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the t.bone MS 180


Mounting Popkiller

  • With elastic arm
  • Arm length: 20 cm
  • Edge-Ring: Ø 15.5 cm
  • Nylon-Cover: Ø 14 cm
Component type Popkiller
available since January 2000
Item number 141195
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Amazing product
Soma328 28.03.2018
It`s really cheap and does what it`s for perfectly... It`s easy to mount on any mic stand. It helps in eliminating the harsh pushes of air which create a 'pop' sound in the audio recording, so you get a better, cleaner sounding audio without 'popping' B, P and T sounds. The filter`s is made out of a double layered nylon mesh which holds back the air. The flexible steel arm holds the filter perfectly in front of the microphone capsule. It`s necessary for small and large diaphragm condenser microphones, it`s not needed for dynamic mics. I have never used my microphone without it, because it even protects the capsule from the accidental water drops coming from my mouth. My opinion is that it makes the microphone setup look much more professional on live stream or in videos.
I don`t really like the elongated steel piece which connects the mounting knob to the end of the flexible arm, I think it`s a little bit goofy, but I can live with it, because of the low price.
I think that there`s no point in buying anything else because this is the cheapest pop filter on the site and it does it`s job perfectly.


Solid item for its price
Bobo K 15.07.2021
This is a good choice for your first pop filter. If you just want to get one to try how it feels or to get used to the feeling of having one in front of your face, you won't go wrong with it.

The fabric itself is quite thin, I'd advise being careful where you store the item. Thankfully, it's also a bit elastic, so it can take at least some pressure on it.

The screw holds the entire thing well, I haven't had problems with it falling or sliding of round mic stands.

The gooseneck is not super nimble, hence the 4 stars. Don't expect any acrobatics from it. It can definitely hold the filter for long periods of time but if you've got to twist it into peculiar positions, it will start to unwind on its own.

- cheap, handy, does what it's supposed to do;
- a good first pop-filter if you've never used one before;

- potentially, there's a high risk of ripping the fabric;
- the gooseneck is sometimes acting against your will.

Overall, I can recommend it.


Recommend for any authenticate studio only.
puasakamis 01.08.2021
I am bought this t.bone ms180 mounting popkiller as a bundle for the Behringer B-1 Large-diaphragm condenser microphone with which I order from Thomann.

Very well build with fine material and very usefull for eliminate the pop in your recoding for the pro, but for the cons this mounting a little bit heavy and hard to install it to my microphone stand or arms.

After all it's not okay for my basic home studio but I am very appreciate it, and also recommend this t.bone mounting popkiller for any authenticate studio only.


It dose it's job
Fahd 02.10.2021
I have been using this for almost 2 years now and it going well. Have no problems with the functioning but I would like to say the parking can be a bit better. It's fragile, so one has to be very careful on how to store it properly without getting it all dusty.


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