Visual Note Music Learning Device F Type


LED Learning System for Guitar

  • Suitable for electric and acoustic guitars with 648 mm (25,5") scale length
  • Suitable for right- and left-handed instruments
  • 90 RGB LEDs
  • Cover: 15 frets
  • Indicator lights: Power on, connection, charging
  • Battery: lithium-ion
  • Running time: approx. 10 hours
  • Charging time: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Strip-ECU connection: detachable jack cable
  • Charging cable connection: magnetic attachment with 360° rotation
  • The LEDs turn into an intelligent display that shows all learning content
  • The thin LED film does not change the feel of the fingerboard
  • Very small control unit
  • Quick release system for unplugging and charging
  • Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity
  • Colour: Black
  • Incl. free trial version of the mobile app with a variety of content for training and entertainment, magnetic charging cable, cleaning cloth and installation instructions

Note: Instruments not included

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LED tuition system for guitarists

The Visual Note Music Learning Device F Type is a tuition system for guitars with a 648mm (25.5") scale length that can be attached to the fingerboard in a matter of minutes. The wireless controller in turn is discreetly installed at the back of the headstock. The matrix of 90 LEDs covers 15 frets and shows the player the fingering positions required to play a song or an exercise, allowing them to keep their eyes on the fingerboard instead of continually having to look up at a screen, app, or sheet music, and notes can additionally be played via MIDI. The starter kit includes 60 scales, 48 triads, 48 arpeggios, and 16 impressive light effects, and more of each can be added via Bluetooth using the Visual Note app, which is available for iOS and Android. The system is powered by an inbuilt rechargeable battery, which takes just 2.5 hours to charge using the magnetic charging cable and provides around ten hours of operation, and the scope of delivery also includes an installation manual and a cleaning cloth.

Visual Note Music Learning Device F Type

Tablature and video games

The Visual Note Music Learning Device F Type gives budding guitarists access to a whole range of exercises, songs, riffs, chords, scales, and arpeggios courtesy of the embedded software, which also includes a tuner. The app of course lets the user customise the positions and fingering of the chords in their own library, and chord sequences can also be looped. In scale mode, the system highlights the tonic note so that the relationship of the other notes to the root is always clear, and individual sections of the respective scale can be illuminated continuously - a very practical feature when improvising with the notes displayed. The Visual Note software can also create tablature from Guitar Pro files, and guitar game fans are sure to appreciate the system's Flow mode, which is reminiscent of certain famous guitar-based video games.

Ideal for students and teachers

The Visual Note Music Learning Device F Type gives beginners a hands-on tool to help them get to grips with chords, scales, and arpeggios, while more advanced players can use it to hone their skills while ironing out any bad playing habits they may have developed over time. Guitar teachers in turn can make good use of the Visual Note Music Learning Device to set their pupils appropriate exercises complete with tablature files in both video lessons and face-to-face tuition. In this context, the option of assigning specific colours to the different fingers will also be helpful when learning chord and scale fingering, particularly for those just starting out on the instrument. The Visual Note Music Learning Device system is available for classical, steel-string, and electric guitars, and the F Type shown here is suitable for both left and right-handed six-string guitars that have an ST-style scale length and nut width - making it compatible with models such as Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters as well as TE and ST-type models from Harley Benton and many other manufacturers.

Visual Note Music Learning Device F Type LED tuition system

About Visual Note

Visual Note is an Italian company that offers guitarists a whole new approach with its innovative tuition system. The company was founded by Vincenzo Maresca, whose experience of teaching himself to play the bass led him to search for ways to make learning easier. Initial patents were registered in 2012, and Visual Note was eventually founded in 2017. Maresca's idea - a system that uses LED strips on the instrument's fingerboard, which are controlled by a dedicated smartphone app, to guide beginners through their first lessons - was made a reality after his prototypes allowed the necessary crowdfunding to be secured.

For practice, study, and show effects

The Visual Note Music Learning Device F Type is an excellent solution for players who want some guidance when practising alone - after all, learning the basics also requires tuition videos with a "flesh-and-blood" instructor to show how it is done. The wide range of control options offered by the dedicated app will be extremely helpful when repeating the exercises in each lesson, as users can vary the tempo and loop specific sections of the material. If multiple MIDI tracks are being used, it is even possible to mute individual tracks in order to better focus on what absolutely needs to be heard, and this also means players can learn the different guitar tracks for a song one after the other. What is more, the Visual Note Music Learning Device's eye-catching colours and light effects - which range from VU meter to spectrum analyser - will be a guaranteed highlight on stage and in music videos.

Visual Note Music Learning Device F Type on an acoustic guitar

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7 Reviews

Update 10.05.2024 see below
Yorkshire Lad 08.04.2024
Visual note contacted me after seeing my original review. They have now sent me a replacement. Furthermore, the customer service was very good from them. I havent tried the replacement yet, but will update the review soon. The 5 stars are for the customer service from visual note.
The quality score is 1 star until I have thoroughly tested the product and app.


a minor pentatonic scale
Def87 28.10.2023
A very good product. A great learning guitar especially for a minor pentatonic scale.


Beware of subscription.
Stian L. 24.04.2024
As a beginner I like this. It's a very cool tool that does make it easier to learn a lot of things. The things that are accessible without a (12€ monthly or 70€ yearly) subscription is limited though.

That being said I think the subscription is worth it. It greatly simplifies a lot of learning tasks by showing you where to put your fingers right on the guitar.

Installation: It's more fiddly than you think. Following the instructions I started trying to take off the backing on the 'fingers' that go down the fret board.. it's very hard. I ended up doing it in opposite order of what's recommended. I took off the backing tape on the part that goes down the side of the neck, lined it up really well and then used the rip in the backing to take off the backing on the 'fingers'.

It's a lot of fiddly work, but worth it.


google translate it
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Una bella sorpresa!
ibifran 26.09.2023
Soddisfatta per l’acquisto. Ottimo prodotto, i miei nipoti entusiasti. L’hanno montato in 10 minuti e hanno scaricato l’app. Veramente incredibile. Consegna veloce ed efficiente