Schlagwerk CP432 2inOne "Deluxe" Makassar



  • Playing surface: Macassar veneer
  • 2-in-1 technology with 84 spirals
  • Convincing, powerful bass
  • Extremely rich snare sound
  • Special body made of SPL (Sonic Projection Lignum)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 30 x 30 x 50 cm
  • Includes SP-20 Cajon Pad
  • Made in Germany
available since May 2007
Item number 115625
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Cajon-Art Cajon
Height in mm 500 mm
Body SPL
Impact surfaces material Makassar
No No
Variant group Schlagwerk 2inone "deluxe"
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Anonymous 31.03.2014
After I started a year ago with a good half- priced model to play Cajon, came lately thomann more and more the desire for something " other " on . The reason was the sound of the previous Cajon, with whom I was more and more dissatisfied. The bass was too "thin" and the overall sound to " tinny " . After two visits to a branch Thomann and copious tasting I decided thomann for the CP432 2inOne " deluxe" .

processing :
In a word : TOP . Everything is rounded and sanded clean. Gluing or screwing the front panel left a great impression .

After a long " testing " of different models of percussion and other manufacturers ( ua. Meinl , Sonor , ...) there were two models of percussion shortlisted : CP432 2inOne " deluxe" thomann and CP436 2inOne " dual" .
Initially, I tended due to the bulkier again bass to "Dual" . After I had but once again " sleep over it " one night I decided but for the "deluxe" Makassar , although the two playing surfaces were quite sexy in a Cajon. Ultimately, the sound was the " dual" but thomann for my taste a bit too " woody " . The "Deluxe" totally neutral for me. The bass is "pushing " with a lot of pressure . To address the snare effect a little pressure is needed for something acclimatization can this dose but good. The separation between the bass and snare is very good.

I think percussion has thomann deal to build a reputation with the best Cajon. The workmanship is top notch. The selection has something for every taste.
I for one am very happy with the 2inOne "Deluxe" and find that it is worth every penny.


John W 26.11.2017
Really great separation and a joy to play with :) Snares are easily removable for a more traditional sound, and aesthetically pleasing as well!

Was deciding between this model and the La Peru model, but decided that the added versatility in this box could not hurt! However, you have to fine-tune the screws on the front plate, if you want to coax a slightly easier tone out of the snares!

Great purchase and speedy delivery, would recommend to beginners/experts :) Can be used in many genres - Worship/rock/pop/jazz/blues :)


Drum kit replacement?
David215 01.07.2015
A fantastic emulation of a kick and snare is possible with this cajon...especially if you add the matching bass tube. I listened to all the sound samples available when choosing this cajon and the "snare" sound is one of the best. I now have added a kick pedal and use this primarily as the kick drum on a very compact drum kit together with a single snare and tom, hi-hat and two cymbals. Placed in the corner of a room the kick sound with the bass tube is enormous and very satisfying. I also really like the look of this cajon although beware the surfaces can scratch easily. A friend played it within the first week and left scratches in the top surface because he had keys in his pocket.


It's a nice built Cajon but it doesn't really sound good in context
Anonymous Percussionist 19.12.2022
I got this during the UK lockdown and I thought this instrument was going to sound great from the reviews, however, I just don't think this is a good-sounding Cajon.

The tonal quality on this Cajon just sounds too weak and doesn't really contribute a healthy sound to an ensemble. When there are moments when I need to play a touch louder the instrument just chokes up.

Cajons should be able to produce a clear bass and high tone, but in playing this Cajon the bass tone is mixed with the highs and the distinction isn't clear enough.

I honestly bought this as an upgrade to a Cajon that I got for free but my first Cajon proves to be a better instrument that simply produces better sounds on gigs and is a joy to play. I struggle to make this sound good even after re-tuning the screws and letting it settle. I took this instrument to my teacher who has better hands than me and he agreed that this wasn't a good purchase.

If I could go back in time I wouldn't buy this instrument personally.


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