Studiologic SLP3-D


Triple Pedal

  • Allows 2 pedals to be used as buttons (left and middle pedal) and 1 pedal for continuous control (right pedal)
  • Connection via single cable with standard stereo jack plug
Available since April 2016
Item number 383436
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Polarity Switch No
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29 Reviews

In case anyone has this problem
AdrianÓMealláin 27.12.2020
I couldn’t get the three pedals to work, just the rightmost pedal, the damper. Ultimately, the problem was the stereo jack wasn’t fully inserted in the Pedal 4 socket on the SL73 keyboard. It took a good while to troubleshoot because inserting this cable has a different feeling from the mono jack on the SLP-100 pedal that came free with the keyboard. Troubleshooting this was useful because I learned that Logic Pro didn’t have instruments that could test the Soften and Sustenato pedals so I used Midi Monitor and the demo version of Pianoteq to see what MIDI control signals were coming from the keyboard, plus I was obliged to read the SLStudio manual carefully to discover about switching off other zones or at least setting all zones to the multipedal for pedal socket 4 when using the multi-pedal in one zone. So now I can use all 3 pedals of the SLP3-D multipedal as Una Corda, Sustenato and Sustain, with the free SLP-100 as a Harmonic pedal. Pity that doesn’t make me any better of a pianist. Love the keyboard and multi-pedal unit from Studio Logic.

Addendum: I wrote this MIDI plug-in script for Logic Pro to use with the Una Corda pedal:
Soft Pedal script for Logic Pro X to load into the MIDI Effect Slot in the Left inspector channel strip via Scripter
Author: Adrian Ó Mealláin
When the Una Corda (or Soft) pedal is depressed, this script lessens the volume of notes, shortens them and removes AfterTouch events.
To emulate the duller tonal quality with a real Una Corda pedal when the hammer hits felt not-so-often hit,
the note is shortened to make it stop more abruptly and seem to ring less.

var softPedal = false;    // Toggles true/false with the soft pedal switch
var cc = 67;   // pedals CC64 sustain, CC65 portamento, CC66 sostenuto, CC67 una corda or soft, CC68 legato, CC69 Hold 2 or harmonic
//create sliders to adjust the velocity (of loudness) and note-length Una Corda properties in the plug-in settings pop-up menu
var PluginParameters = [{name:'Fractional Velocity', type:'lin', minValue:0, maxValue:1, numberOfSteps:100, defaultValue:0.6},{name:'Length in millisecs', type:'lin', minValue:100, maxValue:1000, numberOfSteps:9, defaultValue:300}];
var noteVel;

function HandleMIDI(event)
if (event instanceof ControlChange && event.number == cc) {   
//toggle the Soft Pedal ON and OFF (i.e., TRUE or FALSE) when the pedal is pressed to send a Control Change 67 signal
softPedal = !softPedal;
noteVel = GetParameter('Fractional Velocity');

if (softPedal == true) { //the Una Corda pedal is pressed
//alter (i.e., soften) the velocity of the note by the franctional amount set in the slider
event.velocity *= noteVel;
if (event instanceof NoteOn) {
//shorten notes
var shorten = new NoteOff(event);
var noteLeng = GetParameter('Length in millisecs');
if (event instanceof PolyPressure && softPedal == true){
//don't respond to AfterTouch with the Soft Pedal on
else {


Piano Ray 23.01.2020
For me, this is a disappointment. I use this multipedal together with the Studiologic SL88 master keyboard. You would expect that it works together smoothly. NOT!
For stand alone pedals you can program the function of the pedal within the Studiologic SL 88. But when you connect this multipedal, you must set the pedal driver to SLP3-D and can do nothing anymore!!!! Functions of the pedals are fixed to Damper (CC64), Sostenuto (CC66) and Soft (CC67). You can not select other CC's and worse: you can not switch the SL88 programs with the pedals anymore. I checked this with the product manager of Studiologic if this is true, because I could not believe it, But, unfortunately, it is true :-(. In fact, this is a shortcoming of the SL88 and not of this multipedal, but because it is sold as an option for the SL88 I give a negative rating. And because of the fact that Studiologic does not describe this behaviour anywhere.

If you only need damper, sostenuto and soft function the pedal is perfect.

The pedal is sturdy and works good, Thomann delivery is perfect, but in the end, this pedal does nothing for me other than the damper function.


well worth it
rpkguy 07.12.2020
many single pedals cost nearly this amount. includes continuous signal on sustain as well as all three pedals controlled with one cable - check commpatibility with studiologic, others. clean, well built, solid, doesnt move around. really nice.


Highly Recommended
Rodders 18.01.2018
I bought this for the SL88 Grand. The pedals work as expected and being able to use three pedals on one cable makes things much cleaner. Not all piano VSTs have samples which can be used by all three of the pedals. However the damper and sostenuto pedals will be ok. For the una corda pedal check your VST sample library to see if una corda is available.

Item arrived in UK quickly from Thomann without problems. Would highly recommend the SLP3-D and the Thomann service. I also remember contacting Thomann before the purchase. They were very helpful, knew what they were talking about and responded quickly.