Roland Blues Cube Hot VB

Electric Guitar Combo Amp

  • Power: 30W
  • Equipped with: 1x custom 12" speaker
  • 1 Channel
  • Roland's Tube Logic design delivers authentic tube tone and response
  • Master volume
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Built-in reverb
  • Boost and tone switchable by foot
  • 4-way power control (0.5 W, 5 W, 15 W, Max) allows full tube tone at any volume
  • Open back
  • Poplar wood housing
  • USB output for direct recording
  • Headphone output
  • Line out
  • Colour: Vintage Blonde
  • Footswitch input: 6.3 mm stereo jack
  • Dimensions in mm: (W x D x H) 433 x 239 x 413
  • Weight: 12.6 kg
  • Suitable dust cover: Art.438074 (not included)
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Audio Examples

  • Blues
  • Blues USB
  • Country
  • Country USB
  • Funk
  • Funk USB
  • Rock
  • Rockabilly
  • Rockabilly USB
  • RockUSB
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Further Information

Power 30 W
Speaker 1x 12"
Channels 1
Reverb Yes
Effects Processor No
External FX Loop No
Line Input No
Recording Output Yes
MIDI Interface No
Connection for External Speaker No
Headphone Output Yes
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch No

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Almost too good to be true
kalaitsa, 23.03.2018
I am musician for almost 40 years and I always have tube amplifiers. I have to admit that I hate the sound of transistor amplifiers. I've been owner of Fender Twin Reverb Silverface, Fender Vibrolux, Marshall JCM 900 with 4X12? Celestion cabinet, Music Man 2X10? EV combo and now I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe George Benson.
I bought this amplifier for two reasons: the weight (12Kg) because I am getting old and the reviews that claim that it sounds like a real tube amp.
Roland says that they tried to emulate Fender Bassman. Does it sound like the Fender Bassman amp? Not 100% but it is close. You can still hear the metallic highs of a transistor amplifier but you can correct that with the equalization or with smart compressor settings.
With pedal effects though, sounds great. Better than expected. The tone button I think is useless because makes the amp sound like a transistor amp.
The button that really surprise me is the boost button. I never though that I am going to use that because I don't play blues and I never use crunch sounds. I play Jazz and sometimes Fusion and I use pedals for that. But I have to admit that boost is incredible.
Do I recommend this amp? If you play Blues, Jazz and you want a light weight amp, loud enough for small gigs and the ability to study in your room with 0,5Watts, the answer is yes, this amp totally worth it.
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Why I didn't bought this earlier?
dray, 22.02.2020
First of all, I'm not a professional musician. Playing for fun with friends. I've been playing several tube amps in rehearsal rooms but for home practice I have a small and cheap solid state amp (Fender 15R) that served me well for years but with two "small" drawbacks - not a great sound and cheap pots. Now, the home practice game is at a whole new level!

When I've decided to buy a new practice amp, it had to fulfill three key points:
1. No maintenance
2. Power attenuator
3. Good headphones and recording capabilities
(4.) Good sound of course...

I've read a lot of reviews and probably watched all Roland blues cube videos on the web before deciding that this amp is the one I'm looking or.

The amp sounds amazing! It does not resemble the major brands as emulators do. I have an Tech 21 amp simulator and this is different. Everybody thought that this is a tube amp.

Sound remains unchanged and only the volume level drops when switching power control between 5W, 15 W and 30W. The change from 5W to 0.5W is good for midnight playing, if you are careful with the volume knob, but the amp does not sound as open as with the other power levels. I think that the best low volume sound is with 5W and lower volume levels from the volume knob.

Almost stopped using pedals with this one. I like the sound so much that most of the time I play it with the guitar connected directly to the amp. It nails the blues, funk and classic rock style.

For people considering buying this amp I will recommend to get a footswitch as it will be easier to switch the Boost and a cover to protect it from dust as this is an open back amp.
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I hate digital amps but not this one
I watched many reviews of this amp before buying it. I really hate the fizz that passes for gain in non-valve amps. But this one has none of it, I don't know how.

