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Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-2 Pro


Multi Power Supply Unit for Effect Pedals

  • 8 Isolated, filtered and short-circuit protected outputs eliminate noise and hum
  • High amperage for modern digital effects
  • LED monitoring at each output
  • Powered via one 12 V @ 2 A DC power adapter (included)
  • Output A (1): 9 / 12 / 18 V DC @ max. 500 mA
  • Exit B (2): 9 / 12 / 18 V DC @ max. 500 mA
  • Outputs 3-8: 9 V DC @ max. 300 mA (individually isolated)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 70 x 140 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Includes 8x 5.5*2.1 mm coaxial plug to 5.5*2.1 mm coaxial plug each with length of 60 cm, as well as 1x Y-Cable (voltage doubler) of 5.5*2.1 mm coaxial plug to 2x 5.5*2.1 mm coaxial plug with length of 30 cm


The total output load may not exceed 18 W.

DC/AC current DC
Output current in mA 2000 mA
9 V Yes
12 V Yes
18 V Yes
Secondary voltage No
Multi-output power supply Yes
Item number 421895
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Probably all the power you'll ever need
albertotp 20.05.2019
It's incredible what they achieved with this design, including many features of more expensive products in a relatively compact format and for a decent price. Quality-wise I cannot complain about it and I had no issues and no noise powering 6-7 pedals including digital tuner, modulation, looper, and using 12V and 18V options.
Many other reviews already mentioned that the power adapter could be more robust. Other thing is that all DC cables have 1 straight and 1 angled connection, which may not fit everyone's need. All DC cables have the same length and are too long, which is better than being too short, but for small boards plenty of cable management is required. I had to buy 2 additional short DC cables for it.

I've made a full review and isolation test here:

I've also managed to fit it under the Spaceship 50c by making slight modifications to the board:


Nice affordable supply
Jon2137 19.10.2021
I think this is the cheapest truly isolated ps out the, if you don't count some sketchy Amazon brands out there. Doesn't feel as solid as some more expensive ones but there's not to much to be expected at this price. The supply is quiet and I have no issues with it, definitely recommend.


A Clear Choice
Sebastian_T 09.07.2018
I bought this power supply on a whim, because I had a Powerplant JR and around 9 pedals that needed powering. Coming from the JR, I had to use ABY cables to create sort of a daisy chain to power multiple pedals from a single output, so that's why I bought this - more outputs, isolated, promising looks and features.
I do not regret that decision. This supply is the real deal - it's truly isolated, it has no hum, no noise, providing stable power to my pedals (even better than the JR, which sometimes had fluctuations).
It is way smaller in reality than it is in the pictures - I was expecting a bigger power supply altogether, since the JR is quite tall and wide, but this one is thin and small. Albeit small, it feels solid, made of metal.
The only complaint I have about it is that I have had a hard time fitting it in my Harley Benton pedalboard, because on the JR, I used the angled ends of the cables in the pedals and the straight ones in the supply. Now I have to go angled in supply because otherwise they wouldn't fit in the pedalboard, so keep this in mind if you have a tight space there, you'll probably have difficulties fitting the cables.
Oh, also, the JR came with way more cables than the ISO-2 did, which was a bit disappointing.
Other than that - this supply is golden. Comparing it to my T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic, I see no reason to go the extra miles and throw the difference to go for the T-Rex, now after using both the Jr and the ISO-2 Pro.


It's great for the money
deusem 20.04.2021
I wanted an isolated power supply, but the price has always put me off, I mean for almost 200 euros I prefered to buy something flashier like a fuzz or a delay pedal. Well, this one does the iso thing, and it costs so much less money than the average psu so it's a safe bet to see why an iso is better. Long story short, no more noise, buzz, and possibly no need for a noise suppressor pedal (unless you re in very high gain).
So the "negatives" comes from the fact that I had a valve preamp pedal that needed atleast 600 amps to operate, so I used a doubler cable to use two of the sockets (500 amp each). It did work, but took some time to operate, and according to the preamp manufacturer the current was not enough. I tried it with a different psu (more expensive) and had no issue . So I assume it's not the best quality, but for one pedal at a time, I can't tell the difference


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