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Harley Benton HB-35Plus Lemon

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Electric Guitar

  • Semi-hollow design with mahogany sustain block
  • Vintage Series
  • Maple body
  • AAAA flamed maple archtop
  • Maple neck
  • Set-in neck attachment
  • Pau Ferro fretboard
  • Blocks fretboard inlays
  • Fretboard radius: 305 mm
  • 22 Frets
  • Scale: 628 mm
  • Nut width: 42 mm
  • 2 Roswell LAF Alnico-5 vintage-style humbucker pickups
  • 2 Volume controls with push/pull function for split coil
  • 2 Tone controls
  • 3-Way pickup toggle switch
  • Deluxe chrome hardware
  • Deluxe Tune-O-Matic bridge
  • Strings: .010 - .046
  • Colour: Lemon Drop
Colour Yellow
Body Maple
Top Maple
Neck Maple
Fretboard Pau Ferro
Frets 22
Scale 628 mm
Pickups HH
Tremolo No
Incl. Case No
Incl. Bag No
Item number 374850
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In stock within 1-2 weeks

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Unconditionally a great guitar!
Peerlesstrat 23.03.2019
I had wanted a semi hollow for some time. A Starfire lV or a D'Angelico DC deluxe were defiantly on my radar but the price was a real barrier. Enter the Harley Benton HB-35 plus. With favorable reviews, sounding good on YouTube and coming in at only £175 - I took a chance and ordered one in a Lemon Drop finish.?I was resigned to the inevitable flaws that would come with such a low priced instrument so I waited anxiously in the UK for 48 hours while it came from Germany by road (yes, pre Brexit)?
On unboxing I was in for a shock. I could find NOTHING wrong. Nothing!?The finish was immaculate, no glue lines under the stain, no loose nuts or screws, no stickers under the pots (just paper rings) and the well documented pick guard issue had been addressed. These newer models also have block inlays instead of dots and a pau ferro fingerboard with a bone nut. (It says ?Pau Furro? on the box)?Mine has a lovely (almost) book-matched flame maple top and the scarf joint in the neck is barley visible. The neck is a sort of chunky round back (not for you if you are a wizard fan) This neck is very reminiscent of a '65 Starfire that I had recently tried.
Plugging in, the trend continued with all the hardware working. The Roswell pickups are adequate, maybe a bit hot, with the back pickup sounding harsh when the coil tap is engaged. However, the tone and volume controls work well, which can tame the pickups for a more relaxed jazz tone. I am not a fan of top hat knobs and want to replace them. Because of this I found that the knobs are VERY securely attached (not all bad if you have to pull on them for coil tapping)?I lowered the bridge and still have no buzzing.
Pros: Unbeatable value for money. Good playability out of the box (after tuning). A range of very useable tones.?Awesome sustain. Good QC on mine. Beautiful finish all round with no orange peel or glue lines
Cons: You may need to upgrade the pickups and tuners to match the big leagues like Gibson, Guild and D'Angelico but already the HB-35 is there alongside, no, dare I say AHEAD of an Epiphone with non USA pups.?The fingerboard was a bit dry but nothing a dash of lemon oil couldn't fix. You may want to polish the frets.
Overall: I'm not a beginner. I have owned / still own Gibsons, Fenders, Ibanez, Peerless, custom built guitars - the works! The HB-35 plus may be inexpensive but it is not a "cheap" guitar. It's a great instrument. I would not be at all embarrassed to show up at a gathering of Gibsons with it.?Five stars. Don't hesitate?*****


