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Harley Benton TE-52 NA Vintage Series

Electric Guitar

  • Body: American ash
  • Bolt-on neck: caramelized Canadian maple with roseacer skunk stripe
  • Neck profile: C
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Fretboard radius: 350 mm
  • Fretboard inlays: Dot
  • 21 Frets
  • Scale: 648 mm
  • Nut width: 42 mm
  • Pickup: 2 Roswell TEA Alnico-5 TE-style single coils
  • 1 Volume control and 1 tone control
  • 3-Way switch
  • Deluxe chrome hardware
  • Kluson-Style machine heads
  • Strings: 10-46
  • Colour: Natural high gloss
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Further Information

Colour Natural
Pickups SS
Fretboard Maple
Tremolo None
Body Ash
Top None
Neck Maple
Frets 21
Scale 648 mm
Incl. Case No
Incl. Bag No

A tribute to the classic

Classic looks, classic specifications, classic sound: The Harley Benton TE-52 NA is a typical T-style guitar whose special feature is its price-performance ratio. With an American ash body and a sturdy maple neck and fingerboard, this guitar matches both the characteristics of far more expensive models and the original specifications of its forefathers. Other features include high-quality single-coil pickups from Roswell, D'Addario strings, and vintage-style hardware that sounds as authentic as it looks. If there’s anything that doesn't quite fit about this model, then it's the low price.

Solid features

The natural wood look of the ash body features an attractive grain and a high-gloss finish, while the neck has been lightly tinted and sports a matt finish for increased playing comfort. Speaking of the neck: This is constructed from Canadian maple with a glued-on maple fretboard, and the neck profile, while based on the 1950s design of the original, is slightly slimmer to allow for modern playing styles. The design of the bridge allows both string-through-body and toploader stringing methods to be used. Circuitry has been kept very clean and simple: Volume control, tone control, and selector switch. This three-way switch allows the player to flip easily between the pickups, with the "humbucking" middle position suppressing interference. The machine heads have retained their authentic vintage design, and two string trees ensure that the top strings do not come unseated from the nut, even when struck hard.

The sound that everyone loves

Pricewise, this guitar is in a range aimed at beginners, but advanced players may also be tempted to get a hold of one if they are looking to add a solid T-style sound to their setup without having to invest too much. If you are more into Classic Rock music, Blues, or Country than Heavy Metal, you will find a more than suitable partner in this guitar. The Harley Benton TE-52 characteristically offers a very direct, bright, and crisp sound (great for these music genres), which is further enhanced by the wood combination and Alnico V pickups from Roswell. The bridge design and metal plate under the bridge pickup also ensure that the sound is not too thin.

About Harley Benton

Since 1998, the Harley Benton brand has been catering for the needs of numerous guitarists and bassists. In addition to an extensive range of stringed instruments, Thomann's house brand also offers a wide choice of amplifiers, speakers, effect pedals, and other accessories. In total, the range includes over 1,500 products. Built by established names in the industry, all Harley Benton products combine quality and reliability at attractive and affordable prices. The continuous expansion of the range ensures that Harley Benton always provides new, exciting, and innovative products that keep players perfectly in tune with the musical world, day after day.

A simple guitar with many possibilities

Whether as a guitar for rehearsal spaces, as a backup or beginner's instrument, or simply for classic T-style sounds that you can't get with your existing guitar collection, the list of possible applications for a Harley Benton TE-52 is long. And the quality of this model is just as attractive as its price tag. No wonder then that it has been one of the top sellers in this guitar category for years. The classic design means it is also compatible with a large number of parts, including a wide variety of pickups, pickguards, and machine heads, making this a model with considerable potential for customisation. Yet even without any modifications, the TE-52 is still a powerful instrument. For beginners in particular, we recommended one of our bundle deals as an alternative to purchasing the guitar on its own. Or you can put together your own individual Creative Bundle with all the accessories necessary for your setup, such as gigbags, straps, and amplifiers.

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TE-52 NA Vintage Series
micoli, 30.10.2017
The sound of Telecasters has never really impressed me but I just wanted one to fill a gap in my collection, which is mainly hollow bodied, (with the exception of a Tokai strat). I play as a hobby so my guitars never leave the house and I really don't demand top-class instruments, although I would certainly be happy to own one! I first researched the options from different makes and suppliers but wasn't impressed with what was on offer for the £200 mark. As I've bought Harley Benton's before, I was confident I could find a Tele at the right price. After comparing them I ordered the TE-52 but to be honest, at just £122 including delivery, my expectations were not that high, despite glowing reviews on the Thomann site and on YouTube. After all, it's a guitar that sells for £113! It was ordered on a Friday evening and received in the UK on Wednesday at 10:00am, tracked all the way.

