GHS Fast Fret


String cleaner and lubricant for guitar and bass

  • Practical accessory for cleaning and maintenance of strings and fingerboard
  • Removes accumulated dirt and grime
  • Strings sound 'bright' and new
  • Prolongs the life of all strings
  • Lubricates the strings to play faster
  • Reduces finger noise
  • Silicone free
  • Includes applicator and cleaning cloth
Item number 104761
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Set Yes
Oil No
Polish No
Cleaner No
String Cleaner Yes
Drapery Yes
Wax No
Storlek 0
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Great way to prolong life of your strings
VitalyG 09.01.2018
I have been using Fast Fret for years now. It keeps my strings from drying out and helps me slide easily along the strings as well as feel slicker which makes it easier for me to play. It is also possible to use it after you finish playing to wipe off all the ?dirt? from fingers. Simple chemistry, as I would say. In my opinion this is the best string cleaner I have ever used. It includes the applicator and a cloth to wipe off the excess oil which both fit in a small plastic tube that can easily fit in a guitar case pocket. I really like that it lasts a long time. I have had my previous one that I use for 2-3 times a week for about two years in a row. So I think that this is great thing for its money. Just imagine ? one can for 2 years or even more!
I use it for my basses and guitar. And it perfectly works regardless material of strings (tried with nickel, chrome and steel) and roundwound of flatwound. Great thing is that it does not affect fretboard material ? maple, rosewood, ebony? It makes it in good shape anyways. So you may no worries for your oiled maple fretboard.
I found it a bit easier to use than cleaner by Dunlop because the applicator stays wet for all time, no need to shake as with Dunlop bottle.
It is definitely not the thing that make strings last forever, but it can helps out for gig or some demo recording if you need strings to sounds almost like new.
cleaning efficiency


Surprisingly good
Ivan Getov 05.11.2021
Before i bought the GHS Fastfret, i used the Dunlop Ultraglide 65 to clean my strings. Dunlop's cleaner was cumbersome to use, left a weird feeling on the string and fingers and the effects were very short-term, plus it made the strings TOO bright and i play with clean, zingy tones so that means something.

The GHS Fastfret is completely opposite. It's super easy to use. No dabbing, shaking and waiting for the applicator to saturate with the substance in the bottle.

Smells faintly of almonds and you can moisten your fretboard with it, since it's based on mineral oil. The effect is longer term, doesn't feel greasy or weird on the strings and fingers and the strings don't get too bright and metallicy with it. Plus, the cloth that comes with it is very smooth and doesn't leave material between the windings or around the bridge/nut if nicked.
cleaning efficiency


I only know that I play better when using it
Tannhauser 10.12.2022
I have no idea about how good/efficient this thing cleans or if it actually protects the strings and the fretboard. This can only be appreciated by close systematic observation for the duration of maybe on year or more, and compare it to a control group that doesn't use it. I am just a guy who likes to shred from time to time, so...yeah. But I know that whenever I use this on the strings and the fingerboard, it lubricates them and the playing is much faster and easier. But the tone gets affected, it cuts some of the highs. Overall I will buy more.
cleaning efficiency


I've been using it for15 years now...
fommof 16.12.2019
...and fora good reason.

Every time I finish playing, I clean each string with a piece of cloth and then I apply the Fast Fret on each of the strings.

That's it. The strings will remain in a good condition for MUCH longer than anything else I've tried.

By the way, this product will last you for many years as long as you don't leave it exposed to air (just don\t forget to always put it in its box and secure the lid). I am still using a couple of Fast Frets that I had bought more than 5 years ago.

Big bonus, the new package is 10 times better than the old one. The new one will not accidentaly open and dry out, so good job GHS!

All in all, if you want to preserve your string's life for as long as possible, here's is a cheap and very handy product.
cleaning efficiency