Millenium Go-Kart Truck XL


Compact transport trolley

  • Portable as well as foldable transport trolley
  • Max. loading capacity: 225 kg
  • Swivel castor front wheels with brakes
  • Designed to transport music-, DJ-, light-, live sound-, film- and TV equipment
  • Can also be used for many other applications
  • Robust steel frame
  • Light polypropylene wheels (2x 5" & 2x 10") with shock-absorbing "no-flats" rubber
  • Loading area dimensions (H x W x D): 78 x 76 - 133 x 34 cm
  • Dimensions collapsed (H x W x D): 31 x 46.5 x 87.5 cm
  • Weight: 13.5 kg
available since March 2016
Item number 370980
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Lifesaver !
Valio 06.08.2017
It doesn't matter how big or small is your setup, this trolley can take it.
Mine consists of:
2x10" satellites
1 fairly large and heavy sub
1 76 key keyboard
1 cable case
1 mixer case
1 speaker stands case
1 microphone stands case
1 keyboard stand
...and I take all of that in that trolley in one go. How awesome is that, eh?

It folds and extends depending on your needs, and can carry a lot of weight.

Don't hurt your arms and back, and get yourself one of those, and thank me later.

Very sturdy and easy to setup.
Can carry up to 225kg !!!
Big wheels.
Relative to how much load it takes, it is very compact and light on it's own.

It rattles a bit when passing over uneven surfaces.

It's one of those things that makes your life much easy. I can't see myself without it anymore.


Fine for smooth surfaces indoors, useless outdoors.
TERD 17.06.2022

-Relatively sturdy frame.
-Great for smooth surfaces indoors.
-Adjustable length is very convenient.


-It came with the wrong size locking pins for the wheels. I guess they could have been cut to the correct size but Thomann kindly sent me the correct part when I asked them about it. Still a bit annoying as without a heavy duty wire cutter you won't be able to mount the wheels with the supplied parts.

-The wheels are made of solid hard plastic. There is no shock absorption whatsoever. I've used it for loading in from a van. Even just a relatively flat pavement made everything rattle like crazy! I can NEVER use this cart for fragile electronic equipment like tube amps, which is a bit of a shame because that's one of the things I had in mind. Also, plastic splinters came off the larger wheels after just a short distance on a slightly uneven pavement.

-The locking system for the length adjustment is made of plastic and feels a bit fragile. It feels like I'm gonna break them every time I tighten them. To be fair they haven't broken yet and they may be stronger than I think. Time will tell...


If the wheels had been better I would have given this product top marks, especially considering the price. Unfortunately the wheels are unsuitable for ANY use outdoors, even just for loading in from a van.

Great for indoors use on a smooth surface. Useless for outdoors. I would happily have paid a little more for an upgraded version with better wheels.


Every musician should have 1.
Kevo 29.06.2019
I am a one man vocalist/musician with shed loads of equipment, speakers & cases. I live on the top floor of an apartment complex so I wanted something that I could bring to the back of the car/van load all the equipment onto and transport all in 1 move. So I decided on this. I also purchased the hand kart solo to use at the venue.

Straight out of the box it impresses. You need to fit the wheels using the included split pins. It is of very sturdy construction and is relatively easy to operate. I can fit my entire set up of 2 EV ELX115P's, a cased Yamaha MG12XU, Stands, kit bag, and several equipment cases with ease onto this bad boy. It is rated to carry 250kg, The convenience is amazing. I cover all the gear with a tarp and it sits on the kart until the next gig. Then simply wheel it out to the boot of the car, load & away we go again! The cost is amazing and with all Thomann's own brand equipment, great quality to boot!

I have only 1 minor criticism and that is I would have liked the option of a platform to sit on the kart to prevent gear falling through. However, I was able to make one myself which was easy enough. All in all though, it's hard to find fault. I highly recommend for any working pro that carry's equipment on a regular basis. It takes a hell of a lot of work out of it!!!


So so... Want this features
djmax2002 20.12.2021
a cart for those who have little money for this.
transported on it and speakers and amplifiers. a very hard move, any unevenness on the road is the impact of the equipment on the trolley (every time it was very sorry for the equipment). lacks softness, everything rattles and knocks. Add inflatable wheels and front wheels as additional options. the sound equipment is very expensive and you don't want to spoil it because of the rigid movement of the trolley. and it would be nice to add an additional accessory like an attachable shelf to turn the tedezh into a table for mixer and laptop.