My first impression was that this was a stunning looking and a very well made guitar. When I checked it over and played it this is what I found:

~ There were no blemishes on the finish and it was pretty perfect.
~ The neck relief was perfect with the strings just sitting above the frets at the 7th fret.
~ The intonation was perfect on 4 strings and slightly off on the D & G strings, which took 30 seconds to put right.
~ The body looks like a 2 piece body, judging from the join at the base.
~ The neck looks like a one piece neck.
~ The dot markers are sitting central on the edge of the fretboard.
~ There was no shielding inside the control panel, pickups and jack socket.
~ The tuners are fine and hold the strings in tune, but I do find there is some slack spots in them,
~ The control panel is 34mm wide so buying a new control panel would be hard to find, (the American version is 32mm).
~ The pickguard is also not a standard American size so it would be harder to find a replacement, to align the 8 screw holes and have a 34mm gap for the control plate.
~ The cavity at the neck position beneath the pickguard is large enough to fit a humbucker or mini-humbucker at the neck. So if you want a new pickup set-up you will need to find the Asian version of the pickguard, (see above).
~ The C shaped neck plays like a dream.
~ The nut is plastic.
~ The neck was seated into the body perfectly, with not the slightest gap.
~ The Roswell pickups sound good enough to me to keep them in the guitar.
~ The guitar strings were slightly corroded.
~ The frets were not polished - so initially no string bending!

I have had the guitar just over one week and I have replaced the bridge and saddles with the Wilkinson compensated brass version. I was just going to replace the saddles but thought it easier to replace the whole bridge. This upgrade isn't really needed but I like my guitars 'just so'. It has had an effect on the sound and it has now, to my ears at any rate, more of a Telecaster 'twang' . While I was at it, I also shielded all the cavities with black shielding paint and replaced the string trees with roller string trees. I fitted a bone nut which was re-cut to eliminate the sharps on the first fret. The strings were initially cleaned up with some WD40 on kitchen towel, which worked fine, but I put another set of 9's on when I replace the bridge. I polished the frets at the same time. If anything the tuners could be replaced, but at a much later time.

This guitar far exceeded my expectations. It's great looking and it was playable straight out of the box. The quality is amazing for the the price paid - if it was twice the price it would still be good value. There are some very small faults but nothing that can't very easily be put right. Most new guitars need properly setting up but this one didn't. Although I fiddled around with it to get it playing exactly how I like it, my upgrades were not really necessary but for the cost involved, I think they are an improvement.

