Stairville AFH-600 DMX Hazer


This item runs exclusively on an operating voltage of 230 V and therefore requires a voltage transformer to run in your country of United States.

Haze Machine (Hazer)

  • Powerful haze machine with excellent features such as a quick heat-up time and continuous fog output
  • Suitable for medium-sized stages, clubs, discos etc.
  • The integrated DMX512 interface allows operation via any commercially available DMX control
  • By using the various Stairville fog fluids, production of almost any vapor density is possible

Technical specifications:

  • Heating element: Electronic evaporator with 600 W
  • Warm-up time approx. 2 min.
  • Tank capacity: 2.3 l
  • DMX-512 (1 channel)
  • DMX input and output: 3-Pin XLR
  • Power supply: AC 230V, 50 Hz
  • Max. power consumption: 600 W
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 450 x 290 x 265 mm
  • Weight: 5.5 kg

Note: This machine is intended for use with original Stairville fluids only

  • FAST-FOG: Article Nr 209054 (not included)
  • E-M fluid: Article Nr 121307 (not included)
  • E fluid: Article Nr 105454 (not included)
Available since September 2013
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An affordable hazer for small spaces

Thomann's in-house brand Stairville presents the AFH-600 DMX, a high-performance hazer that comes at an astonishingly budget-friendly price. It should not be assumed, however, that this is just another smoke machine. On the contrary, the AFH-600 DMX produces a virtually invisible haze, similar to the mist that occurs when a high level of humidity is present. The effect is thus unobtrusive until a spotlight shines through the haze, and then the entire beam of light becomes visible. The Stairville AFH-600 DMX's relatively large housing conceals a capacious fluid tank, which will handle several prolonged performances without needing a refill, and the hazer is ready to go in next to no time thanks to its relatively short heating phase. What is more, a range of fog fluids with different densities are available, allowing the Stairville AFH-600 DMX to be used for numerous applications.

Stairville AFH-600 DMX Hazer

Discreet haze for striking effects

Making the haze virtually invisible - as the Stairville AFH-600 DMX Hazer does - allows conventional lighting effects, moving beams, and prism effects to be used with maximum impact once the fluid has been diffused throughout the room. The 600W heating element requires just two minutes to reach operating temperature, and the AFH-600 DMX's overall power consumption is 1,290 watts. The hazer weighs 5.5kg and its sheet metal housing, which encapsulates the 2.3-litre fluid tank, measures 450x290x265mm. The device, which requires 20cm clearance at the sides and above, can be operated via a single DMX channel or via the control buttons and LED display on the rear panel, and it can also be integrated into a master-slave assembly.

Tank in the Stairville AFH-600 DMX Hazer

Perfect for small spaces

The Stairville AFH-600 DMX Hazer is primarily designed for use as part of a stationary setup and allows the user to significantly enhance the impact of all manner of lighting effects with a single device. Operators of small live music venues can thus give their existing lighting rig a valuable upgrade, fill the empty space on the stage, and turn coloured lighting effects three-dimensional with only minimal outlay, while club owners can use the hazer to illuminate the dancefloor with striking beams of light. In either application, the AFH-600 DMX will be inaudible against the background noise, and its impressive fluid tank volume means it will get through long evenings of use without problems. What is more, the selection of different fog fluids that can be used with this model - which provide everything from dense to transparent - mean that the AFH-600 DMX can provide the right effect to suit every mood.

Connections on the Stairville AFH-600 DMX Hazer

About Stairville

Since it was introduced in 1994, Thomann’s in-house brand Stairville has been a permanent fixture in the store’s product range. The brand primarily focuses on the field of stage lighting in general, and its products include spotlights, moving lights, and theatre lighting as well as smoke machines, electronic control systems, and every other accessory you can think of. Thomann constantly has around 1,600 Stairville products on offer, and the figures speak for themselves: Statistically, one in every fifteen Thomann customers owns at least one Stairville product. Incidentally, the name “Stairville” is also a catchy English translation of “Treppendorf”, the town that Thomann calls home.

