Stairville CLB2.4 Compact LED Par System


Compact LED PAR System

  • A total of 432 10 mm LEDs provide plenty of light output and many colours on the stage
  • Many control options make the CLB2.4 a lighting tool for everyone
  • Thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, the CLB2.4 can be used almost anywhere
  • Transport bag included
  • Suitable floor remote control: Article no. 279058 (not included)
  • Suitable infrared remote control: Article no. 354223 (not included)
  • Suitable tripod: Article no. 287838 (not included)

Technical Data:

  • Light source: 4 LED panels, each with 108x 10 mm LEDs and RGB colour mixing
  • Beam angle: 30°
  • Control: DMX 512 mode (2, 3, 4, 7, 8 or 14 channels), automatic mode with many preprogrammed running lights and effect programs, stand alone function with music mode, infrared and floor remote control (both not included!)
  • DMX input and output: Three-pin XLR
  • Power input and output: IEC devices
  • Power supply: AC 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Max. power consumption: Approximately 50 W
  • Stand adapter: 36 mm
  • 2x M8 threads on the top
  • Dimensions: approx. 110 x 25 x 23 cm
  • Weight: 5.6 kg
Available since January 2015
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Spotlight included Yes
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Case/Bag included Yes
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Showtime in a small package

The CLB2.4 Compact LED Par System from Thomann's in-house brand Stairville is a tried-and-tested, affordable all-in-one set for white and coloured lighting on small stage areas. This pre-assembled bar will definitely be on the winners' podium in a race to see which spotlights can be set up in the fastest time. The LED PARs, which are rounded and extremely shallow, radiate with a comparatively narrow beam angle, which is optimised for small locations. What is more, the bar also boasts two optionally available control methods. The two power outputs with IEC sockets, to which additional devices can be connected, are also very useful.

Colourful or white, static or moving

The Stairville CLB2.4 Compact LED Par System uses its four spotlights to illuminate small stages in all the colours that can be blended from red, green, and blue, in addition to white. A total of 432 10mm RGB LEDs provide 1,364 lux/2m with a power consumption of 50 watts. The beam angle is medium-sized at 30° and the bar measures 1,007 x 305 x 55mm. It is therefore long enough to completely illuminate small areas laterally from above using a single system. The numerous functions, such as static colour mixes, various chasers, sound control, and stroboscope are operated with the buttons and the display on the bar or via its DMX mode. A wired foot switch and an infrared remote control are also available as accessories.

For small venues

The Stairville CLB2.4 Compact LED Par System is an all-in-one set for solo artists on small stages. Comedians, musicians, and DJs on tour can safely transport their lights to the next gig using the included carrying case. The control options that are available via foot switch or remote control are especially convenient for those who want to manage their own lights directly from the stage. If café owners want to provide a small performance area for solo artists, they can operate two bars in master-slave mode. And those who have at least two channels free on the lighting desk in their party room can experiment with the set via DMX. In the most extensive (14-channel) mode, the colours of the four spots can be mixed separately. The strobe effect is set to all four of them simultaneously, but with variable speed.

About Stairville

Since it was introduced in 1994, Thomann’s in-house brand Stairville has been a permanent fixture in the store’s product range. The brand primarily focuses on the field of stage lighting in general, and its products include spotlights, moving lights, and theatre lighting as well as smoke machines, electronic control systems, and every other accessory you can think of. Thomann constantly has around 1,600 Stairville products on offer, and the figures speak for themselves: Statistically, one in every fifteen Thomann customers owns at least one Stairville product. Incidentally, the name “Stairville” is also a catchy English translation of “Treppendorf”, the town that Thomann calls home.

For those solo shows

If you are a solo artist who frequently makes small guest appearances, you will appreciate a simple and time-saving setup. The Stairville CLB2.4 Compact LED Par System can be quickly set up on a standard tripod at the venue. The outer spotlights are turned slightly inwards, tilted downwards, and fixed in place using the retaining screws. Thanks to their flat design, they can be angled particularly well. The two in the centre only need to be pointed slightly downwards. Before getting started, quickly connect the lights to the power supply and plug in the footswitch. At five metres, the latter's cable is long enough for discrete operation from the side of the stage. Here, the automatic programmes and sound control can be started and stopped. A blackout at the end of the show is also possible.

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366 Reviews

A fair deal
Oli G 01.09.2015
A performing group I represent required some stage lighting for the odd DIY gig to earn some extra cash on the side.

Originally, it was customary to lob the Stairville LED Par 56 trees in the boot of the car but this was a pain in the butt to be honest, their bulky, sharp-edged features meant they were tearing the lining in the roof of the car and took up too much space. So, a plan was formulated to replace them with the new 'compact' style LED cans that are now on the market.

Thomann is always my first choice seller to buy from of course. Best customer service, best prices, best... well everything. There's no faulting the company. Get your music friends on this website now if they haven't done already!

I was torn between buying these and the Stairville TRI LEDs also for sale but at a higher asking price. We were on a budget at the time and ultimately decided to take the plunged as on the face of it all these lights did exactly what we needed them for.

Very impressed on the whole. Lets get the obvious stuff out the way first - yes they're compact and easy to set up, that's why you're considering buying them, right? Also lightweight, fairly durable and easy to operate.

They are not quite as bright as standard LED par cans in my opinion and the spread angle is a little narrower too. I've not owned them for long so they've not had sufficient time to develop a fault yet. Thomann's customer service is great so I'm not worried about when that happens, however.

I like reading the reviews before I purchase things, so I hope I've said something useful that helps others out. To put it into perspective for those trying to work out how suitable these lights are for their needs, I purchased these for use in small clubs, pubs and back rooms and they do the job perfectly. I have also used them on a festival stage, about 10m wide, 5m deep but they weren't so good. So, do not buy these if you're planning on using them for anything other than 'little' gigs.

Rated as 5-star as they are excellent value. Would recommend to first-time buyers and the starting-out musician.

I'm hoping to buy the TRI LEDs real soon to compare and will review those too. Ciao!
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Excellent for small gigs.
Robert487 30.12.2019
No problems with this product at all,comes in nice protective case and very easy to set up.
Some simple built in presets to get some basic lighting effects so very uncomplicated.
If you're on a budget then this will do the job nicely.

Very good value for money!
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Very good affordable light
TioNio 14.11.2019
We are using this light as an acoustic trio. It's very simple and also included bag is very good quality. There's a good option if you buy another light that you can marge it so they both lights the same program.

cons: mic is to sensitive for automatic light, we are not playing too loud, but you can't put program on automatic because its too sensitive and its blinking too much

maybe more programs, there is only 2 programs with soft light

pros: light, not warm, good bag, simple, work, can marge with other lights
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perfect for small events
Eythors 07.06.2022
these lights were surprised me on how well they work i had a dj gig of 300 people and put the lights by the stage and they lit up the whole room. they come programed with a lot of options but you can easily connect them to a light mixer and work your magic. I highly recommend these lights
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