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Harley Benton PowerPlant


Power Adapter

Everone buys pedals one after the other, but then sooner or later the question is: How do I power them? Batteries are always empty (and expensive, as well as they're not environmentally friendly) - and the power strip with 5 power supply units also doesn't look really sexy in the pedal case. For guitarists who love their many colourful stomps and always want to have them around, the Power Plant is just the right thing.

Eight (!) 9V outputs provide a total of 500 mA, plus a 12V AC and a 12V DC output for the most exotic of power consumers; with that you are prepared for all eventualities.

A whole bunch of adapter cables available in various sizes is included. Its the optimal solution for most pedal cases at an extremely affordable price!

  • With 8 x 9V DC (500 mA), 1 x 12V DC (500 mA) and 1 x 12V AC (500 mA) outputs
  • Incl. cable set (length of black cables about 50 cm, colored cables about 30 cm)
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 8.5 x 5.0 cm

Note: The polarity changes using the supplied cable extensions!

Available since August 2008
Item number 119603
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
DC/AC current AC/DC
Output current in mA 500 mA
9 V Yes
12 V Yes
18 V No
Secondary voltage No
Multi-output power supply Yes
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2324 Reviews

Amazing power unit
Raumwalross 17.12.2019
It does it's job. It handles it's full load really well, no hiss, no loss of power, no interference. Everything is good.

My main thing is it's build quality. Mine has been beaten, fell, but the main thing — it has been drowned in boiling hot water. I had a flood in my apartment with hot water completely covering floor, and of course my pedalboard was like a surfing board there for several hours. The power supply was tied to the bottom of the board, and connected to power.

Not only did this thing protected all of my pedals — it survived that. After the place dried up I was surprised beyond belief when I plugged it back in and it worked like a charm.

Considering it's price and built quality it's a stellar product.


Better options out there
K.Kay 29.01.2020
Bought it to power up my backup pedalboard and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for a power supply that will only work in the case of emergency. On my primary pedalboard all my stompboxes are powered by a t-rex fuel tank classic which is almost the same product with the Harley Benton.
I’m not going to compare the 2 products as it is the day with night in terms of built quality etc, however the most annoying thing with the powerplant apart from the bad quality of the cables included is a hum noise going through my signal chain most likely due to no isolation of every power port. As soon as I replaced it with the truetone CS7 all the hum was gone.
Again at this price point I did not had any high expectations, but spending some more cash There are better options out there.


Power to the pedals!
Josh H. 15.05.2013
Ah Harley Benton, I'm finding a new addiction to their products. Reliable and to the point. I always have huge admiration for any company that can offer me an option that just works and this is another example of such a thing. The Harley Benton PowerPlant is a cheap and sound option for any musician that wants the constant ring of their chorus or BAWLLS of their octave. Over the past few gigs I've used with it I have only 2 problems with it.

1. It's to damn big
2. Renders my entire board useless when I plug my EHX Bass Balls in (However I think that is due to the old wiring of the pedal due to it being from the 70's).

The first point is basic but i feel is vaild. I have this mounted on my Gator pedal board which I know has it's own power supply purpously designed for the board but the price difference between the 2 boards obviously made me sway towards the HB. The size has it taking up 1/4 of my board which leaves little space to expand with new pedals which I do want to aquire. how can this be sorted? Well if you have a board like I do then if the supply was slimmed down a touch it would have fit comfortably at the back of my board which would have been ideal. I small change but can make a huge difference between 5 pedals and 7.

Finally the second point isn't really an issue by any means or a deal breaker but more of a warning that the HB PowerPlant might be incapable of correctly powering older pedals such as my EXH Bass Balls. So be mindful if you do order this if it will work.

In a nut shell the Harley Benton PowerPlant is another one of those little musical mircles that just works! It comes with a healthy suppy of power cables and a european kettle lead (Oh thats another point, Thomann should list an option for the product to come with a UK kettle lead instead of the standard European one). Be mindful when ordering if you mainly use older pedals. If you use modern EHX, Behringer and/or Boss you should be more than happy with this. I recommend this to any friends with a huge pedal board and loads of new pedals as for my friends with small boards and a taste for the vintage effects I say look else where. Even though this supply may work fine for Daft Punk it hasn't got a whole lotta love for Lepplin.


Sturdy... but noisy
Lily Rose 30.11.2021
This definitely can take a few hits and is build like a big blue brick - however I got this included in a harley benton pedalboard bundle and im wishing I just bought an isolated power supply separately. Its just way too noisy for a live setting - better buying the ISO-1 by Harley Benton for about the same price, which Ive had to do anyway to replace this