Millenium MA-2050


Table Microphone

  • With 5/8 "thread
  • For recording studios and multimedia workstations
  • Black powder-coated,
  • Included: Various screw and clamp mounts
  • Smooth adjustment with spring mounts
  • Length of the stand: Approximately 100 cm
  • Cable length: 300 cm
  • Weight 2.8 kg
  • Colour: Black
Type Microphone Boom
Height 0 mm – 1000 mm
available since January 2004
Item number 165296
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Color Black
Height min. 0 mm
Height max. 1000 mm
Weight 1,4 kg
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Male voices, something to consider
Muldor 01.10.2019
For the money this is a great table stand, but is had one major drawback: low frequency resonance in combination with a Shure SM7B.

When you touch it, or move something around on the table it's attached to the MA-2050 will produce a very audible +/- 30 Hz tone. This is off course also due to the weight of the Shure SM7B, not the smallest or most anorexic microphone. But it's a bit useless for me in this situation since my voice (over) sounds unacceptable thin when a high-pass filter successfully counters the effect of the resonating MA-2500.

I won't send it back, for the money it's an excellent stand that I could use for other purposes; but for the recording of a deep male speaking voice with the most commonly used dynamic microphone (that needs a whopping 60 dB's of amplification) this stand cannot be used without steep high-pass filtering.

Something that could have been noticed during the design process I guess, but again, at such a bargain... Maybe some elastic bands will dampen the effect, but I need something hassle-free..

Pros: Price & cable, brainless bargain.
Cons: Zhooooooooommmmmmmm.... when touched..


Does it's job
Lietu 29.11.2017
There's two main issues with the mount:

1. It comes with it's own cable, that doesn't seem particularly good in quality, and cannot really be replaced as it goes inside the frame.

2. At certain angles you end up having to fight the mount, the springs are constantly trying to put it in an angle you don't want it in.

Additionally some bits of the frame are perfect for cutting cables, if you accidentally end up with a cable between some of the moving bits you can kiss goodbye to the cable.

Other than that it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect. Put it on the edge of your table and you can swivel your mic around a fair bit.

It could be a bit longer in reach as well, but I wouldn't say it's a significant issue with this product - I'm sure I could just find a longer arm if I really needed a mount with a longer arm.


Overall OK
Tim de Roa 06.11.2021
Nothing fancy but reliable when it comes to stability. Sometimes (rarely) get buzzing or ground noise from the factory cable that came with it and that would be my only complaint.


Good Value Product
Anonymous 10.04.2017
I got this to put a microphone on my desk, because except for recording music, I spend a lot of time on voice chats for gaming (and I hate the microphones on gaming headsets) and recording podcasts/courses/... This helped me to safe a lot of space and I have no trouble anymore with microphone stands for easy set ups when I just need 1 microphone for (spoken) voice recording.

Very straight forward product: use it right out of the box, some options on how to connect it to your desk, sturdy,... The only con I can find is the somewhat cheap XLR cable integrated in it and no way to exchange with other cables that I own. Nothing too bad of course, but this might be an obstacle.