Doepfer A-100BS2-P9 PSU3


Analogue Modular System - Portable Suitcase Version

  • Basic system with PSU3 power supply (12V / 2000mA, 12V / 1200mA 100 - 230 V)
  • Installed modules and bus boards
  • Overall dimensions (W x H x D - with lid and rubber feet): 465 x 485 x 235 mm

Kit Contents:

  • 2x standard VCO A-110
  • 1x Ring Modulator A-114
  • 1 x audio Divider A-115
  • 1 x VC Waveform Processor A-116
  • 1 x Noise / Random A-118
  • 1 x VCF1 A-120 (24dB lowpass 1)
  • 1 x XP VCF A-106-6 VCF2
  • 1 x linear VCA A-130
  • 1 x logarithmic VCA A-131
  • 1 x linear mixer A-138a
  • 1 x logarithmic Mixer A-138b
  • 2x ADSR A-140
  • 1 x LFO A-145
  • 1 x LFO2 A-146
  • 1 x Dual-S
  • 1 x trigger divider A-160
  • 1 x trigger sequencer A-161
  • 1 x Dual Slew Limiter A-170
  • 1 x Multiple IA-180
  • MIDI interface A-190-4
  • Including cable set consisting of 30 patch cables. 10x A-100C30 black, 15x A-100C50 grey, 5x A-100C80 red
available since January 2016
Item number 378555
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Design Case, 19"
Polyphony 1
Sound Generation Analogue
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Thru
Storage Medium None
USB-port No
Effects No
Arpeggiator No
Number of Analog Outputs 1
Digital Output No
Display No
Optional Expansions Yes
Special Features Expandable Modular System
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Great standard modular system for starters
Mike Yip 14.02.2019
The price is very reasonable for modular beginners! Each module only serves 1 function, which may be con for the hp size, however, modular starters can learn the basics with the clear signal flow. In addition, its sound is sweet and organic IMO. Enjoy it so much!


Good value case
Anonymous 29.05.2015
This is how I started with eurorack. You can't beat this case for the money and features. I've looked at other budget options including the diy ginko cases, but these still offer the best value for money. 2 rows of 84HP and a power supply beefy enough to fill it full of modules and not have any worries. The unfinished wood on mine has got a bit grubby, but could easily be varnished and made to look a bit sexier and robust. It's a great starting place where you can expand your system with more cases from the same range before taking the plunge into something more sophisticated and expensive. I think this is also robust enough for moving around as long as your careful.


The PSU is broken quite fast with careful handling and Doepfer modules in two months
.ast 27.06.2020
Hi everyone, I am really disappointed with the PSU quality since it is broken with doepfer modules only in two months. Still waiting for response for return and repair for two days. The customer service isn't efficient in this case. Wish all buyers already knew how to handle with this kind of issue themselves.


The best small case for Eurorack modulars
guybblue 15.05.2013
Modular cases can be eye-wateringly expensive; the Doepfer "low cost" cases are probably the best balance of value and features. The only significant difference between these and the standard cases is the finish: these are unpainted and lack the metal corner-brackets that protect the larger Doepfer cases. For installation in a studio or home studio, they're absolutely fine, and I'd much rather spend an extra £10 on a tin of one-coat gloss paint and a throwaway paintbrush than many times that on a pre-painted case!

The screwmounts in the rack strips are at fixed intervals, which is a little less convenient than the sliding nuts used on some cases and skiffs; you can't just loosen the screws and slide modules along -- if you need to re-order your setup, you'll have to take everything out and start over. But again, that should be balanced against the low cost of the case.

All in all this has been an ideal starter case for me. I've ended up buying two to house a steadily expanding modular system, and they're good-looking and rock solid. Recommended!