This is my 4th Harley Benton. I've never had anything except the smallest problem with the build quality on HB guitars and this one is about the best I've ever had. So, from being indifferent to Telecasters I am now a convert and I really love this guitar. It's great value and a great player.
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A Brilliant Buy
chrisalis, 11.03.2020
I must say that my first and overall reaction on receiving this guitar was one of pleasant surprise. There has been much written about this particular Harley Benton but I wanted to make my own mind up and tried to be objective as I could. I would add modestly that my guitars are all top notch models from premium makers so my bar is set high. What is undeniable is that a so called ‘budget’ guitar has been taken to another level. The wood on the particular guitar I received is excellent. The fit and finish of the component parts impeccable. My tuners are all good and functioned without fault with no issues whatsoever. The pots turned evenly and the selector switch had good resistance. I was surprised too at the fair quality of the hardware. Not perhaps the best money can buy but far from being cheap and nasty that would need immediate replacement.. In respect of the neck, arguably the most important part of any guitar, all good. In fact very good indeed. The profile is more of a medium u shape. The frets were installed perfectly with no low or high spots anywhere on my fretboard. My example played perfectly straight out of the box. Some people may wish to polish the frets but this is a personal thing and not a criticism and on my example certainly not necessary. Perhaps I may give them them a light polish when I eventually need to change the strings. The strings were D’addario 9’s and in perfectly new condition without a sign of rust and rang clear and true. I had a new set ready to install but was simply not necessary. I was impressed by the resonance that I could feel vibrate through the ash body of this guitar. I would add that thought that the action at the factory had been set a little high for my personal preference. I used my allen key and lowered the six saddle screws one complete anti clockwise turn and now for me, was much better. I will fine tune this when I get the time. I’ve read that the TE-52 is heavy but I certainly don’t find this. Certainly not light but prohibitively heavy? No.
I am not going to comment with regards pickups as this is purely subjective and with so many variables. Many purchasers of this guitar will certainly keep the stock pickups and many may change. Voila!
This is a good guitar. I get the impression that perhaps Thomanns have been sensitive to previous criticisms of Harley Benton guitars and have taken these on board and have resolved them with the factory and as I said before, bringing ‘budget’ guitars to another level.
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T sound at bargain price!
Paul7701, 20.03.2020
Having recently popped my Harley Benton cherry with the Fusion T EB BK, (which I absolutely adore) , I decided to go try out the TE52, which is one of the really affordable HBs on offer, to see if the quality is comparable across the range, plus the fact that I love T style guitars!
Straight out of the box, the guitar is stunning and (not too) heavy, the finish is beautiful, the grain on my model is really nice, 3 large sections for the body and a 2 piece maple neck, which is chunky, but VERY PLAYABLE (and I have quite small hands for a guy), so don't be put off by people saying the neck is too thick! The setup was ok out of the box, action needed lowering, and I swapped out the saddles for compensated brass ones, but honestly, this is my preference, and I would not consider this upgrade as necessary, as the supplied saddles work just fine; as do the machine heads on my particular model, nice smooth action, holds tune perfectly.
The frets were well finished, like most posters here, they did need a good polish however, but that is all,,,, no sprout or sharp edges on this one, and all the frets are beautifully level: btw, the edges of the fretboard look and feel "rolled in" and is very comfortable, a feature usually reserved for much more expensive instruments!
At some point I will probably swap out the nut for a Tusq, but again, personal preference, as the supplied plastic nut is cut and set perfectly, no issues.
The main thing that has once again impressed me no end, are the Roswell AlNiCo-5 T-style pups, which are a revelation. I have owned MANY T guitars down through the years, I just love em, and have played them professionally and for fun for over 30 years, and I assure you, the sound from the TE52 is PURE TELE! The sustain is amazing (that weight in the body helps) , there is just the right balance of twang, honk and grunt, which is astounding, given the price of this thing; £125 including delivery at the time of purchase!
The TE52 is a comfortable, accurate and pleasing T style guitar to play; something I've realised with both of my HBs is that, more than anything, it's that these guitars are so much FUN TO PLAY! ,plus, with a few minor tweaks you will have an instrument that is going to sound, feel and play like a "F" guitar at a fraction of the price; certainly their MIM or Squier offerings.
Good on you Thomann and HB, keep knocking it out of the park like this, and you'll start giving the "big boys" nightmares! I can definitely see more HBs in my collection!
Rock on!
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Move over Mexico, here comes Harley Benton.
S. Walker, 31.03.2020
This guitar rocks. I mean genuinely honestly properly rocks. It's a great sounding, great looking, great playing guitar.

Ostensibly the 52 in the name is because this aims to be close to the spec of a 1952 T-type guitar, in other words the original from which the formula was derived. In that, it succeeds, and does so well.

Obviously, it's vying with many competitors for a place in that crowded market, and despite its low price, it punches well above its weight. You'd need to pretty much add a zero onto the price tag of this guitar before you would see a significant improvement in what you were holding in your hands, and I mean that.

The neck is nice to play, mine came with a reasonable finish to the edges of the frets, and the action was pretty much there. Not sure how Thomann does the setups but this one was good. The strings, which are d'Addario ones (at this price and all!) are well matched to the guitar and felt fresh, recent, and still full of life. The whole combination made this great fun to play straight out of the box. That said, modern guitar players might be a little surprised by the neck itself - it's chunky, but it's supposed to be! This is not a shredding machine, but hey, neither is an original '52.

In terms of build, the transparent finish is pleasant if a little thick, the body is two-piece but with a nice grain, the hardware is good, the knobs are real metal with some weight to them, and the tuners are proper vintage style ones too, which is a nice touch. They aren't branded but they aren't far off what you'd get from a name brand version of the same item. No, they aren't locking tuners but they're not meant to be, neither were the ones on the original '52.

Does it feel like I'm repeating myself a bit here? If so, that's because most of the obvious "complaint points" I could see a typical guitarist coming up with after playing this are simply due to it being faithful to the vintage T-type formula - a simple, no-frills, hard driving twang machine, using components that come close in spec to 1950s technology.

