Thomann MK IV Handmade Tenor Sax

Including Harry Hartmann Fiberreed

Including Harry Hartmann Fiberreed Onyx-T-MS

In the period from 01.10. 2021 through 31.03.2022 all buyers of this Tenor saxophone will receive a Harry Hartmann Fiberreed in Medium Soft worth Euro 25,90 free of charge. The Carbon Onyx Reeds are characterised by easy response, warm lows, powerful highs and an easily playable high note register. They last 20-30 times longer than a wooden reed and are 100% ready to play from the first second.

Tenor Saxophone

  • Handmade
  • Copper body (92% copper)
  • High F# key
  • Artistic engraving
  • Brass keys
  • Body and keys in matte finish
  • Original Abalone inlays
  • Includes mouthpiece and lightweight case with backpack straps
Body finish Matt
Key finish Matt
Body Copper
Gravure Yes
Additional Bocal No
Resonator Pad Metal
Case Yes
Backpack System Yes
Mouthpiece Yes
Strap No
Wiper No
S arc wiper No
available since June 2012
Item number 276968
sales unit 1 piece(s)
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44 Customer Reviews

Just Fun!
Anonymous 25.02.2017
What more can you ask for than an instrument that brings a smile to your face? This Tenor sax is a pure delight and fun!

I am a professional woodwind instrumentalist and bought this instrument to replace a recently sold Selmer - 1937 Balanced Action Tenor, owned for 30+ years, that wasn't getting enough use to earn its keep!
As an Alto/Soprano specialist I have never been an enthusiastic tenor player and thought that the Selmer deserved to played.

This Thomann MK IV has been a revelation, I just love it! Tone, from the 92% copper body, is as warm and full as my Balanced Action, and has even an timbre across the full range, the key work, obviously inspired by the legendary Selmer MK VI with hints of the MK VII, is well positioned, intonation - totally acceptable (not as good as my Buffet Senzo and S3 Prestige altos but......) and there are screw adjusters everywhere - fantastic. The double mounting arms on low 'C', 'B' and 'Bb' keys, are a great addition and ensure a good pad/tone-hole seal. Even the supplied mouthpiece works well - although I will continue to use my Selmer Soloist for Classical work and a Otto Link Tone-edge for Jazz.

Minus points: there is a slight 'flat' spot on the bell rim (QC??) but that has no effect on the playing and, for me, the right-hand 'Eb' and 'C' little-finger keys are totally flat making a smooth slide between them a little difficult. I will give them a slight tweak (bend) if they continue to cause me a problem. The case isn't wonderful but works.

What I have discovered is that this instrument wants me to play it.... a lot. I've got out all my old jazz tenor sax transcriptions and am having fun. Isn't that what an instrument should do - inspire one to play!

It really doesn't matter what the name is engraved on the bell, be it Selmer or Thomann, an instrument is for playing and not an investment item so if it works for you - great!

Thank you Thomann, again I can only praise one of your instruments..... you have taken me back 40 years to when I aspired to be a great jazz player!


Fantastic tenor horn
Fede B 22.06.2019
I’ve purchased the thomann MK IV tenor saxophone as a student model, since i’ve never before owned a tenor horn and I was not ready to spend the money a P. Mauriat is worth. I’ve been an enthusiast alto sax for the last 10 years and decided to go for the lower register.
I’ve own a few alto saxes collected over the years, yamaha, conn and restored 20’s dolnet, and i used to play a borrowed yamaha’s YTS475 tenor.
This horn has been a revelation to me of how good a sax can sound, and how easy it should play. the sound is very rich and stable, I play it with a meyer and a STM mouthpiece and legere reeds, i use a 1.5 studio cut on meyer to play a dark sound, and a signature 2.0 with the STM most of the time.

It was shipped with exceptional padding and the case is a perfect fit, there is no movement of the saxophone while it’s in the case, I'll buy a new one more stylish and durable for gigs. It arrived in perfect playable conditions.

To my surprise the horn is fully adjustable, all sync mechanisms can be calibrated with screws.
the slight inclination of the bell to the right, typical of Tenon industrial saxophones, allows me to play the horn resting on the side of my hip, making it a great instrument to play for hours a a time and to rock on the stage!

the negatives:
1 - the top post of the G key has an empty screw hole, you can see it in the pictures in the website, look at the arm that controls the lower octave key, Its probably standard. It affects nothing but it would be prettier with a regular post.
2 - Some key cups are deformed probably in the setup, the setup itself is a perfect 10, but it would be prettier again if the keycups were perfect.
At this price range, I'm just being picky with the negative sides, the sonority is the same you get on a P.Mauriat.


A very serious sax for the money
Bluesscale 24.09.2018
I have been playing Sax for a couple of years. I am not good but I enjoy it and I am improving with lessons.

First off, this is a beautiful instrument. The engraving and finishing is very impressive and the contrast between the reddish body and the gold hardware looks great. The horn is slightly asymmetric which threw me at first but it makes sense and it makes the horn more comfortable to play.


The case is OK rather than great. It does the job but it is really heavy. Add in the sax and some books of music and you will need the straps.

The included strap is incredibly thin and cheap.


Exceptional tone and playability for the price. Setup was perfect out of the box. Visually remarkable.

I had it checked out by top repairer and he is a real gear snob. He found nothing to complain about.

Some people have commented that the mouthpiece is not the best. Well, that is a matter of taste. It plays a lot like a Yamaha 5C and that is not a bad mouthpiece.

The intonation is very close to right which is about as good as it gets. The keywork is light and quick so trills are not going to be a problem. I would have liked braised tone holes rather than drawn but they work perfectly well.

I have heard a pro playing my sax and he sounded fantastic. There is no reason that this instrument should not take you all the way from beginner to pro although you would want to choose a mouthpiece to suit your style.

All in all, a great horn for the price and one that stands up very well with the top instruments despite the large difference in price.


This is my first saxophone, so I can not tell it is good or not. I will tell my impression.
Karaduman 03.07.2021
His voice is so loud and wild. I love it.
I have a feeling that the first sound-making job was not thanks to embourcher and posture, but to the instrument.
I feel like Sax is making my job easier.