Startone SCL- 25 Bb- Clarinet


Bb Clarinet

  • Boehm fingering
  • 17 Keys
  • 6 Rings
  • Body made of ABS plastic
  • High-gloss silver-plated nickel silver mechanism
  • Includes mouthpiece with silver-plated metal ligature, swab, grease and case with backpack straps
  • Each instrument is checked in our master workshop for woodwind instruments and fine-tuned before sale
Available since February 2015
Item number 352961
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Keys 17
Number Of Rings 6
Number of Bulbs 2
Body Plastics, Synthetics
Colour of Wood Black
Bell (Material) ABS Plastic
Surface Of Mechanics Silver Plated
Eb Lever No
Incl. Mouthpiece Yes
Incl. Case / Gigbag Yes
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Available at short notice (usually 2-5 days)

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An affordable introduction to Böhm-style clarinets

A clarinet for beginners is considered to be particularly good if it offers a high level of sound dynamics and if it rests comfortably in the player's hands. The Startone SCL-25 fulfils these criteria and is currently one of the most affordable Bb-tuned Boehm (French fingering system) clarinets on the market. This clarinet makes a convincing case thanks to its balanced intonation in all registers as well as a very good response and a powerful sound. The body is made of ABS plastic, while the mechanism is made of high-gloss, silver-plated nickel silver. The scope of delivery includes a gig bag, a mouthpiece, two barrels, a pull-through cleaning cloth, and cork grease.

For your first notes on the clarinet

Thanks to its solid workmanship and stable intonation in all registers, the SCL-25 is very suitable as a beginner's instrument. A fact worthy of mention is that the notes in the low registers don't drop in intonation and respond superbly. The notes in the third octave also intonate well, so there is no need for an excessive change in playing action. The clarinet is equipped with 17 keys and six rings, with which all 12 notes can be played in the three registers without any problems. What is more, the clarinet is supplied with two different barrels: While you can effortlessly reach a pitch of 440 Hz with the longer one, a pitch of 444 Hz can easily be generated with the shorter one.

For a great start

A clarinet should be designed in a manner that enables well-intonated and dynamic playing in all registers. The intonation possibilities shouldn’t be too extensive, but they should not be too limited either. The SCL-25, which was designed for beginners and those coming to the clarinet from another instrument, fulfils all these criteria and is therefore suitable for a good start on the clarinet. What is more, the adjustable thumb rest ensures comfortable playing for every individual hand shape. The SCL-25 is a good choice for anyone who wants to take up or switch to the Bb clarinet thanks to its convincing price-performance ratio. This clarinet can also be used as an affordable backup instrument for other woodwind players.

About Startone

The Startone brand is exclusive to Thomann and was established in 2005 in order to offer high-quality, playable instruments for ambitious beginners even in the lowest price bracket. This resulted in a steadily growing range of wind instruments for beginners, which has since expanded to include keyboard and stringed instruments, accordions, and even drum sets. The product range combines proven quality with low prices – and Thomann naturally provides a full three-year warranty on all Startone instruments. The brand's mission is to always provide the motivated beginner with a reliable, good-quality first instrument at an unbeatable price.

From a beginner's model to an open-air instrument

Until fairly recently, it was still hard to find an entry-level Boehm clarinet, but those days are thankfully over, since Thomann has been offering a good solution with the SCL-25 since 2015. Thanks to their pleasant playing and sound features and their reasonable price, Startone clarinets have become more and more popular in recent years. With the SCL-25, you get a solid entry-level model that can be used in many musical fields. This clarinet is suitable for learning the instrument and can also serve as a second instrument during bad weather situations at open-air gigs.

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159 Reviews

An amazingly well-built and beautiful instrument that comes at a price unbeatable elsewhere
Anonymous 02.03.2017
Writing a proper review that will serve this product well and gives it the proper attention it deserves is simply impossible.

You might not be a fan of 'cheap' products and might consider them to be badly-built or offer a mediocre sound. But with this one you can never go wrong. For the price you pay, you will get a package of brilliance and beauty -- an instrument with a rich sound that will take you back to the brilliance of 50s' and 60s' vintage Jazz tunes.

First off, I bought this product because of my love for Jazz music and the sound of Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy. Unable to afford a saxophone and not much of a believer of Xaphoon, I decided to buy a clarinet. I chose the cheapest clarinet Thomann had on offer and came to this page. The sound samples on Thomann were promising and the least I could expect was that this product can definitely help me learn the clarinet if nothing else.

The product came in a minimally-designed black carton box showcasing the brand and model of the clarinet. After that you find your clarinet in a very sturdy and good-quality case. That was for me the first amazement because from the first moment I knew that my instrument is going to have a safe home and I can carry it around without worries. Furthermore, if the people at Startone care about producing such a sturdy and nice case for the instrument then they sure must have cared as much about the instrument itself. The case is simply amazing, with a handle to carry it around without worries and even a strap to carry it on your shoulder. But most important of all, Startone has designed a very strong damage-resistant case. For such a low price, this is unbelievable, the case itself is worth a lot. It is designed in such a way that makes you sure your clarinet will stay safe against shakes, damages, and heavy hits. Every piece of the clarinet stays in a fit compartment without any possibility to move around. The case is small and light-weight, and that is enough reason to be happy that you would be able to carry your clarinet with you anywhere you go in a safe package.

