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The company KRK Systems was founded in the year 1986 by Keith Klawitter. The company's headquarter of the company is in Deerfield Beach (USA). The official European branch is company Gibson Europe BV in MG Amersfoort (NL).

You can find 56 KRKSys products at Thomann 48 of them are ready for dispatch and 4 offers are in our current Hot Deals. We've been selling KRK products since 1995, so for over 28 year(s).

To inform our customers as best we can about KRK products, you will find a total of 2904 media, reviews and test reports on KRK products on our website - among them the following 664 pictures, 22 different 360 panoramic views, 2174 customers' reviews and 44 test reports from magazines (in several languages).

At the moment you will find KRK top sellers in the following product categories Active Nearfield Monitors, Subwoofers and Studio Headphones.

An absolute best seller of the brand is the following product KRK Rokit RP5 G4. We have sold already over 20.000 of these.

KRK products are at the top of our visitors popularity scale. Within the last month the KRK product range was hit at Thomann Online Store over 6.000 times.

Many famous musicians use KRK equipment amongst them the following Junei, Dommy D, Ron Fair, Stephen Marsh, Stuart Brawley, Ed Cherney, Daniel Porter, Dan Spitz, Rodney Jerkins and Jim Coarch.

Thomann is also cheaper on KRK products than most of the other competitors. Within the last three months we have reduced the prices of 11 KRK products. It really becomes super cheap with our set offers and Creative Bundles in which further discounts are included.

We also offer our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for KRK products, a 3-year warranty, and many additional services such as qualified product specialists, an on-site service department and much more.

You can find more information about the manufacturer on http://www.krksys.com

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