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Offered products • 20.3.2018 14:03 in GB -bn22 0ut Eastbourne
James Andrew Wyatt(Pictured) Ex-Drummer with The Nomads, The Blues Brothers, Highway Stars & Gun Fleet. James' 1980's Bromley Bands were followed by him taking up singing with Amanda Floyd AGSM & 2 Solo colaborations with Amanda as arranger & then his involvement with the New Life Youth Group Music & Dance Media European Tour 1994. He joined The Fellowship Of Christian Writers Group in 1995, giving Live readings of his Poetry. He then Passed the Audition for Phil Allen with his Cornerstone Worship Band in 1996 after 2 years of earlier involvement. Phil Allen was one of the 3 Directors of Cornerstone Production Services Limited a Registered Company. Having Contributed Music Journalism to Darker Than Blue, More Black than Purple, and other magazines & internet sites, as Bob Geldoff had also Contributed Music Journalism early in his career to the NME. James took an Author/Musician's break working at Bromley College Library 2001-2002 as a Library Assistant. James Andrew Wyatt Composed & Wrote his Rock Variations. An Art Rock Album with Photographic Art by him, of Stonehenge. And Performed Live as James Wyatt's Adrenaline Spilt and started writing the 3 albums worth of material, with recording started. With 6 Adverts placed in the New Musical Express, between 2012 and 2014. Ditto Music Distributed 2 Singles 3 Tracks each. And are also on And the 10 Song Rock Variations released World Wide on Star Now. UK Government Economic Operator Registration Identifier EORI No.GB028504922000. If you are interested in this Artist please contact James on the email - Email:
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