You will find two reeds of different sizes in the case and everything you need to maintain the clarinet properly. There is a handy white cloth that helps you clean your saliva/condensate off the clarinet after each use (the white cloth is properly designed that will enable you to run it all across the inner part of your clarinet to properly wash off everything inside) and there is also a nice red microfiber cloth to clean the silver parts if they tarnish after a while.

It is very easy to assemble the clarinet together, but you might want to watch a video online to learn how to properly do that in order not to damage any of the keys and have everything set-up in the right place, but as mentioned, that's an extremely easy job. Be sure to apply cork grease - which is found inside the package - on the wooden endings of each part; that will help you assemble the clarinet much easier the first time, and de-assemble without much effort. Once you have the clarinet assembled, you will be amazed how beautiful and luxurious it looks. It is impossible to believe that you have paid roughly 110 euros for this product. It is worth much more. Everything looks very well-built and then it comes the important part; the sound and playability.

For a beginner of course it was extremely hard at first for me to get a sound out of the clarinet, however after reading a few guidelines and watching a few videos I produced the first few notes.. And the result was mind-blowing. I could not believe what I was hearing. The sound samples on Thomann were really good, but you have to hear this instrument play in reality. I was looking for a vintage Jazzy sound similar to that of Mingus/Dolphy or even the sounds heard in Zorn records. And I am just speechless, this instrument is producing the sounds I really want. It's unbelievable. Once you hit the low-pitched notes (the lower B for example) you will have your mind-blown, the warmness of the tone, the delicacy of the sound, and the richness and loudness, it all makes you fall in love with this product from the very first moment. I was not able to put if after 3 hours of playing the very first day I received it and for a beginner it was not hurdle to practice on it properly

I am more than glad with this product, and I cannot find any defects in it. The sound fulfilled more than what I had initially expected. I will go on learning the clarinet on this product, but I am quite certain that I will never sell this product ever, because I love the sound and I have even used it in my recordings, and it sounds just as great when recorded. It is really a loud instrument and it offers you a beautiful warm sound.

After a few months, whether you play it regularly or hardly ever, and whether you keep it in the case or outside, you will realize that the silver parts have gone yellow (i.e. they have tarnished). Do not freak out, this is something very common with clarinets, and it happens even to the expensive ones. The solution is simple, pick up that red microfiber cloth that comes with your clarinet (found in the case) and easily and gently rub the yellow parts, after a while you will see that your clarinet has gone to its normal state and is shiny once again.

It is important to take care of this instrument. It will last longer and you will always get a good sound of it. Thus, I recommend you to clean it off after each use with that white cloth and clean off all your saliva build up, and every once in a while rub the silver parts with the red microfiber cloth and each time you want to assemble the instrument together, apply the cork grease, it will make the part fit together much easier without any effort. Take care of the instrument and clean it regularly and you will have it last for a very very long time. You will not be disappointed with your purchase.

I have not had the experience to play expensive clarinets, and I am a beginner, but at this very moment I see absolutely no need to buy an expensive clarinet, because this product is doing everything I wanted it to do for me.

Would I recommend this to product to my friends? Undoubtedly!

Would I buy it again? Absolutely. I love this instrument. I love the sound, I love the feel, and it is extremely loud. It comes in a nice sturdy case and it does what I exactly want it to do (i.e. produce a vintage rich warm Jazz sound) and I am regularly using it to on my records. Thumb up for Startone!


Great value for money
Michel B... 04.03.2022
I'd been playing the piano for a while and wanted to try something else. This entry-level clarinet is perfect for my needs.
It seems solidly built and comes complete with everything stated on the webpage plus two bonus reeds (strengths 2 and 1.5). I suggest you buy some additional reeds (while you benefit from the free shipping) and recommend the Vandoren Classic Blue series: they sound a lot better than the Startone ones.
All in all, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

Addition, after 4 weeks:
I'm still enormously satisfied with my clarinet and delighted I'm getting a decent tone out of it.
I'd like to add that I've just bought a thumb rest and a small batch of mouthpiece cushions, both of which increase the level of comfort. I strongly recommend these (I got the aS brand for both).


Very impressive!
casual musician 22.02.2021
I'm a music producer and I was looking for a clarinet I could toy around with and possibly use in very casual recordings.

Has everything I can imagine a beginner could want.
Really nice bag, comes complete with a swab, cork grease, two barrels, neck strap. Everything one could ask for.
The tone is quite nice with a good reed (I got Vandoren 56 2.5 reeds) so make sure to order reeds - the difference is absolutely day and night. The tone is nice and I can definitely imagine myself using it for simple indie album recordings.
The keys are solid and don't make noise - that was a huge surprise, considering the price.

The tone in the upper registers aren't bad but aren't exactly stellar either. I haven't been played the clarinet for a decade, so it could be my skills but the tones in the upper octave are slightly harsher than I'd expect.
The sponge pad for one of the keys was flimsy, although a drop of glue did the trick.

I would definitely recommend it for a beginner or for hobbyists (in this regard) like myself. Good tone, solid build, and an amazing price.


ClaraMoon 03.10.2022
Very good for beginners. Good sound and perfect price. Mechanism is pretty good. Case is like a backpack which is excellent for young students.