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Superlux HD-681


Studio Headphones

  • Semi-open
  • Circumaural (full size)
  • Dynamic
  • Self-adjusting headband
  • Peak SPL: 98 dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: 10 - 30000 Hz
  • Maximum Power: 300 mW
  • THD 100 mW@1KHZ<1%
  • 2.5m Cable with 3.5 mm Stereo mini-jack
  • Weight (including cable): 278 g
  • Weight (excluding cable): 230 g
  • Including 6.3 mm mini-jack adapter and a bag
Available since April 2009
Item number 218865
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Over-Ear
System Semi Open
Impedance 32 Ohms
Frequency range 10 Hz – 30000 Hz
Adapter Yes
Replacable Cable No
Marrone/Argento Black
Max. SPL 98 dB
Sensitivity 98 dB
Type Of Connector Mini Jack
Type Of connector Jack
Adaptor 1
Weight 230 g
Colour Black
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Great sound at an affordable price

The Superlux HD-681 is a pair of semi-open headphones with an impressive price-performance ratio. Despite their highly affordable purchase price, these headphones deliver a pleasing sound with a balanced bass response, a detailed midrange, and plenty of presence in the treble frequencies. The stereo image generated by these headphones is also impressively wide, which is mainly thanks to the semi-open construction, and individual instruments can also be effortlessly located in the stereo field, which makes the HD-681 ideal for beginners. The scope of delivery also includes a 3.5mm to 6.35mm stereo jack adapter and a carrying pouch.

Superlux HD-681 Studio Headphones

Slight treble emphasis

Contrary to what many users might understandably expect from headphones in this price category, the Superlux HD-681 does not display any noticeable lack of presence in the bass and mid frequencies. The headphones' treble response can at times be somewhat over-emphasised, however, which can lead to premature ear fatigue (this can of course be compensated with sufficient breaks). What is more, these headphones' impedance of 32 ohms means that they can deliver a respectable level of volume when paired with mobile devices, making the HD-681 ideal for both studio work and listening to music for pleasure.

Closeup of the Superlux HD-681 Studio Headphones

Extremely comfortable

The Superlux HD-681 features circumaural ear cushions which, although they cannot be rotated or tilted, provide a very comfortable fit. The headband is also self-adjusting and features a metal bracket to keep it in place, which together with the headphones' weight of just 230 grams ensures a high level of comfort even during extended sessions. The fixed ear cushions also mean that the HD-681 is not foldable, but users who can forego this luxury during transport will find these headphones to be an affordable solution that is great for both professional applications and listening to music in their free time.

Closeup of the Superlux HD-681 Studio Headphones

About Superlux

Anyone looking for microphones and headphones with an excellent price-performance ratio will certainly find what they are looking for from Superlux. The company employs experienced specialists and produces its articles at various locations in its own factories in China and Taiwan, where the products are developed, tested, and manufactured under one roof. Everything can therefore be manufactured on site, from the raw material to the finished device, which has a positive effect on the selling price. The products are often praised in test reports for their sound and manufacturing quality. With Superlux products, private users can achieve solid recording and mixing results even without a large budget.

A word of caution...

It should be mentioned that the Superlux HD-681 headphones only deliver a small amount of sound isolation in each direction, which means that they are not the optimum choice for FOH applications. Those who choose these headphones for recording purposes should also take extra care to ensure that no crosstalk takes place between the headphones and the microphone. Nevertheless, the HD-681 is a good choice for monitoring recordings in the studio, which is where these headphones' excellent price-performance ratio really starts to pay off, since the balanced bass response, detail-rich midrange, and ample high-end presence enable a reliable analysis to be made and ensure an enjoyable listening experience.

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3125 Reviews

Not exactly Pro standards, but superb for music and gaming on a budget!
Nate in Belgium 07.06.2020
I bought these to listen to music and for playing PC games after reading online recommendations. I have them connected to a Monolith Liquid Spark headphone amp connected to my PC's onboard DAC line out.

My main decision was based on sound quality, imaging and price. I liked the noted sound signature listed on the Superlux website and from reviews I've read. I have to say I'm actually blown away with how they sound! These have a nicer sound signature than my old Sennheiser HD580s. Yes they are cheaply built, but look how much they cost. I'm sure if you look after them and treat them with respect they will last long enough. My biggest complaint is the clamping force and thin earpads. Very uncomfortable, I've ordered thicker velour pads from China to compensate.

Pros: Spacious sound with good clarity, depth and punch making them ideal for gaming. Gorgeously musical. Ridiculous price.

Cons: Treble forward. Not going to compete with high end headphones (but snapping at the heels of phones costing 5-10x as much). Clamping force is probably the worst I've encountered. Build quality fits what you pay


Well worth the price
JJ_III 12.08.2019
I needed a pair of headphones for work just to filter out some noise and helping to focus. I tried out couple cheap ones, but was very disappointed with sound quality every time. I already had a pair of Superlux HD-330's which I had been very happy with for about four years already. I checked back and forth between them and these (and HD-660) but decided to give these a shot.

Enough blabbering - these headphones are absolutely worth the price. The sound is pretty clear and the phones are comfortable to wear. They are a little bass heavy though so keep that in mind if you are considering between these and some other ones. But for my purpose, casual music listening while in work, they are just perfect. They are semi-open, but I'd be ready to call them open. It's good when someone tries to reach out from outside as they don't need to shout. On the other hand they are massive enough to be seen so other understand that they might need to raise voice — good perk compared to earphones.

Overall strongly recommended for casual use. Notice still that the given 5 stars is strongly quality-price ratio -based, so if you want the best sound quality I would recommend spending a bit more.


Buy this !!!
2JohJoh2 03.11.2022
I got introduced to this brand through a site which professionally reviews headphones. Headphones from 10$ up to the 1000's of $$$.
Intrigued by their positive review, especially their opinion of the sound quality / fidelity, I decided to purchase a whole set of them.
4 of this exact type, two more of other types of the same brand.
And I was really blown away : the HD-681's produce a sound quality that is unheard of at this price level. Or at 5 times the price.
I'm talking about neutral sound, something you can trust, not one that will give you the highest "kick" when listening to Dub or other genres, but something that translates very well anything you throw at it.
A bit like a cheap Sennheiser 600/650 - which of course plays in premiere league .
3 of them went to my kids, to learn to listen to music as it was recorded, instead of getting hyped sound out of "fancy" brands (where 50% of the budget goes to the "artist who developed the product line") ...

Negative : build quality - don't just throw them into your bag !!
Positive : replaceable ear cushions (two sets provided), replaceable cables (multiple lengths provided) --- did I mention "Sound Quality" ?


idanaltman 21.05.2024
I can't believe how good these are for the price. I compared them with my HD600 which cost 10 times more and they sound pretty decent in comparison. I also compared them to Beyerdynamic DT240 pro and the superlux sound better IMO. The bass on these is really smooth and if I was on a tight budget I'd def choose these over ATH M30x for example or other headphones in the same price range as the latter. they are also very light and comfortable.


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