See the light

All that a small club needs to do in order to effectively upgrade its in-house lighting rig is to mount a Stairville AFH-600 DMX Hazer on one of its side or backdrops and then connect it to the mains power supply and integrate it into the relevant DMX chain. Once the tank has been filled with one of the compatible fog fluids, the hazer is all ready to fill the room with odourless haze that will highlight whatever lighting effects are in use, so not only the floor and walls but also the light beams themselves will be strikingly visible. This helps to fill out the stage during live performances, and the mood can be altered using specific lighting effects - band members can be highlighted with razor-sharp outlines through the use of localised backlighting, for example.

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358 Reviews

Amazing for the price
Rhys M 12.06.2021
For £77, I wasn't expecting much. For example, low output and plastic construction. But that was completely the opposite of what I got. Instead, the output is enough to fill an 10 metre by 35 metre room in few minutes. Its rather quiet which is brilliant for when you're running it when the music/band isn't playing.

In combination with the E-HD fluid, its absolutely brilliant. And without a doubt I will be buying another one in the future.

For a metal construction hazer, high output, and for it to have DMX, and being £77, I cannot recommend this enough. There are few things I wished it had, which is a controllable fan, remote and flying bracket, but nether the less, its still brilliant.

I will note that, when running past 50%, the haze starts to come out really thick, which isn't bad, but if you're running it in the wings of a stage, you will see it, so I recommend either putting it high up, so the haze floats down, or put it far into the wing and maybe put a fan in front of it.

Overall, its a brilliant hazer for its price!
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Great Hazer
JackR 15.06.2015
Great Haze Machine for small/medium venues and stages.

Been really impressed with this hazer so far, it hasn't disappointed. This was to replace a broken hazer we had and its much better than our old one.

The haze is much nicer, this can also depend on the fluid you use!

I think it would be nice to have DMX control over the fan but thats not a big deal, the fan is quiet so you can happily leave this on throughout a show and not hear it.

It has a onboard display for the menu which is easy to understand, here you can set the DMX address and various other settings. You can also use this machine without DMX which is really handy. Warm up time is very quick!

The machine feels well built, I would just recommend giving it a clean after a month or so of use, as with any hazer the fan likes to take in dust.

One massive plus is it hasn't leaked! Most hazers we have had have always leaked, this one has not!

Another thing is like is that it doesn't seem to thirsty, the fluid seems to last a good while. Thomann have a range of fluids available for there haze machines and I strongly suggest doing your research before you purchase one as they have a good range that all do different things.

Also great price.
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Died after a few uses
Dj Daíthi 07.05.2017
Bought mine just over 12 months ago. I always found that the auto mode was useless. Either No haze or too much even though there is a 0 to 100 setting, it is not linear in any way. 0 is off, 1 was nearly full output.. Via DMX i learned to live with it, just switching the haze on when needed, but during a busy gig most times i'd forget about it and just leave it off as again, even with dmx control, setting it low produced too much haze and i've set a fire alarm or 2 off with it like that. so I just switched it on for a minute, then off. Not the best way to use one when you've other things to be doing.
It would also have been nice to have some control over the fan, as it is quite noisy in quiet environments.

Now this one is dead, I have to decide if I will buy another, or choose a different model altogether. Someone else said they have had 3-4 of them now and they all fail after a short amount of use, so i think it might be the latter option I go for.
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Pump failures
Deagol 16.03.2023
Bought this unit in August 2020 so this is a long term review.

This is the second Stairville hazer I've had, and 3rd fault.

First one (different model but Stairville) had a tank with a whole in it because a screw was too long and went through it at manufacturing. Thomann sent me a replacement tank but then not long after the pump that supplies the solution to the heater failed.
I then bought a AFH-600H and it has developed same issue, pump seal appears to have failed and it's not repairable from what I can see.

I think the fluid pumps are very poor quality items and are always going to fail, especially if the unit is used intermittently (i.e. stored for any amount of time without use).
I've cleaned it out and tried to service the pump but it seems the suction seal is worn.
It's a pity as the amount of haze was impressive for such a small unit but I cannot recommend due to this quality issue.
amount of haze