Harley Benton Solder-Free Patch Cable KIT


Kit for solderless patch cables

  • Consisting of 3 metres of cable and 10 angled plugs
  • Solder-free plug for precise mounting in seconds to the exact lengths required, for an individual pedalboard cabling
  • Excellent signal flow and low capacity for maximum transparency
  • 7x 0.15 mm copper conductor
  • Semi-conducting PVC and a braided copper / aluminium shield protect effectively against interference
  • Extra slim gold plated metal plug
  • Incl. cable cutter, screwdriver and assembly instructions
available since November 2017
Item number 410584
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Color Red
Connector 1 Jack 6,3mm TS male
Connector 2 Jack 6,3mm TS male
Connector from 6,3mm TS Jack
Length 300 cm
Plug out Jack 6,3mm TS male
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2 stars for the number of live shows that these cables worked on. Great for home, not so great for life on the road!
Vlad Vartosu 22.09.2021
I bought 4 of these kits for my entire pedalboard, approx. 19 pedals. I wanted to rewire and bring some cleanliness to it, which it did. The jacks and cables are fairly discreet and can bend to whatever shape you please, thus making a busy board look a lot tidier.

However, quality-wise, I am waiting and hoping that Harley Benton will revise this kit and make it a lot more reliable. Please bear in mind, this is not a good solution if you are a touring musician, and your show depends on your pedalboard. The connection of these cables is held together by a screw, and if you add that to a board that sits in a back of a car and bus, gets pulled to the stage in and out night after night, this system is doomed to fail in no time.

I am speaking out of personal experience, the cables failed me after only two live shows on the road.

However, I would recommend this kit to anyone who wants to build a board at home, wants full control of customization, and doesn't want to spend a fortune on patch cables.

I thought they were going to be the ideal solution for my pedalboard, but I will go back to soldered connections.

Thank you nonetheless, it was a good lesson learned.


Photologik 13.03.2022
The Harley Benton solder-free patch cable kit is very useful, easy to make and the best price around!

Sometimes I just want to try a different configuration on my pedalboard and it's not always easy to find a patch cable with the right size and small connectors. This kit solves the issue!

To be honest, it took me a while to get this to work, I noticed that using a very sharp wire cutter works best (not the one provided), a clean cut is imperative. You've been warned.

I thought the cable would be better quality and initially I was a bit disappointed but actually the overall quality of this product is very good, I haven't experienced any noise so far and the advantage of it being so small makes it fit everywhere. That's a big plus!

Personally, I wouldn't use these cables for a permanent setup, it could be done and possibly I'm just old fashioned but to me this is more as a quick fix while experimenting with pedals or optimizing the pedalboard.

This kit is useful in many situations and cables can be done anywhere, fast and easy. It's a valuable asset in every guitarrist backpack.

- simple, fast and easy to make
- good quality
- very small
- price

- reliability (may not work every time or stop working. Handle them carefully)


I'm very VERY impressed
ZappaKrimson 14.03.2020
I'm completely bowled over by these having just re-jigged a large pedal board. The plugs and cable are of really good quality and I can tell no difference sound wise (by ear) to the far more expensive Evidence Audio cable I've used. The most impressive thing is the ease with which you're able to make these cables. Just make sure to cut the cable at a proper right angle (use sharp scissors instead of the provided cutter) push it really hard into the slot, do up the screw tightly and you've got a clean sounding cable of the exact length in one minute flat! They also look really tidy on your board too, I couldn't have a bad word to say about these. I see others saying that they have had slight problems with them but I can't see how? I just made up ten patch cables and at the first time of ever trying every one of them worked straight away. At four times the price I am now disappointed that I bought the Evidence Audio solder-less cables kit.

Phil, England.


Great Quality item
An Fear Sneachta 21.03.2022
Created patch cables of various lengths and all are working flawlessly so far. Very straightforward and easy to assemble. Although the cabling is thin, the jacks seem to be of a decent quality. Highly recommended.