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The history of the company Masterworkcymbals goes back to the year 2002. The company's headquarter is in Esenyurt Istanbul (TR). The official German branch is the company Sound Service GmbH in Rangsdorf (D).

Masterwork products are mainly manufactured in factories in Turkey, United States and China.

Currently we hold a total of 60 Masterwork products - 57 of them are currently in stock . We've had Masterwork products in our range since 2007.

At the moment you can find a total of 804 media, tests and reviews on Masterwork products - among them the following 417 product pictures, 34 sound samples, 345 customers' reviews and 8 test reports from magazines (in various languages).

A total of 16 Masterwork products are top sellers at Thomann at the moment, amongst others in the following categories 15" Crash Cymbals, Cymbal Sets, 12" Hi-Hat Cymbals, 6" Splash Cymbals and Cymbal Bags and Cases.

The current top seller amongst Masterwork products is the following item Masterwork Cymbal Bag Deluxe. This one here Masterwork Troy Cymbal Set is very popular as well, we have sold more than 1.000 pieces already.

The manufacturer grants a 2 warranty on all Masterwork products. We extend this and offer a total 3-Year Warranty to our customers.

Masterwork equipment is used by famous musicians like Andy Lindner, Zacky, Alexander Schröder, Carsten Nickels, Dirk Leibenguth, Edward Fillip, Christian Hoffe, Leon can dive, Nicolai Ziel and Sascha Saigin.

Now you can buy Masterwork products even cheaper! Only within the last 90 days we have lowered the prices of 29 Masterwork products.

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