Roland SP-404MKII


Mobile Sampler

  • OLED display for waveforms and simplified menu navigation
  • Powered by battery (6 x AA), by mains adapter or by USB-C
  • 17 Velocity-sensitive RGB pads
  • 32-Voice polyphonic
  • A 160 samples per project (16 pads x 10 banks) and memory available for 16 projects
  • 16 bit / 48 kHz - Supports WAV, AIFF and MP3 import
  • 16 GB Internal memory
  • 3 Knobs for real-time control
  • 37 Effects: Vinyl simulator, DJFX looper, lo-fi, cassette simulator, vocoder, auto pitch, amp simulator, reverb, delay and more
  • Pattern sequencer with real-time loop recording and memory for up to 2560 patterns
  • SD card slot - SDHC compatible
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 177 x 276 x 70 mm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Incl. a Quick Start Guide and an external power supply (PSD-230)


  • Stereo line output: 2 x 6.3 mm jack
  • Stereo headphone output: 6.3 mm and 3.5mm jack
  • Stereo line input: 6.3 mm jack
  • Microphone/guitar input: 6.3 mm jack
  • MIDI In/Out: 2 x 3.5mm jack
  • USB-C port for USB audio and MIDI
available since November 2021
Item number 529393
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Polyphony 32
Internal Storage Yes
Storage Medium SD Card
File Format AIFF, WAV
Time Stretching Yes
Effects Yes
USB-port Yes
Analogue Inputs 3
Analogue Outputs 2
Digital Outputs No
Display Yes
Sequencer Yes
Design Desktop
Control USB, MIDI, Pads
Optional Expansions -
Special Features Pattern Sequencer
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SP404 MK2
Rob23 08.03.2022
This is a very capable machine, and it seems that Roland will continue updating firmware to make better and better.
This is my first hardware sampler and it is so much fun!
I'm still learning this beast but I can definatly recommend it for a range of uses. I sounds great with my bass plugged in for make like riffs and bass lines to work into a mix. it is also an excellent vocal processor, so can add effects to live voals in real time. I does seem a shame that I can't plug my bass and mic in at the same time but not really a deal breaker.
It comes into its own with chopping up altering and layering samples, this is what it is mostly built for and it does this very well.
I like that I can power it thru USB C and also connect to computer to sample direct from that and swap out and arrange samples thru the free MK2 software. The chromatic mode is very useful and there is lots of little things that I wish were different, but it is exciting that the instrument will shift and change with communities wishes an Rolands updates. Also a big plus for me learning this machine is that there is a very active youtube community that are eager to share their learnings and tips and tricks. So all in all if you are looking for a portable tool for composing, finger drumming, sampling and chopping as someone new to the game I am very satified, but note I don't have much experience with other hardware samplers


SP404 on steroids
Da Geek 10.12.2021
Same form factor as the mighty sp404, it packs lot of features. 4 more pads, better pads, velocity sensitive pads, oled display, sample chopping, more FXs, 1/4 jacks for input and output. Good quality for the price.


been waiting forever roland !!!
abuse314 23.12.2021
my order came a month earlier than initially expected, well done thomann!
a worthy successor to the sp line. unlike the 404a, this seems like a well thought release and not a cash grab. its adding PITCH, envelope, an actually useful screen, new fx, quick chopping and others. the free updates gonna fix some minor workflow issues hopefully.
workflow seems a tad bit more tedious, being used to the 404og and its simplicity, as it was my only sampler for some years, but its a well worth trade for the features added and its still fun to use.
Sounds much cleaner and spacier/wider than the og. the fx are still in the same str8forward mindset, with more controls added, but also sounding different, which is good, 'coz i'm gonna keep my og which is the true classic, finding balance between speed-versatility-memory, quality- character.


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Disappointing upgrade for 500€
808Ba$$boy 24.02.2022
The 404 is a hype machine. Sadly, most buyers don’t know this and it does not live up to its hype still in 2022.

The SP404 was not originally made to be a Lofi/experimental machine. Thanks to Madlib, Dibia$e, Flylo and Jay Dilla this is another example of a Roland product gaining fame directly through it’s use in Hip Hop culture. It is reminiscent of a Tb 303 in operation and cult status. Extremely cumbersome, but if you spend enough time with it, you can get some funky and creative results.

Be warned, if you have never used the SP404 before, unless you are prepared to make that time investment, the machine is nothing more than a glorified sampler with one of the most backward sequencers I have ever used bar the TB303.

Die hard sp404 users will claim that you get other results and it is a “creative” machine that makes you think different. This is absolutely true because you are constantly challenged to workaround the problems the SP404 has. Most SP users don’t realise this can be an essential part of creativity and the results. TB303 again is a good example.

Build is good. Solid and sleek. Knobs are solid. Oled display is clear and crisp. Pads are Velocity sensitive and 16 pads instead of 12 (SP404SX)

Soundwise I have heard way better. I have used many samplers and test them in detail with my own custom samples. I know how the samples sound and what I will see in analysis. But what you hear is always different and subjective. Bad sample in, bad sample out. Good sample in ??? I was surprised by this but then again not really. There are other samplers such as the Electron Digitakt that have more definition and thump to samples, particularly drums.

Now you would think that Roland would have worked on the sequencer. No really, seems that they worked on everything BUT the sequencer. The new additions are shiny and necessary to bring the concept into 2022 but nevertheless the overall clunkiness is still there.

If you live for the Vinyl Sim effect, maybe consider using a VST plugin for less money. They are cheap and will serve you better. RC20 or Goodherz are good examples.

If you are looking for a Groovebox, something like the MPC One will serve you better and is more straightforward in operation and sound. Alternatives could also be iOS based for iPad or just decent software such as Reason,Logic, GarageBand or Live and a controller.

If you can close your eyes to the shortcomings, this feels like an update worth buying but I would argue it feels like equipment that should be priced at 250-350€ and not 500€.

If you live for Instagram and TikTok videos this is your machine. If you want to sidecar the SP404 with a more capable drum machine or sequencer, again please spend those hard earned bucks. If you want to get started in hardware, please look elsewhere and save you investment. Choose wisely. The secondhand SP404 sx and og market shows you the signs.

Once again, Roland is being Roland and only half realising that they could redefine music culture (small size mini replicas of classics anyone?!!) with something truly innovative. They were much closer this time, yet still so far away. They did more research this time but built on top instead of from the ground up. The result is a company jumping on a hype train with the help of internet celebrities to extort money from unsuspecting customers. Big GAS Moment. This is not a bitter rant but a sincere warning for new users. Please, please, please ignore the promo driven YouTube marketing of every influencer and their influencer buddy telling you how dope this machine (or any other machine) is. You don’t have to go all Gearspace but find a balance. All influencers are paid “handsomely“ (sic) to “explain” how cool something is. Sometimes they are right but rarely are they objective about it. Notice how the same suspects all release the product videos on the same day and even comment on each other’s video. However, when you find out about the private online forum where they all “hang” it all seems rather insincere.

Marketing and affiliate marketing has become very one sided with no one telling you how a product really is in comparison to similarly priced gear on the new and used market.

Now back to finishing all those unfinished projects 😅🤔🤓