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Cameo was founded in 2011 by Adam Hall Group. The general office of the business Cameo is in Neu-Anspach (D).

The brand Cameo is a subdivision of the Adam Hall parent group which owns as well brands like LD Systems, Gravity, Palmer, Defender and of course Adam Hall.

You can find 136 Cameo Light products at Thomann 122 of them are ready for dispatch and 3 offers are in our current Hot Deals. Thomann has been selling Cameo products since 2012.

We put effort also into providing detailed information for our customers about Cameo Light products. Only for Cameo Light products you will currently find the following 1595 product pictures, 58 different 360 panoramic views, 2052 customers' reviews and 9 test reports from magazines (in various languages).

In our current top seller lists you will find a total of 50 Cameo top sellers, among others in the following categories LED Lighting Effects, LED Theater Spots, Strobes, Lasers, Moving Heads - Beam, DMX Computer Hardware and Software and White light LED PAR.

The current top seller is the following product Cameo ROOT Par 6. An absolute hit is the following product Cameo HydraBeam 4000 RGBW - we have sold this item over 2.000 times already.

Cameo products belong to the most visited ones on our website. Most recently over 600.000 product pages of Cameo have been hit per month.

Thomann is also cheaper on Cameo products than most of the other competitors. Within the last three months we have reduced the prices of 15 Cameo products.

We also offer our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Cameo products, a 3-year warranty, and many additional services such as qualified product specialists, an on-site service department and much more.

founder Adam Hall Group
founder Adam Hall Group
head office in Neu-Anspach
head office in Neu-Anspach
Cameo company logo
Cameo company logo

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