected to a mobile phone, thus allowing telephone interviews to be conducted. The latter can be connected using a TRRS cable or via Bluetooth, another useful feature. Both of these inputs can be controlled by separate faders on the Rodecaster’s control interface.

Closeup of the faders on the Rode Rodecaster Pro Podcast Production Studio

A genuine total package

The target group at which the Rodecaster is aimed is clear: This complete solution is perfectly tailored to podcasters. The Rodecaster is a real bargain, especially if you need to record more than one person at a time. What is more, the on-board mix minus, ducking, and auto monitor mute features are generally found only on much more expensive professional radio consoles. The Rodecaster is thus well suited to the production of radio reports and interviews. The eight sound pads, which can trigger pre-assigned jingles and sound bites, neatly round off the package. The Rodecaster is operated via a modern high-resolution touch display, making its workflow very intuitive.

Closeup of the Rode Rodecaster Pro Podcast Production Studio with Rode logo

About Rode

Founded in Sydney, Australia in 1990, Rode is a specialist in high-quality studio microphones. With its very first in-house, completely Australian-built model, the NT2 large-diaphragm microphone, the company created a classic which is still produced in its current and enhanced version, the NT2-A. An extensive range of studio and live microphones has also been added, regularly updated, and expanded over the years. These new additions include a variety of professional microphones which are designed for video and mobile applications and can be connected directly to SLR cameras or smartphones.

Everything you need, right out of the box

The Rodecaster packs a punch: Four channels with high-quality preamps and comprehensive sound-processing options, four headphone outputs, recording and interfacing functions, a sample player, a telephone switching function and, last but not least, ducking, mix minus, and other specific broadcasting tools – all are included in this compact and robust unit. If you want to interview and record four people at the same time, a more cost-effective solution seems hard to imagine. The Rodecaster delivers the high standard of manufacturing quality with which Rode has long been synonymous, and it will also eliminate hours of editing and post-production processing thanks to the wealth of dedicated tools available straight out of the box. And the Rodecaster’s ease of use and intuitive operation mean that even beginners can quickly get the hang of it, which makes it a true pioneer in its field.

Connections on the Rode Rodecaster Pro Podcast Production Studio

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125 Reviews

The best piece of audio equipment i've every invested in.
nerodragon 13.02.2021
Ok lets discuss how amazing this piece of audio equipment is considering i've come in at this time to buy something that way essentially released over 2yrs ago. With very useful updates along that period of time has made it an absolute pleasure to use. If you got £500 for an audio output or general all-round equipment then this will not do you wrong. It has a plethora of settings & the sound pads are fun to use plus are customisable to whatever audio you associate with a pad. So since i work in Radio, i can customise the pads for idents rather than using up a cart in Virtual DJ so it gives me more room to work with music to plan ahead in a show.

If you're in Radio like i am & running an online Radio station but if you're in small scale FM Radio station, then this still applies as well - you will not regret it and your presenters will love you because of how easy it is to use. I cannot stress that enough. Rode have done a fantastic job & i cannot wait for more useful updates that will unlock more potential out of the Rodecaster Pro.

If i was to give a Con for this then i'd be struggling to even name one. My personal & first-time experience with something like this has made me wonder why i didn't buy it sooner instead of buying a Behringer Mixer over a year ago which is now sitting around waiting to be sold off!

Rode won't release another one of these Rodecasters anytime soon within the next year or whatever, so i highly recommend you get this now, especially with it being at Firmware 2.1 that has added more useful & granular control on what sort of output you want for every individual channel or the whole output of it.


Useful device that generally is pretty good... 17.01.2022
I bought this for streaming on YT and as a newcomer to that aspect initially the device seemed not to offer much other than what is basically a simple mixer.

But of course that's far from the truth. Once you get a bit more familiar with it, the advantages of those jingle buttons whether you use the preloaded stuff or create your own adds an air of professionalism to the show... and the hooking up of a cell phone for incoming calls is really cool.

I also bought a Rode microphone but was a little disappointed with the volume levels - even though the Podcaster is a Rode product too... and a bit noisy to get decent output. Ultimately to fix that I bought one of those Clark-Technic mic boosters to fix the levels of that - and frankly it was surprising that I had to do that... especially as both devices were seemingly designed to work with each other - bear that in mind.

I like to see the software upgrades from time to time and that's useful as they often add extra features... and I also liked the MicroSD card recording too for over dubbing if necessary in production later.

If you consider the Podcaster overall and its features against any competition then this unit wins for most of the comparable other devices out there... so I went with the leader in this price range... the Podcaster.



Excellent build quality with premium feel, but has major workflow flaws
TerryTTibbs 23.01.2022
Good build quality. Premium feel and looks.
Limited input and outputs frustrate your workflow.
The pres arn't done have enough clean gain and if they had combi XLR/Line in for a decent pre amp would be much better and more flexible. Monitor outs are very noisy.
Micro SD a pain, should be usb or SD.
No talkback feature and screen is placed to high so you always have to look over the top of the console.
Rode firmware updates are good.


Good all in one solution
walt0 20.08.2021
This is a good all in one solution for podcasting or live streaming.

It's very easy to set up and get going.

Positives (for me):
- good mixer
- feels well made
- simple to use
- Rode keep adding features!

Negatives (for me):
- the effects (compressor, noise gate, etc) added a lot of noise
- the headphone output wasn't very good

My use case was connecting an SM7B which is hard to drive, sound was clear without the effects, but once I turned them on there was a lot of aliasing.

I tried it with IEMs (Grado GR10e) and there was way too much noise. I switched to my Beyerdynamic DT 1990s and it felt like there wasn't enough power to drive them properly.

I don't think this would be a huge issue just for podcasting and streaming through unless you are focussed on music (which I am)


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