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ETC started in 1975, when Fred Foster founded the company ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls. The head office of the company ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls is in Middleton (USA). company employs according to their own data 700 members of staff (status 2010). The official German branch office is company ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls in Holzkirchen (D).

At the moment we have 39 ETC products in our product range - 23 of them are available in stock . We've had ETC products in our range since 1997.

With a total of 451 media, reviews and test reports about ETC products you will find a substantial amount of additional information on our website e.g. the following 291 product pictures, 15 different 360 panoramic views and 145 customers' reviews.

Among our top sellers there are 21 ETC products at the moment e.g. in the following product categories Profile Spotlights, DMX Computer Hardware and Software, DMX Lighting Control Desks and Gel Frames.

Our number one ETC product is the following item ETC ColorSource Spot jr Bk. An all time favourite is the following item ETC S4 Jr 25°-50° Zoom Profile, of which we have sold more than 3.000 pieces up to now.

According to our reviews, our customers rate ETC products with an average of 4.9 out of five stars. This is well above the average of other brands.

The manufacturer grants a 2 year(s) warranty on all ETC products. We extend this and offer a total 3-Year Warranty to our customers.

You can find more information about the manufacturer on http://www.etcconnect.com

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