Perfect fit in my Guitar Family
Minnesota Tim 25.10.2020
I purchased this guitar after watching many reviews on You Tube, and was convinced it would be a nice addition to my collection. The consistent message I heard was the frets not being finished well, so while I waited the 5 weeks for my backorder to be filled, I purchased a set of fret tools to address. This is my 3rd HB guitar, and continues my belief that these are great instruments for the money invested.
When the guitar finally arrived, I was very pleased with the overall construction and appearence. Fret inlays and binding very nice and tight, with no fill gaps anywhere. The finish had no imperfections. There was a slight mar on the neck, which appears to be an adhesive stain around 5th fret of the B string, but is only noticeable upon close inspection. The nut fits well and is well slotted, the strings don't bind and are proper heights. I don't see an immediate need to replace with GraphTech. Intonation is correct, and action is very playable. The frets were a bit rough, but not nearly as bad as my YouTube reviews had led me to expect. Fret ends had no sprout, and only needed minor filing to shine up. I did tape off the neck and go through 3 grades of wet-sanding to polish to mirror finish. Took about 2 hours, but well worth it.
The wood looks beautiful. The maple top veneer is matched well and centered. It is a thin veneer, so the flaming is not super deep, but for the money I'll take it! The Pau Ferro fretboard needed a couple coats of oil, but looks and plays very well.
The neck shape is nice. Reminds me of playing an acoustic, or fat tele neck. Not a shredder guitar, but string spacing is nice for my "fat" fingers. The tuners have a nice feel, smooth and stay in tune.
The electronics all work well. My one complaint is the pots are stiff to turn. Combined with the top-hat style knobs, this makes rapid volume and tone changes on-stage more difficult as it should be. I will either replace the pots, or change out the knobs to get a better grip. The pickups sound nice, although not high output. The coil-tapping provides a nice range of tone options. I particularly like 1 split, 1 humbucker combos.
The body resonates nicely, and has terrific sustain. The guitar is a bit on the heavy side, but not overly so. Kinda like a Les Paul in weight.
Overall, I'm very satisfied with this guitar. I offers good looks, a variety of tonal combos, and great affordability all in one package. Keep it up, Thomann and Harley Benton!


Harley Benton HB-35Plus Lemon
micoli 19.10.2019
After selling my Hofner Very-Thin guitar there was a hole in my collection. So, despite my intentions of reducing my guitar collection, I immediately replaced it for the Harley Benton HB-35Plus Lemon. I really wanted a vintage burst but it wasn't in stock at the time. However the Lemon burst looks better in real life than on the Thomann web site, so I am very happy with it. I've owned it for 9 months now and these are my comments.

Apart from lowering the strings and oiling the fret-board, I have not had to do anything with it. It plays well, sounds good and is well made. Unusually, the frets were well finished and polished - which is a very common issue with most guitar manufacturers at this price point.

In my opinion, the Roswell pick-ups really suit this guitar. In other HB guitars, where I have had the same Roswell LAF Alnico-5 Vintage-Style humbuckers, I normally swap them as I've not been that impressed, but on this occasion they are fine and I have no intention of changing them.

Compared with the standard HB-35, I think the HB-Plus is better value for money, and has better hardware and finish. It is nicely finished without any imperfections in the appearance. The flamed maple top isn't that obvious until you get up close, but on my guitar it's very nicely matched. The tuners are good and hold the strings in tune, and the coil splitting is a bonus.

I am just a home guitarist but I do appreciate a quality guitar. From all my Harley Benton guitars, (and I now have 10), this guitar was the best for having to do nothing to it to get it up to a good playing standard. I think it is great value for money


Best $245 I ever spent!
schrackman 25.09.2021
What can I say? What a great guitar and what a great price for a great guitar! The finish was pretty much flawless. It's beautiful! I could find nothing to complain about aesthetically. As for the neck, it's fast and smooth and easy to play, which is pleasantly different than what I was expecting to get. The frets are nicely done, although they could use a slight polishing.

I am also quite satisfied with the pickups, both for clean and dirty sounds. (In fact, I love the tones I am getting with it through my Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 20 and pedals.) IMO the HB35+ pickups are better sounding than the Gretsch 5230's FilterTrons. I have little use for coil splitting but I found that I could get a couple good useable tones out of this guitar with this feature. The tuners are good but could be better, and at some point in the future I will probably add locking tuners. Lastly, the guitar does need a little bit if setup but not much at all. String action was the perfect height for me.

All in all, one cannot beat the value this guitar provides. I absolutely love it! I only took one star off for the tuners, but again I'm not really complaining about them. I just wish it came with locking tuners, although if it did the price would certainly be a little higher. But who cares? I'd gladly pay it because in the past year I've purchased an upper mid-range priced Epiphone, Ibanez, and Gretsch, all of which I've had to return for quality control issues or just failure to keep a tune. But I won't be returning this guitar...Thanks Harley Benton for a great product!


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