It does Fender almost as well as Fender does it. Great bottom end and sparkling cleans. Not *quite* the chime that Fender has but very close. If you want the bottom end make sure it's on a floor or hard surface. The loss of bass is large otherwise.

I love it. I play blues and need no pedals at all with this amp. I had my usual array plugged in at first and then discarded them all one by one. Now I have none in the chain and the amp is just sweet on its own.

For the record I have a Marshall JVM, a Mesa Boogie 5:50 and a Hughes and Kettner 18. A good array of valve amps and this Cube still sounds great to me. I use it all the time for practice as it's easier than waiting on standby for valves to warm up and cool down. Also the sound is good at all settings from 0.5 to 30W.

A beauty and cheap too!
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de Original review (Show translation)
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Erst skeptisch, dann begeistert
Dizzy Krissi, 31.12.2016
Wer hätte gedacht, dass ich jemals einen Transistor/Modelling -Amp live im Bluesrock-Kontext benutzen und damit auch noch glücklich werden würde.
Ich spiele seit 30 Jahren Gitarre und habe schon alles Mögliche ausprobiert, aber Modelling und Co haben bei mir auf der Bühne bisher nie funktioniert, wenn es darum ging einen druckvollen Sound, der sich im Bandkontext durchsetzt, zu produzieren.
Das hat sich seit gestern geändert, denn da hat der Blues-Cube seine Bewährungsprobe bravourös bestanden.
Wie soll für mich ein amtlicher Blues(rock)-Sound klingen? Ganz einfach: knackiger clean-sound mit einem clean-breakup bei moderater Lautstärke. Meine bisherigen Live-Amps waren ein Hot Rod Deluxe, Blues Junior, Fender Twin, Palmer FAT50, Laney IRT-Studio.
Alles gute Amps, aber entweder zu Laut, inkonsistent, anfällig oder zu schwer.
Der Blues-Cube bietet einen knackigen, durchsetzungsfähigen Clean-Sound und reagiert dabei wie ein Röhrenverstärker. Der Unterschied ist quasi nicht zu hören. Den eingebauten Boost nutze ich nicht, da er weder regelbar ist, noch meinen klanglichen Vorstellungen entspricht.
Der Clean-Sound ist die klangliche Grundlage und mein Pedalboard mit einem Marshall Governour, Love Pedal Stevie Mod, Diabolo Gain Plus und einem Cry-Baby Wahwah sorgt für die übrigen Sounds.
Der Amp kann mit 0.5, 5, 15 und 30 Watt betrieben werden. Erstaunlicherweise hat die 15 Watt-Einstellung zur Beschallung einer mittelgroßen Räumlichkeit mit etwa 150 Personen locker ausgereicht (und wir sind sicherlich keine leise Band). Der Sound ist bei jeder Lautstärke stabil, druckvoll und es scheppert nichts. Mein Effektboard wurde vom Amp super angenommen - da klang nichts fizzelig oder digital.
Meine anfängliche Skepsis ist purer Begeisterung gewichen. Ein erwachsener Amp in der Größe eines Übungscombos mit genügend cleanem Headroom für quasi jede Location. Meine Bandkollegen waren ebenfalls begeistert.

Hier mein Fazit:

Features: 1 Kanal, bright switch (tone), boost, treble, bass, middle, reverb, gain, master, line out, footswitch (boost), recording out (USB), phones-out.

+ druckvoller "fender-like" clean-sound mit dem Verhalten eines Röhrenverstärkers bei jeder Lautstärke, der sich im Bandkontext super durchsetzt
+ 0.5/5/15/30 Watt regelbar (sehe gar keinen Bedarf nach 60 oder 80 Watt)
+ nimmt Overdrive-Pedale sehr gut an
+ guter Digitalhall, der sich unaufdringlich in's Klangbild einfügt
+ Line-Out, der den Speaker nicht stummschaltet (bevorzuge live allerdings i.d.R. einen mikrofonierten Amp)
+ geringes Gewicht

- Boost nicht regelbar und soundtechnisch hätte ich mir stattdessen einen guten Crunch-Sound gewünscht - geschmackssache
- kleine Verarbeitungsmängel am Tolex, welches nicht gut in die Ecken eingepasst wurde.
- kein Effekteinschleifweg
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