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Have you ever seen the bright smile on the face of a guitarist who enters a huge room full of the "little treasures" the world of guitars has to offer? We see that smile every day in our guitar department :-)

We stock over 2,500 different guitars and basses. That means we have everything available immediately - all the big brand names, but also extremely affordable entry level models that offer exceptional value. We always do our very best to offer both an exciting selection, and exciting prices, and of course we always have an open ear to our customers.

57 trained staff in our guitar department are on hand to offer you optimal service, but that's not all. Our new Service Centre contains state of the art guitar workshops for our trained guitar specialists who maintain, repair and set up your guitars. Prior to shipment, these specialists are also responsible for making sure that all our own brand guitars are quality controlled to meet our customers’ expectations. Our new PLEK Machine can also set up your guitar with an action which is perfect to within a fraction of a millimetre - just let us know when you make your order if you'd like this additional service.

Not long ago, it seemed unthinkable to many customers to buy a guitar or bass by mail order. However, things have changed fundamentally, not least because our customers know they can rely on our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee - ordering from Thomann means buying without regrets. Also, because we always try to anticipate manufacturer lead times and can often ship instruments directly from our huge warehouse that neither competing dealers or even the national distributors have in stock.

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