Speaking of twang, the pickups are, perhaps unexpectedly at this price, really good. A warm, bluesy neck pickup, and a gritty, punchy, raw sound at the bridge make for some great choices of tone, and they're spot-on for the money. Proper old-school paired saddles too, which keep that really distinctive pinging bridge tone, unlike many other options at this and several price points above which opt for more modern-player friendly but tone-sacrificing independently intonated saddles. Minus one point because they're not brass, but otherwise everything about the bridge plate and pickups is complaint free and very traditional.

Moving around to the control plate, as mentioned in passing before, the quality "above deck" is good. The switch tip feels nice, the switch itself moves cleanly and firmly, and the knobs are sturdy. The jack socket on the side of the guitar is a plate, not the traditional cup, but this is one modern trait worth rolling with, because, well, it absolutely is an improvement of the one thing that sucks about the original without sacrificing look, feel, or tone. Underneath the control plate, the story is, actually, not bad either. No, you don't get full size potentiometers but there's space for them if you wanted to upgrade later. Otherwise, the soldering and assembly is neat, and the cavity is clean of debris. There's no shielding, but then, the original '52... you know what's coming here.

The pickguard is thick, proper 1-ply, dark black. Only word of warning - it isn't quite the standard size! The control plate is marginally wider than usual, and so the semicircular cutout for it will come up snug on aftermarket guards if that's the direction you go in. Why the control plate isn't exactly standard size, I have no idea. It's a little irritating but not a disaster.

After playing it for several months, mine has exactly two things altered. Firstly, and least obtrusively, the strap buttons. The stock ones are fine but they don't have much taper and they're huge. Really huge. Almost in the region of "you could moor an ocean liner using them as capstans" huge. This meant that some straps didn't "close" as they sat around the base of the buttons since they were just too thick. I swapped them for some vintage replica strap buttons, which have a slightly smaller head and a much more drastic flare, so the strap sits far more securely at the base of the button. Not absolutely necessary, but a personal preference satisfied.

Secondly, and more drastically, I replaced the neck pickup altogether, routing out the body and pickguard to take a vintage type gold-foil, a very different shape and sound to what it replaced. This was not a like-for-like swap to rectify an issue with the stock neck pickup, which was fantastic, rather I bought this guitar intentionally as a platform for this modification. A gold-foil equipped T-type was something I wanted as an option but I didn't want to buy a much more expensive guitar in the first instance to slice up in case I didn't like it. As it stands, this was a better guitar in the first place than the other options anyway!

What am I getting at here? Well, I suppose really it's the versatility of this guitar, particularly the fact that the classic design is easy to upgrade and modify to a player's preferences, as well as its ability to compete in much bigger leagues than its price tag might suggest.

Is it a guitar marketed at beginners? Undoubtedly, and this would be very high on my list of recommendations for a beginner electric player, because it's simple to use, competitively priced, but also a genuinely good option that will last a beginner well beyond where most "starter" guitars can take them.

Does that make it a "beginners guitar"? Not at all, and that's the rub, really. If you are an intermediate or even advanced guitar player looking to scratch that T-style itch, this should be choice number one. Actually, it's good enough that for anyone less than a professional touring musician who can afford to add a zero to the price, it could be guitar number one in general too.

Likewise, it's a fantastic serious modding platform. The price is low enough that it leaves a lot of headroom for other parts in a budget, and what you get in the box is of good enough quality to make those modifications worth doing. Again, an effect of the price for sure, is that you feel confident actually taking on something more major with this guitar than just a like-for-like part swap. Additionally, there's enough modularity in the original formula preserved here to give you options for natural upgrades over time rather than replacing the guitar. For example, you could easily swap out the potentiometers or pickups, even with no prior experience of soldering work (and no better guitar to first get your hands dirty), and see the results of your efforts take shape. The saddles scream out to be swapped for compensated brass ones. This design is one that makes such tasks easy, and although that's not unique to this guitar, the combination of can-do and worth-doing is near unmatched. For not a lot of extra time and money, you could push this guitar even further in the quality stakes. None of this needs doing, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the guitar as-is, but knowing those options are there definitely heightens the appeal.

This guitar then, shines as an example of how far "cheap" or "affordable" guitars have come, and that something great to play and great to hear can be mass produced and available for all. In some ways, that ticks the boxes that the original '50s formula proposed better than anything else.
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