Joyo MA-10B Portable Bass Amp


Transistor Combo For Electric Basses

  • 2 Channels
  • Power: 10 Watt
  • 5" Customised full frequency speaker
  • Closed cabinet
  • Controls: Volume, tone, gain
  • Switch: Normal / drive
  • Input: 6.3 mm jack
  • AUX input
  • Headphone output
  • Power supply via 6x AA battery or mains adapter
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 240 x 150 x 170 mm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Colour: White
  • Incl. 9V 1200 mA power supply unit
available since November 2019
Item number 474025
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Power in W 10 W
Speaker component 1x 5"
HF-Horn No
Equalizer Tone
Compressor No
Limiter No
Effects Unit No
Headphone Output Yes
DI Output No
Speaker Connector No
CD/MP3 Input No
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Compact companion

The MA-10B is the bass model from Joyo's range of practice amps. The Chinese company has given a lot of thought to what could make life easier for musicians and has combined this in the MA-10B. The result is a compact, lightweight, and extremely affordable companion for various situations, reduced to the essentials. This not only applies to indoor use, but also to outdoor musical activities thanks to the option of battery operation. To this end, the Joyo MA-10B can be comfortably slung over the shoulder like a handbag. Even dirty sounds are taken care of thanks to the integrated drive circuit.

The minimalist

The Joyo MA-10B does not boast numerous features, yet it has everything a practice amp needs. The 10 watts of power are enough to be audible in the comfort of your own home. However, when silence is required, the MA-10B features a connection for headphones and an AUX in for external sources such as mobile phones, etc. This way, you can comfortably jam to your favourite songs without disturbing the neighbours. With the tone control, the sound can be made brighter or darker and easily customised to suit individual tastes. For distorted sounds, activate the drive channel, which includes a gain control. The MA-10B is powered either by a mains adapter or by batteries, the latter allowing up to three hours of music-making.

One amp for the whole apartment

With its compact dimensions and features, the Joyo MA-10B is primarily intended as a practice amp to be used at home. It is especially interesting for those who like to carry their amp around the house. If, for example, you feel like playing some bass while watching football, simply place the MA-10B close by on the coffee table. If you need a monitor for home recording, you can easily place the MA-10B on your desktop. And if the whole family pays a visit, it can be quickly stowed away in the cupboard or under the sofa thanks to its size (or lack of!) and low weight.

About Joyo

Chinese manufacturer Joyo is focused particularly on guitar amplifiers and effects - and produces an extraordinarily wide range of products. These include tube amplifiers for electric guitars, acoustic guitar amps, and all kinds of effect pedals. Classics like wah-wahs and distortion pedals, but also cab simulations, loopers, and digital wireless systems are always available at reasonable prices. The young company’s products have already had success with well-known artists and made a lively circle of "endorsers" for itself, especially in the Metal fraternity.

Low end by the lake

Electric basses and the great outdoors usually don't get along too well due to the lack of power sockets for the necessary amplifier. Moreover, if you are on your way to the beach by foot or by bike, transporting a practice amp might turn into an exhausting task. However, the Joyo MA-10B is so small that it fits easily into a backpack or even a bike basket. Its weight of only 1.3 kilos also makes for easy and relaxed transportation. Thanks to the option of battery operation, you can then jam outdoors for up to three hours.

Loads of amp for your money.
Stub Mandrel 02.11.2021
This amp is a 10W bass amp with included PSU, it compares well with the Fly Bass which is a similar price, 3W and no PSU included.

It's an ideal bedroom blaster for places where too much volume might cause issues, very portable and able to keep up with acoustic guitar of a jam in the park etc. Not really giggable and maybe not enough power for busking except in a quiet spot with good acoustics, like a subway.

Build quality is typical Joyo, very solid, nice light-up logo and in cream it has a lovely retro feel. Other colours look contemporary, so a timeless design,

The sound is good for a 5" speaker but not outstanding. It handles a passive bass well without farting, haven't tried it with my active 5-string. The tone control is a bit like a Fender TBX, very subtle and to be honest sounds best left at 12 O'clock to me. The drive channel works well giving a decent rumble rather than a buzz.


Handy when no power is available
Dan_333 12.01.2022
I bought this amp to use with my bass ukulele when performing with a small band in the open air on a high street. There is a good amount of loudness and bass from this small unit. It's fairly lightweight and for 10W can hold its own. There is a gain and basic EQ/tone controls to shape your sound. I was playing with a keyboard, a cajon and a 20 person choir and could still be heard. When at maximum volume, I did notice a little feedback, but that would be expected. For this pricepoint, I don't think there are many better options as cheap as this.


Very satisfied
MaximilienM 15.02.2022
Unbelievably light and tiny, super easy to transport, yet it delivers a surprising amount of volume with a tone that's not completely horrible.

This thing will not make your bass sound better, but it will allow you to jam with an electric guitar (at reasonable volumes), and to enjoy your practice time. I would not change anything, outstanding product.


Nice little combo for bedroom slapping
Reginald Wooster 06.03.2023
This Portable Bass Amp is compact and lightweight. I think it looks bigger than it weighs.

It has a decent punch, the sound is surprisingly loud and clear.

I can fit it into my backpack, jump on the bike and be ready to have a cozy little jam session at my buddy's place.

Included AC adapter is an epic win.

Also, it's really cool to be able to practice after midnight thanks to headphones and AUX inputs. I really found myself still playing at 3 am.

Overall, the Joyo MA-10B Portable Bass Amp is a great option for bass players who need a compact, portable amp for practicing or jamming. Sure thing it is not powerful enough for larger gigs or performances, but no one states this. Just a cute practice combo.


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