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Sonnox Claro

Sonnox Claro (ESD); equalizer plugin; versatile, clean and musical-sounding equalizer with 26 bands and 3 different views suitable for different applications; Produce view offering a fast, creative EQ that actively promotes the musical creativity while removing unnecessary distractions and complex technical terminology; Tweak view opens up more correctional possibilities, clean and flexible filters as well as a real-time analyser that adapts to moves and helps to identify problematic resonances; Mix provides full control over all parameters, all Claro instances across the project, as well as cross-track analysis with indication of masking effects and competing frequency ranges; Invert EQ function applies corresponding boosts to one track and cuts to another to reduce masking and give each track its own spectral space; Left, Right, Mid, Side, Mono, or Stereo channel processing provide extensive range of correction options; extended frequency range from 20 Hz to 40 kHz; variable Q, including resonance and overshoot on the cut and shelving filters, respectively, allows to mimic classic synth filters and hardware EQ curves; variable slopes on all band shapes, up 120 dB / oct. for surgical work; smooth and artefact-free automation; Auto Gain keeps the track at the same loudness

available since October 2021
Item number 529851
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