Thomann 111BR 3/4 Double Bass


Double Bass

  • Size: 3 / 4
  • Top, back and sides made of laminated basswood
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Ebony
  • Height adjustable endpin
  • Weight: approx. 10 kg
  • Colour: Dark brown
  • Includes gig bag, composite bow with German frog and rosin
  • Made ready to play in Germany in the Thomann specialist string workshop
  • Individual adjustment of the strings for jazz, classical, rockabilly etc. included

Dear customer,

All acoustic double basses are adjusted and set up individually in our workshop for the desired playing situation/style (jazz, classical, rockabilly, ...). For online orders, please use the "Comment" text field to specify the desired action. We ask for your understanding that shipping will be delayed by approx. two to three days due to these finishing and setting operations. Double basses are delivered by freight carrier. Please contact our department directly with any questions at 09546/9223-370 or send an e-mail to

Available since September 2003
Item number 165069
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
cover laminated
back Laminated curved
Fretboard Ebony
Machine Heads Machine heads
adjustable bridge No
bag included Yes
bow included Yes
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In stock within 6-8 weeks

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An affordable starting point

front of the Thomann 111BR 3/4 Double Bass

The double bass is not only the largest of the bowed string instruments, it is also by far the most versatile. Classical, of course, but also Jazz, Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Folk, and even Hip-Hop - a double bass cuts a fine figure and sounds great no matter what the occasion. No wonder that now and then you can see an electric bassist being seduced by the charm of a double bass. If only the price wasn't so dizzyingly high! With the Thomann 111BR 3/4 Double Bass, entry into the world of double basses is definitely budget-friendly. It offers everything a double bass has to provide at a high level - including an ebony fingerboard, a gig bag, a bow, and an individual setup in our stringed instrument workshop.

bridge on the Thomann 111BR 3/4 Double Bass

Ebony included

The Thomann 111BR 3/4 Double Bass belongs to the popular 3/4-sized bass family, a size that is particularly popular in smaller ensembles as well as in Jazz, Folk, and related styles. The bass features a laminated basswood body and maple neck, and is finished in a pleasing brown colour. The fingerboard - remaining faithful to its status - is made of ebony, and the Artino strings that come as standard can be tuned accurately using the four individual machine heads. Last but not least, the bass also comes with a stable, adjustable spike to allow the player to find the optimum playing position.

basswood back of the Thomann 111BR 3/4 Double Bass

Incredibly affordable

For many, maybe even for most buyers, the Thomann 111BR 3/4 Double Bass will be the first double bass ever, because its price is truly unbeatable - which makes it all the more important for a correct setup to be included in order to ensure a successful start on the instrument. However, it should be kept in mind that the day will come when a robust second or third bass is needed. Even advanced players up to the professional league will need a backup instrument that won't mind too much when things get a little rougher or damper on stage or during a gig in the street. What is more, a laminated wood bass is significantly less prone to feedback when amplified with a pickup.

doublebass tuners

About Thomann string instruments

Thomann-brand instruments, which are exclusively built by renowned manufacturers, now constitute a large part of Thomann’s product range alongside numerous big-name brands. With unbeatable price-performance ratios, Thomann string instruments are the obvious first choice for students and beginners – and others too. The technical features and uncompromising sound quality they offer are usually reserved for much more expensive instruments found in the professional market segment.

black double bass bag

Come rain or shine...

A few years of electric bass often lead to players wanting to go back to the roots, which is how many electric bass players end up getting their first double bass – an understandable step since both types of bass are tuned the same way. And of course, that second bass shouldn't be too expensive - after all, enough money has probably already gone into the player's electric equipment. Anyone who uses the Thomann 111BR 3/4 Double Bass on stage in combination with a pickup will be amazed at how little it tends to feed back - a clear advantage of its laminated construction. Another advantage is that it is largely immune to changing humidity levels. As long as it doesn't get thrown into the water, it can't come to much harm, no matter whether it is used for street music or around the campfire. That's exactly why even seasoned professionals tend to use this type of bass.

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159 Reviews

Great bass for the money and for beginners
Anonymous 30.01.2016
I ordered and received my bass back in September, and love it just as much now as did when I received it.

When the bass arrived (stood up on a pallet), it was very well packed and very secure. After getting past all the packaging I inspected the bass and it was perfect. The bridge is shipped loose in the box, and (very helpfully) had "E" and "G" on the respective sides. On the body of the bass there was two small marks to show where the bridge sits. Bridge in place, it was time to tune up and have some fun. Tuning up was nice and simple and compared to a previous bass, tuning wasn't that scary. There was no creaking and popping, just a very smooth tune up.

As mentioned, the screw to hold the endpin isn't the greatest, but mine seems to have settled in a small groove made in the endpin and works fine now.

The sound quality of the instrument straight out of the box is good, the first thing I did however, was change the strings. The stock strings are high tension and not too great. With the intention of playing jazz and rockabilly styles, I've opted for low tension Rotosound strings (half steel, half nylon) and with these strings on the bass just sings.

More recently I've started using the bow more and more often and whilst the bow is pretty good, I'm not too keen with a German style frog (perhaps having an option to pick could help?), so I've just ordered myself a French style (pernambuco) bow.

Before ordering my bass I looked online for advise and lots of people suggest avoiding new basses, especially if they're under £1000. With this it doesn't matter, for the money it's a great bass and I love mine.


A Lovely"Upright"
Anonymous 20.01.2015
Am very pleased with this 3/4 Thomann 111E DB after owning a Thomann DB over 30years ago I wanted to get back into playing Double bass Both Arco & Pizzicto I Found Musikhaus Thomann a pleasure to Deal with Very efficient I got it set up for Jazz & classical playing "Flat"Nickel"Wound strings The Bridge setting Markings are on the Body between the "F"Sound holes The sound is Great! Perfect Low & High note Intonations Its up there with far more expensive Uprights..Its Only Achilles Heel i found was the "adjustable height Floor pin"I noticed it slipping down whilst playing, the"Wingspade adjusting screw is not up to the job of holding/securing the basses weight(It doesnt grip the pin properly under weight pressure) But I resolved this problem very easily I put a small clamp(jubilee clip) onto the pin under the adjuster & jobs sorted! The Bass itself is very well finished..Just one more tip! I suggest lightly scratching the surface of the "Rosin"cube with mild sand paper to get the rosin going for the bow as it takes a long time otherwise to"Rosinate the new Bow.


Good value first time double bass!
Gary3390 14.03.2016
Like many others on here, I bought this as my first double bass. I?ve been playing electric bass for many years and always fancied one of these.
I live in the Canary Islands Spain, so it was never going to be cheap to get it posted here so it was a bit of a gamble to say the least.
When it finally arrived (postage took a lot longer than I?d thought, 1 month. That was mainly due to Spanish couriers - no surprise there then) the bass was packed very well and set on a pallet.
Once unpacked the only thing I had to do was get a local luthier to set it up properly, the action was super high and virtually unplayable. You may also want to change the strings as they are pretty high tension.
Overall though, a super looking bass for the money and its also sounds great once set up!
For playing live I also thoroughly recommend the David Gage The Realist Bass Copperhead pickup.


Kristapsbass 11.06.2017
I'm mainly a bass guitar player and I bought this bass as I was often asked if I can play one (well, not really, but I can get through most of the stuff :D ). After a year I'm pretty disappointed as what looked like cracks in the lacquer (I wasn't too bothered about visual) when I got it, turned out to be actual cracks in the wood and instrument is becoming unplayable as neck is drifting away from its position. I wasn't expecting such a low quality control from thomann given their amazing reputation. It was ok when I got it but I expected it to last for more than a year.